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  1. Hi Misapp Sorry I havn't got an answer, and didn't want to read and run, but all I know, as im sure you do to, is that Badgers are incredibly powerful animals, and I would imagine that a very determined one could possibly do some damage. Hopefully though somebody will come along soon and say that the Cube is Badger proof. If it were me though, I would be putting the Cube in an area surrounded with electrified netting, just to be safe
  2. Was it one of these guys ... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00grv47
  3. Yes I am .... There are numerous recipes on the internet, and I chose the one which sounds the healthiest. I just want to do the best for my girls )
  4. Does anyone make their own chicken feed? Im just about to do so Yesterday I introduced my girls to a small amount of Chia Seeds (one teaspoon to be exact) which they went mad on, and today they have had a few Flax Seeds which they also loved ... Im at present mixing this in with their layers pellets. Im waiting for the rest of the ingredients to come through the post, and then I will start introducing those too, until I can eventually wean them off the pellets and just give the home made stuff. It gives me a really good feeling that I will be knowing exactly what my hens are eating !
  5. Yes, I will definitely get her some friends. There is no way I would keep her as a lone chicken, and I wouldnt rehome her. There will probably be some problems with integration as she is my feisty girl. I dont think I will have hybrids again, as they are here for too short a time, and might opt for buff orps or cochins. It will take me a few days to get over Ruby.
  6. Sadly I had Ruby PTS this morning. She went to the Vet Saturday where she had a pencillin injection, and I took her back this morning as there had been no improvement. She sat on the Vets table for 30 min whilst we chatted, eyes shut and looking very poorly. The vet palpated her abdomen and said her liver felt hard, then she noticed her eyes were a little jaundiced. She suggested another penicillin injection, but something told me her time had come and after about 15mins deliberation I decided to have her PTS ... I felt so sad So there you go, I only have one hen left now out of my four and have got to decide what to do. They break your hearts, dont they.
  7. A couple of months ago Ruby, my little Warren who is 2.5 years old, started to show signs of being unwell. She began to pass small amounts of pale yellow droppings which had no form to them. They were not frothy or runny but had more of a thin paste like consistency. She was also showing signs of depression, her appetite went, and she wanted to be in the coop all day. I took her to the vet promptly. He said he could see no obvious physical signs, but that she did have a temperature. He gave her a shot of long acting penicillin, and then told me to come back in 3 days so he could give her another shot, which I did. She was still quite unwell for a number of days, but then gradually picked up, and to cut a long story short she seemed to make a full recovery and I reintroduced her to the flock, and she has been absolutely fine for a couple of months. Anyway, yesterday I noticed she was very quiet, and this morning it seems like the problem has come back. There are small amounts of pale yellow droppings in the coop, she doesn't want to leave the coop, she has no appetite, and I can see her straining to pass something. I am taking her to the vet again very soon, but I was wondering if any chicken experts here might be able to cast some light on what could be going on with her.
  8. Well, ive looked everywhere for more information on BioDri and it does seem as though its not anti parasitic, and just a disinfectant, so im going to order some ground sanitiser and (as you suggest mimi5) alternative the two products
  9. Hello Everybody Does anyone know if BioDri and Nettex Ground Sanitiser do the same job? Ive noticed that Nettex deals with worm infestation in the ground, but I cant find anything to suggest that BioDri does this too. Thankyou
  10. Yes, these internet viruses are very contagious arn't they
  11. Sympathy to everyone, I hope you all recover quickly. I came down with that horrible gastro bug Monday night. I felt all shivery and sick and weak and didn't dare stray too far from the loo Thankfully it wore off by Thursday, but now I think i'm coming down with the cold you are are all talking about .. Ive got a sore throat, headache and feel really warm .. Oh joy, arn't winter viruses the pits!!!
  12. I bought this cheap little plastic greenhouse and put the piggies in there with a greenhouse heater ... Hubby gave them cavity wall insulation in their bedroom in the form of polystyrene sheets Anyway, its worked, as the temperature in their hutch hasn't dropped below 7 degrees, and they seem really happy. I felt really bad about putting them outside, as since we've had them, they've been indoor piggies, but OH came to the conclusion they were giving him breathing problems, so outside they had to go and at that point, I got absolutely determined that they were both going to see another Spring and Summer!
  13. I've fallen on my backside twice this week in their run
  14. Life of Pi was brilliant and very unique, although I did leave the cinema feeling mentally drained, and there were a few moments where tears were rolling down my cheeks. I would definitely recommend it, and you must see it in 3D
  15. They have no idea what they put us through do they .... Very glad to hear your son is ok I had a worrying week last week, as my two were snowboarding in Austria .. They have been going for a few years now, and I always ask them to please avoid the red and black slopes and off piste, as I don't feel their skills are up to them yet, and they can be dangerous, but they always end up going on them anyway as they say they are more exciting Grrrrrr!!!
  16. I saw the trailer last week when I went to watch Life of Pi ... It did look very good, and no doubt me and OH will end up going to see it
  17. Ive been using Trilogy for the last 5 years and I love it!! Downside is it isn't that cheap I particularly like the cream cleanser, its really rich and creamy but not greasy, and contains lovely ingredients like Rosehip, Evening Primrose Oil, Almond, Jojoba and Carrots Oil, and it smells devine

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