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  1. Very sorry to hear of your loss ... RIP little Faith xx
  2. I told them that they had nearly caused me a serious car accident, because I had to keep looking down at my mobile phone on the passenger seat to make sure I wasn't missing an important call. When I get these calls on my land line I resort to the old fashioned tactic of blowing a high pitched whistle down the mouth piece. I don't seem to be getting the calls anywhere near as often as I did ... Probably coincidence though
  3. Has the Ferplast cage got a proper sleeping compartment as with your wooden hutch? If it hasn't, and if it were me, I would create one, stuff it with their bedding, and buy them a Snugglesafe each to put in there. Guinea Pigs are not like other furry pets, as they have hair and not fur, which isn't as insulating. Also, because you leave the greenhouse door open, I think I would consider making the cage more fox proof, and I would definitely shut the door at night
  4. Ive got 4 hens, and they have been laying 4 eggs a day since I got them in July ...They havn't missed a day, bless them ... Is this likely to slow down at some point over the winter, or can it continue?
  5. Very cold here, but hardly any breeze and lovely and sunny
  6. One of my girls (don't know which one yet) started laying eggs like this approx 1 month ago. Sometimes they have the pale band around the middle and sometimes one half is normal colour and the other half is pale. She is 10 months old.
  7. I would definitely get the 1" holes as ive heard of chickens putting their heads through larger holes when panicking in the presence of a Fox, and they have lost their lives through doing this.
  8. I don't say anything in the morning as i'm brain dead, but when they go to bed I say "night night girls, see you in the morning"
  9. Its refreshing here today ... The wind is blowing, its bright and cheerful and mild. Its the sort of weather I like to be out walking in.
  10. I love my Hunters ... I purchased them a couple of years ago, and have worn them everyday for dog walking. They are a nice all over snug fit, meaning your feet don't flop around in them like cheaper wellies, and they have a degree of arch support in the sole. I could walk in them for hours.

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