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  1. Im guessing you didn't hear any sort of commotion, so I guess thats positive ... I hope she turns up very soon.
  2. That is one seriously good spooky film .. I went to the theatre production in Covent Garden, read the book, but it was the film I enjoyed the most, and it has some excellent "jump out your seat moments" with this wonderful creepy atmosphere all the way through. I purchased it when it was released, and have watched it 3 times already
  3. I really enjoyed it, although I did find myself averting my eyes on a couple of occasions!! But I love a good old fashioned British ghost story, and I cant wait till next Sunday
  4. I havn't noticed any decline in posts on the Omlet Forum as i've only been a member since July this year, but what I have observed is a considerable number of people selling, or even giving away their coops with chickens on the free classified sites, which suggests to me they are completely giving up.
  5. It didn't hold my interest at all, and Kirsty's voice over grates on me slightly. I ended up putting on my recorded programme of Grand Designs, which I love. I think there is a part of me which has grown very tired of house makeover programmes. Where did it all start? Was it Changing Rooms?

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