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  1. Today I've had 100's of flying ants in the garden and wow do my girls thinks it's christmas Running up and down the garden chasing them and jumping up to catch them, so funny Has anyone else's chickens been doing this
  2. Must be something quite common, one of my gingernuts hasn't laid for a week, no reason, she's eating and drinking, the other 2 are fine
  3. I keep mine in the shed outside and they're always ok, I've had them in there for up to 10 days no problems
  4. Think I'll have to get a bigger pot so Pheobe can get in too, she was not impressed that she was missing out
  5. Thought you'd like to see my girls having their first dust bath in the sun
  6. Sarah71


    I've found the same thing, I take a size 7 but in the last year I've had to buy an 8
  7. Guess what, someones laid an egg this afternoon
  8. Hi guys, can you help. I've had my girls 5 weeks now, their crowns are growing and they've gone bright red, they go flat when I go near them, I've had one egg last Saturday from Pheobe but nothing since and nothing from the others. I've cut out all their treats so what am I doing wrong
  9. Yeah, I've got the same problem, I've filled mine and it's covered in flies, I'm now having to put it in the wheelie bin
  10. Thanks guys, do you think I'm giving them too many treats. They have a tiny bit of porridge made with water, some sweetcorn and some mealworms everyday but they seem to be eating lots of layers pellets
  11. Hi guys. can you help. Pheobe laid her first egg last Saturday and then nothing since and her crown has gone back to pink, is this normal?
  12. Let the girls out this morning and Pheobe wouldn't come out, she was looking so ill, thought she was going to the big Eglu in the sky but to my relief she produced a perfect little brown egg about 11.30 this morning And yes I did do the egg dance...with vocals
  13. Hiya, can anyone give me any advice about my Honey. She just wont go back in the run, the other two girls are so food driven that they go in with just a bribe of mealworms but Honey's just not interested and I can't just leave the door open for her to go in when she wants as the other two just come out. I end up just trying to chase her around the garden which isn't good for either of us. Any advice?

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