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  1. Thanks, but she was dead this morning. She did seem to be eating and pooing (white poos). When we put her in her isolated pen, she went and had a peck at the food. The crop thing is useful to know for the rest.
  2. 2 weeks ago one of the pekins started falling over. She would walk normally for a bit then topple over. However, 24 hours later, she recovered. She has been fine since, but started sleeping in the eglu by herself rather than on the high shelf with the rest. She maybe couldnt fly up, but seemed otherwise fine. 2 days ago she stopped going round the garden with the other 3 hens and just wandered around the run by herself. She was still interested in corn though. She seems to be sneezing now and looking sad, so have isolated her and, on the suggestion of the women in the feed shop are worming her and giving her mineral boost. Any other ideas please?
  3. Thanks. I shall Google poultry tonics. I am impressed that the teeny pekin managed to lay an almost medium size egg!
  4. Hi, Please help me figure out who an egg has come from. We have 4 hens that started laying nearly two weeks ago. Below are the three eggs we got today, and the one at the top is a medium egg from Aldi. Pretty sure the large one in the dish with the very thin shell is the large Bluebell as it was laid this evening on top of the eglu and she was still standing above it when I found it. The little white-ish egg is presumable one of the pekin's as there was a similar one yesterday after she was in the eglu. The other light brown egg could have come from the other brown Pekin, or the Barton Blue hybrid, which is meant to be a blue egg layer (this hen has white patches on the cheeks which I think mean white eggs?) Which do you think? Seems big for a bantam, but definitely not blue? Do you think it is OK that the Bluebell keeps laying soft shelled eggs after nearly 2 weeks, on the roof of the eglu? And isn't dusk a funny time to lay one? They've had oyster grit and mixed grit available since got them 6 weeks ago. Thanks!
  5. For weeks the Bluebell has slept on the roof of the eglu go. Has anyone else had one that did that? I thought they needed bars to sleep happily. The other 3 were sleeping in the eglu, but tonight they are all wedged on ledges. You can just see the bantams tucked up on ledge. They have laid no eggs yet. Apparently the bantams had just started laying when I got them a month ago. The hybrids were POL. Could they lot be laying because they don't like the sleeping arrangements? They have been chased by the neighbours cat a few times, so I hope that didn't upset them
  6. Thanks for your advice. I had a victory this evening! I scrutinised the eglu for mites but no sign of any (and it has been so many years since eglu used surely they would be dead now if there ever were any?). I scatter powder over the rungs at the bottom, but maybe I should buy some spray to spray in the gap between the roof and side panels? Anyway, while hens were out in garden I removed the wooden shelves which I had realised were going to be a nightmare to keep clean. I put the eglu on the table is the place where the shelves were, and a ladder up to it. When the hens went back to the run at dusk, they were very confused, looking quizzically at the eglu and behind it. The big hens climbed on the ladder and peered into it. The bluebell hen went in and out of it. Eventually 3 were in the eglu of their own accord. The other big one was really determined to find an alternative and tried to sit on the roof or the eglu and on tiny ledges. With a gentle shoo, that one went in! The door was then shut.
  7. I hosed out the eglu, and they haven't ever gone in it willingly. Eglu is up on a table now. I think they can jump in seeing as they slept on the shelves. I have put a plant pot under it with straw in in case anyone is desperate to lay an egg but doesn't like eglu. There is a plant pot with soil as I thought they might want a dust bath. The gate has been open all day. They were out in the garden for an hour this morning then went back in themselves and have been dozing in the sun. Any suggestions for run improvements? They will be free ranging in the garden almost everyday. If they choose. Which they aren't at the moment.
  8. I will see if the table idea works. The WIR has been used at storage so some wooden slatted shelves are screwed in. Trouble is, whoever gets the top shelf poos on the underneath ones! It is like they are in bunk beds. I did think today that if they weren't going to sleep in the eglu I could get a few more pekins if I see any that take my fancy!
  9. Hi, it is a Go. We had hens about 6 years ago that slept in there no problem (although they started off with only the attached run so no other option initially). They have spent each night shut in the eglu. They don't seem upset by it. They don't even hurry out in the morning. Maybe I will give up shutting them in. No eggs yet but I wonder if they will lay them in eglu!
  10. Hi, I got 4 hens three days age (two pekins from one place and two hybrids from another). For the last three nights they have gone to sleep anywhere but the Eglu. Every night I have lifted them into it. They are in a secure WIR, so it isn't the biggest disaster if they sleep elsewhere. Will they ever learn? We are planning to let them free range in the garden but I am wondering if they will go back to the Eglu at night or will sleep in trees. Did anyone else's hens do this please?
  11. Hi, I got three hens and an Eglu Go a few weeks ago. They are about 9 weeks old now, so they don't seem to eat a huge amount. I worry that they won't be able to reach the food if it gets too low in the feeder. Am I being silly? Maybe they have quite a long reach. Also, how often should I empty all the food out of the feeder? I don't want to waste it, but nor do I want to harm them with stale food.

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