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  1. Hi, Her eyes are dark red, i remember they went like that when she first started laying! Had Sam out for a while gave her lots of cuddles and she fell asleep in my lap! She had a big runny poo while she was out...looked like some egg yolk mixed in with it! She has been drinking but not to keen on eating. She had a little walk around outside, she is more steady on her feet now but still quite slow. It was quite windy outside and she managed to keep herself up right! I put her back in the port door and she came straight back out into the run. I left her for a while and now she is back in the nesting box snuggled up. She still isnt good but there is an improvement from this morning which is good! I rang our local vet in Barton le Clay and they said that they dont have much experience with chickens. Their main concern was her not drinkning, but she is drinking both out of the small bowl of water i put out for her and the glug. Julie
  2. Hi, Our eldest Hen Sam is not too good! She will be 3 in Sept and we have had her since she was only 6 days old! We have NEVER had any problems with her before she has been fine, Never Broody! She has been fine still laying huge eggs and running round the garden! up until yesterday... she sat in the nesting box ALL day, when i opened up the port door she popped her head out and had a good nose around she tried to stand up and was very unsteady, she was using her wing as support. She finally came out of the eglu and staggered down the run to the glug she stood by the glug for ages, resting up against it. I noticed a clear liquid running out of her bottom (egg white??) she had a little drink then staggered back to the nesting box, When i went to put them away i checked on her and she was still hunched up in the nesting box. Checked on her thismorning and she is still no better, she will not come out of the nesting box and her bottom is wet, i have also noticed her eyes are very dark- much darker than normal. Not sure what to do... Im hoping its just a soft egg she is having trouble with... ive never seen her this way before If it is a softie what can i do to help her? Could it be something other than a softie? What should i do? Thanks for reading, Julie
  3. Hi again... I had a quick look myself (I love looking!!!) and here are some links to some breeders near you! http://www.preloved.co.uk/fuseaction-adverts.showadvert/index-1031510597/e65985ff.html http://www.preloved.co.uk/fuseaction-adverts.showadvert/index-1031487557/83049886.html http://www.preloved.co.uk/fuseaction-adverts.showadvert/index-1031487563/0cbde23d.html http://www.preloved.co.uk/fuseaction-adverts.showadvert/index-1031487566/a1d6eb75.html http://www.preloved.co.uk/fuseaction-adverts.showadvert/index-1031440778/40a36c22.html There are loads on there but here are some that are in Warrington! Im not sure how far you are willing to travel so i just searched for 'Guinea Pigs Warrington' Good Luck with the search! Julie x
  4. Hi i recently bought 2 baby guinea pigs- one from a breeder and one from pets at home....there is a big difference in them. Ronny the one from the breeder has been well handled and he is not nervous. Whereas Ray from pets at home is still very nervous. If poss you should try and get some from a local breeder! Try www.preloved.co.uk thats where i found Ronny. There is always baby GP's for sale on the site. Hope you find some! Julie xx
  5. Pets! I love my girlies so much! The same as i do my other pets. Also i am vegetarian and i feel even if i was not i could never eat my pets. My Dad is a meat eater and he is now beginning to feel guilty eating any kind of chicken (maybe that is down to my winding him up about what he is eating...’My girls long lost cousin!’ and making him feel bad!) Julie x
  6. Hi this is my 4th day of giving flubenvet to my girls, they have been so good having the grpaes...until today!! I'm really worried now becuase Vala grabbed Mindy's grape out of my hand and now she has had 2 doses! What should i do? Will it harm her? Im so angry at her...there was nothing i could do...i tried pulling it back but she ate it so quickly Julie x
  7. Hi ive now got some (well getting some) Flubenvet thanks to 'Ain't "Ooops, word censored!"ody Here' Just wondering can i give it to my 2 little girlies they are 18 weeks and they have both started to lay! Thanks, Julie x
  8. Hi thanks for that, ive just ordered some limestone flour. Should get that in the next few days! Do you think i should go and buy a small bag of layers mash to give her for the time being? Julie x
  9. Hi just wondering if me not using layers mash anymore is the cause of pebbles having 2 softies in a row? I had been giving them pellets and mash for some time now but the mash was really stinking! They use to just flick it on the floor and after a couple of days it would smell really bad, so we decided to just give them pellets. They have just been on pellets now for about a week and during that time Sam has only laid 2 eggs and pebbles has laid 2 softies one after the other. Also im not really sure whats up with pebbles, for the past 2 days she has been sleeping alot! She didnt come out of the eglu for atleast half an hour thismorning and she is just standing in the run. Is this down to the softies do you think or does it sound like worms? Im really not sure what to do, i gave her some porridge thismorning and she ate abit but there is still lots left. Sorry i babble on but im really worried about her! Julie x
  10. Well i was amazed by Mindy's Double Yolk egg a few days ago.. But look what i found when i cracked open Vala's 1st egg! I could believe it! The egg wasnt particually big or a strange shape it was just 'normal' thats why i didnt take lots of photos of the egg in its shell! *How gutted am i?!?* Wow my two little girlies know how to spoil me! Julie x
  11. Hi i came home from work today and found Mindy's 1st egg!! Wooooo! Here is a photo of my clever girl.. Then Here is a photo of the funny looking 1st egg! And this is what we found inside Ooohh how eggciting! Julie x[/img]

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