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  1. Hi. They are off heat now and have been outside for a while doing fine. Not sure why they have become poorly! We feed them a mixture of layers and chick crumb.
  2. They are really not doing great.guys,if you have any suggestions at all we really need some help. They are sneezing have diarrhoea and are really inactive.not sure what to do . Any suggestions welcome!
  3. Hi guys, we have some poorly sebright chicks. They are sneezing and have ruffled feathers. Do you know what it is and is there anything to treat it? We are really worried because they are really small
  4. Thanks for all your advice. I managed to get hold of a farm vet friend of mine who had a look at her and came to the conclusion that old she had brought on liver failure which had caused fluid build up in her abdomen. She has now gone to chicken heaven.
  5. Thanks, I will do. She is still eating a waddling around but looks terrible. I've had chickens for several years and this is the first time I have ever had a poorly one.
  6. hi there all. I am in need of urgent advice! One of my chickens has strangely put on huge amounts of weight. She has a huge rear end and now waddles around. The hugeness extends down both legs and she is so heavy she can't get up a step or perch and is very heavy for me to lift!!! I thought at first she may be egg bound but have had a feel and there are no hard lumps and no obvious signs around the back end that anything is stuck. Completely at a loss. Is she just over eating? Surely not! You guys seem to have such s wealth of experience I wondered if anyone could shed some light on it?
  7. She is only a year, we have had her from a fluffy chick so very special to us! We are just giving her a warm bath so will have a closer look at her. Would this explain the limping too? She was laying but now stopped. We have had hens for 2 years now and never seen this problem. Thanks to you both for helping.
  8. Hi, thanks for replying so quickly. Can i ask what EP is?
  9. Hi all, need urgent advice please. We have a hen who is unable to walk on one of her legs which she is holding up akwardly. She hasn't been injured to our knowledge and is not the first to display these symptoms. She is also panting and lying down with closed eyes and has a very dirty bum. She will eat and drink if it is taken to her. This began a couple of weeks ago with a slight limp, but today her comb has flopped and she has green poop. I don't think it looks good. Fed her the rickets diet for a few days which normaly does the trick. Very worried, adivce welcome.
  10. Our rabbits are lovely! Unfortunately the fox has struck again! Only this time time it must have been someone elses chicken as there is debris all over next doors garden but ours are still safe and sound. I am now constantly on the look out! I would love to find someone with cctv!!
  11. Thanks I hope so. I've just been out and taken on 2 rescue rabbits and fitted 7 locks to the hutch! Take that mr fox !
  12. Yep I will definitely wait to get some more. Will do a search for fencing that's a good idea. As of yet we have had no attacks on the other shed as I'm pretty sure it's secure and has a metal automatic door. Thanks for the ideas.
  13. Thanks for all your advice and comfort. Unfortunately I've done all I can to make the run and house secure but can't afford to build a walk in run as it's a sectioned off part of the garden and is quite big. I know it's a risk with chickens but was unaware quite how upset I would be. I have a security light facing the hen house. I was tempted to take the edge off by getting some more hens but have decided its a bad idea due to the fact that I would have to use the small house during introductions and I think would loose them again. I will wait till the summer and see if the fox comes back. Unless I go for the all in one method and put the newbies straight in with the older ones but that is quite traumatic in itself! Thanks guys for being there.!
  14. Lets hope it's not one for being out in the day. I'm pretty sure it's more than one as it took the 4 hens and 2 rabbits! To get through that lot it must have had help!

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