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  1. Well no more issues!! We are having a new outbuilding erected which will seal the wall of to our tricksy neighbours, and if anybody tries to climb over they'll be covered head to toe in black anti climb paint thanks for all your support. It's been lovely hearing everyone's schemes and outrage on my (and Dorothy & Margaret's) behalf.
  2. I love all the suggestions! You guys are amazing! I'm banking the antibiotic one - a great suggestion! As for an angry cockerel ninja... I don't want to come home to find my two little cats beheaded So not sure that ones viable. Update: still waiting on a reply from the council with regards to reporting them. The girls secret nest is still hidden and I don't think they've been back over the wall. Going trellis and spikey plant shopping on Saturday!
  3. tee hee! Thank you, a friend said i should do that! I live in the royal county of Berkshire!
  4. I thought that was probably the case! Thank you!!
  5. My hubbie is actually a detective for a different police force, I think our problematic neighbours are about the only people in the road that don't know this!! I can't help but think that this is a good thing... judging by the way they have been recently it could just lead to more problems But he WILL intervene if he catches them in the act.
  6. I have no room to move it closer to the house unfortunately but building up a trellis should solve the problem of it being within reaching distance
  7. Thanks to everyone who has replied today. I've been really heartened to read all your replies whilst I've been at work. I thought I'd update you! I came home to find no eggs... BUT... I had another look around the garden and my beautiful, clever ladies have made a NEW secret nest! It had 5 eggs in it and it's behind a prickly bush!! Who said chickens have small brains?!! I gave them some peas and raisins as a special well done treat! We will be looking into the trellis this week and hope to have it mounted by Saturday and perhaps a lock if that doesn't solve it. This will
  8. The really sad thing is that I have given them eggs before... there have been no thank yous and the boxes haven't been returned either ;(
  9. I was gutted to find my neighbours stealing eggs from my Eglu yesterday morning. Eggs have been going astray on and off for around 4 months now. I thought at first that something was wrong with my girls, Dorothy and Margaret, but their diet is great, they are very healthy, they free range in my garden during the day and are very much loved. I had found the back of their Eglu Go unlocked on a couple of occasions but put it down to me not being careful enough at clipping it in. Then one day I found a nest underneath a bush in the garden, it had around 15 eggs in it! So I continued to be puzzled

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