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  1. Hi everyone I was wondering if particular colour Indian Runner Ducks lay particular colour eggs? I've got a chocolate one and a white one and I'm getting a blue egg and a white egg. Does anyone know which is likely to be laying each??
  2. Last year I bought three lovely new girls into our decreasing flock and they all settled in really quickly and cheerfully. They began laying in the winter and were pretty healthy looking. However since they malted in the spring they've lost all the feather around their legs and tummies. My other three older chicks are fully feathered and I've fleaed, wormed and diatomed them all but still their feathers aren't coming back. It's looking really bad and my neighbour has been threatening to go to the RSPCA about them. They're all laying, eating well and two of them are relatively padded but one i
  3. Have you tried bumpa bits? Omlet has sold them in the past, I don't know if they still do. They were really good for stopping my evil Gingernut Ranger when she took up the habit. Unfortunately with her when the they came off she still resumed and we had to get rid of her but with my two others it was great and they haven't eaten their eggs since. They were 1 then and now they're 8, so it's really worked!
  4. We had threee new hens who, when startled, would run at the door trying to escape. They were in a truly ancient eglu and three clips on the door gave way. Seeing a way out they must have forced their ways out because when we returned from our ovenight stay they were dead. The fox didn't even do us the dignity of eating them just killed them for fun. Always check your clips! RIP
  5. RIP Our lovely Daphid, who unfortunately we couldn't keep as he turned out to be a cockeral not a hen. Last night he lost his fight with a fox in defense of the six chicks his girls were raising We all miss you
  6. I had until recently six quail in an eglu but unfortunately the fox decide to attack that and ripped the front off somehow. All but two of the quail got away, both were caught by the cat and one was beyond 'repair'. My poor little remaining Quail (Aero) now lives in an Apiary elsewhere They were great though and I think we might get some more in the future, when mucking out the old eglu I discovered a secret stash of twenty eggs hidden underground! Shame all of them were off though. > I get a long stick or broom to sweep it in lol.< I used to get a fishing net and pick them up in it
  7. Awwwww.....they are so cute!! Won't be long till their twice that size though!
  8. That's terrible. You should definitely report it if only for your poor girl's sakes. Good luck!

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