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  1. Thanks everyone Feeling a lot calmer now : I have been to her school and spoken with her head of house, who was very understanding and reassuring, he said she always seems happy and with a good bunch of girls and from his point if view there certainly no indication of this at school. They are going to keep an eye on her and have a word. He said I have done everything correctly. Today I have cleared her room of items that I feel are a privilege as I feel she needs to earn them back. We have just sat down and had a long talk, she doesn't know why she did it and seems very remorseful. I have asked if she feels she has anyone in the family she can confide in , she said no one is very serious so I have made it clear in these situations we would be very supportive etc. I have also asked her that in the future if she ever feels she has made a bad decision/ mistake to tell us straight away as I would rather her from her then anyone else. We discussed the birds and bees etc I have told her I have made bad decisions regarding this area so I know how difficult it can be (sorry to the male population, I did say 90% of you are after one thing and when you get it you tend to drop the girl very quickly) All in all it's been a very calm discussion, I haven't hidden how upset I am from her, I have told her I'm very ashamed and that I feel I have done something very wrong as a parent but I still love her. Finally along with her only have internet for homework and downstairs with me, I have asked her to write me an essay detailing about butane abuse the effects with a conclusion as to why it's not a good idea. My gut feeling is this has been an experimental thing for her and I feel she has learnt her lesson, but only time will tell
  2. Thanks I will speak to her head of house and I have been on the Frank website. As for work I am on a zero hour contract sort off and luckilly they seem focused on other areas so my work is starting to thin out we just have some events coming up and I will have to tell them I am unavalible which will also be good as they seem to have taken the micheal recently. Better try and get some sleep it may look better in the morning ??
  3. Thanks Those are questions we have asked ? I think when Hubby read all the risks etc reality hit home but I suppose the next few weeks months will show wether it has or not . Just so upset
  4. Hi guy its been a long time since Ive been on ! My worst fears when becoming a parent seem to be coming true and I would love to hear peoples advice etc : I recently bought a butane weed killer device which came with spare cans. This evening my husband could smell butane and quickly found out our 12yrold daughter had been 'playing with it' I did a count of the cans and to my shock found 2 missing after asking her many times she finally admitted to having them and bought down from her room 2 empty cans. It has become very clear that she has been inhalling them (I cant stop crying and feel sick to the core) My mum came over and we sat her down had a long talk etc, my husband read out the dangers from websites online, at this point she did go very pale and I would like to think the reality hit home . We have taken certain privelages away from her, her computer will be on lock down she will have an allocated time to get homeowrk done etc and will no longer be left in the home unsupervised (not that she really has been) I think she was also very upset to hear that I am now debating handing my notice in at work as I feel I need to have my priorities with family. We have explained that whilst this is part punishment it is also a direct result of her actions and how we feel we can no longer trust her etc.... I am just so worried, this has only happened within less than a week but have we caught it early enough ? how did we not know until now, is it a sign she has an addictive personality . I know I can get help from school doctors etc but is there anything else we could do, have handled it correctly I love being a mum but in the same breath I hate it my heart feels like its shatterd into a million peices, shes only 12 I have years off worry ahead and we have 2 younger sons 5 and 8 so what joys will they throw at me Sorry its not a happy post x
  5. No idea whats going on at home as I am currently in Galway Ireland with work, but I can report that the hotel is toasty warm
  6. Its looking good I am hoping that I will get to watch it but I am working in Galway for the week, will be interesting to see what Matthew Wright is like ?? As for Ant and Dec well for me it is just one big SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON ahhhhhhhhhhh Ant and Dec how I love those two and would very much like them gift wrapped for Christmas
  7. Wow I think this topic may have just solved the mystery of where all my Glasses, Mugs and Teaspoons maybe ... time to tackle ED's bedroom ............. mind you its soooooooooooo minging I am sure we have a few decaying tramps hidden underneath all the junk !! If there is NO Omlet activity from me for months can someone try and locate my family and tell them I have ventured in to her pit and have got lost or trapped
  8. Well after the shock of us working together I am now back to my usual miffed state with the hubs ! I haven't got any better, really weak just about got asthma controlled by resting (haven't been this bad in years) however I am now really frustrated ceiling is finished we have new bed waiting to be put together if I was well that would have been done now along with putting all the boys junk back into the room thus regaining my sewing room (shows how unwell I am as normally would carry in regardless!) The hubs has just asked what do want me to do with the paint brushes rollers trays etc ? Well DUH really do you need to ask, I have managed to tell him politely what he should do although I was tempted to yell 'Leave the festering in the boys room with some added abuse and sarcasim. Love him to bits but surely for once he could just do things unprompted, I have no time next week and then will be working away for a week so goodness knows when it will get finished. Lets hope im feeling better tomorrow
  9. Shock horror ! both me and hubby have undertaken in joint DIY !! We have just done the 1st coat of the sons bedroom ceiling !! I was cutting in and hubby was rollering, we actually worked in harmony however I expect that may be because I am struggling really badly with asthma and a cold so if hubby did mention anything he would have been on his own, and I did collapse in a heap on the floor when I had finished leaving him to negotiate me whilst he was still painting, I am now sporting a pebbledash white effect on my skin (im too lazy to find painting clothes so I was painting in a vest top and pants ) Oh well time to rest before the next coat
  10. That's when Christmas really starts Exactly ! However now adding John Lewis adverts to the big build up along with Toys R Us but the official start for us is the Coke advert Anyway back to the John Lewis advert I LOVE IT !
  11. I also have a bunch that seem to love to run around in the rain, on the rare occasion they will go for shelter but a few still like to have their feathery backsides hanging out in the rain ! Now if we get a slight bit of snow then nothing will coax them out !
  12. Felling your pain ! I m lucky my hubby is practical etc however it just takes him forever to finally do anything and I am the one who does a lot of our DIY having said that I have been 8 years without a working hot tap in our bath (We use the shower with head removed to fill the bath !) Hubby can do this repair as it is a washer that has gone, my dad is a plumber so could do it but I save the jobs for him to be bigger ones (a new kitchen extension etc etc !) plus we do hope to get a new bathroom in the no so distant future (another 10 yrs or so I expect ) so not worth repairing it would seem
  13. The partridge ones look a paler version of my Clarabel who is a Gold Partridge I have to agree they all look lovely x
  14. I watched it and found it interesting, the lady from Newport made me chuckle with her night watch and washing line pole then too see that it was a neighbours cat filmed doing the deed on the lawn (mind you they did say that she may have had foxes in the past) But what I found really bizarre being a chicken owner I am very careful about leaving food out in fear of encouraging rats, and as we all know keeping chicken will put you in the frame for neighbourhood rats etc. So seeing all those people chucking cat food out had me in a little state of trauma but then I suppose the foxes are eating it all so maybe there is no issue (who knows hey)

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