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  1. Mon emmenager en france/My move to France

    Another one here green with envy. It looks idyllic.
  2. Motion dizziness after being in a boat

    DM the first time I went on a cruise I think it was 2 weeks,no choppy seas I suffered for at least a week. Even when I was back at work and sitting interviewing clients I felt I was swaying. I had forgotten that and I’m off cruising next week 😳
  3. What can you do with ....... ?

    My mum used to boil rhubarb leaves in a burnt pot to remove the marks.Could you use the trays at Christmas and fill with goodies?
  4. Not so many bees

    We have another wild bees nest this year and the little bees are coming into my house and my neighbours,unfortunately she works and comes home to a windowsill of dead bees. Meanwhile I spend a lot of time catching them in tumbler and putting them out,even with that there is good dozen corpses in the morning. Why are they coming in,in such high numbers?
  5. Parenting in a different place

    Parenting in a different place is a good description. We take lads on few touring caravan holidays each year, but for the mother it is cooking and cleaning in a confined space and paying a fortune to get a wash done. That is why I like to treat ourselves to an all inclusive somewhere hot in Feb for that half term. I just love turning up and eating breakfast,lunch and dinner that somebody else has made and someone else does the dishes.
  6. ROOSTERS OR HENS help please?

    Aw too bad,my sister lives in Canada, Bracebridge,Muskoka.We have been there and States many times. They are definitely much better with senior discounts than here.
  7. ROOSTERS OR HENS help please?

    Hi stepnout lovely ‘hens’ hope not too many are boys. Where do you get the senior discount on dog food? I have 3 hungry hounds, one is also a black lab.
  8. Signing in

    Mm will have to google in private browser. I am using my iPad as normal and getting signed out every time. I have just spent an hour or so getting on as it asked me to change my old password and then couldn’t remember it and was locked out for 15 mins each time. I wonder has it to do with data protection or summat as my iPad is no longer remembering my settings and passwords on other sites.
  9. Signing in

    Still happening, I am ticking box remember me, and can’t find another box.
  10. Here is a great name for a chicken!

  11. Signing in

    Very annoying have had to sign in again,an hour after posting.
  12. Signing in

    Hi is anyone else having to sign in every day. It is very annoying.Previously it would just ask every so often.
  13. How to stop my dog barking

    Yes she has Granny Trish. Yes I am starting to teach her go to bed and reward her,like a lab she will do anything for food and seems smart.
  14. Herefordshire here we come!

    You can try, I didn’t think I’d need to replace septic tank and see if you can get price down a bit. That’s what we did when surveyor said roof needed redone. Said we hadn’t factored in new roof and got £5000 off agreed price.
  15. How to stop my dog barking

    Though it has been good to read through. I have my barkiest dog ever. From we got her she barked to go out to pee and barked to get in, we thought how clever is she. Too clever by half, has her humans dancing a merry tune. She then started barking at 5 for breakfast. Of course rather than wake whole house OH got up and fed her, she barks at near enough 4.45 for tea. Barks if she wants a chat.I am now going to try go to bed and admit I have shouted NO, so will stop that. As to the breakfast think we will have to get up as she will wake everyone.