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  1. RATS!

    If they are in derelict house you could contact the council.
  2. Poorly dog

    I would get her to drink as much as you can to keep her hydrated. If she is drinking and looking bright enough maybe could wait until to morrow. Is she likely to have eaten something she shouldn’t? If she is an inside dog and you’re sure she hasn’t eaten anything poisonous or a toy or something, it could be simple upset tummy,our vet recommends boiled rice until diarrhoea settles. ( I think you mean polyp )
  3. AyeAyemagpie just keep check around edges of WIR,ours used to be on bare earth until we saw signs of a rat burrowing under and in. We put an edging of paving slabs around edge of one WIR and completely covered other one.
  4. We use wood chips or at least we did until we went to B and Q and they no longer do them. We pooh picked and as you say picked up chips at same time. It went in compost bin.Every 4 months we cleat completely out and put around shrubs in garden. Which is what we did a week ago and now have to try and source some. OH put down wood shavings which is now a soggy mess.
  5. RATS!

    I think it is a huge design flaw of Omlet runs,that they are not a smaller gauge to prevent rodents getting in. I loved the look of the cube run but choose a WIR from another supplier as it was wire meld and rodent proof. I don’t think Mr Rat will give up anytime soon.
  6. Clenching teeth and toothguards

    Maybe not so expensive if dentist does it for dental reasons,rather than cosmetic.
  7. Screw in paw.

    Thank you both for replies,will do. Why is forum in Chinese, is it spammers?
  8. Screw in paw.

    Hi all, esp DM and Lewis if you are about. My retriever came in from garden last night limping. On checking she had a bright shiny screw embedded in the pad of her paw. Quick visit to vets, sedation,removal, pain relief and bandage and home. She has been fine today, removed bandage herself during night, it looks fine. They gave me metocam,which I haven’t give as she doesn’t appear to need it. They also gave course of antibiotics which I haven’t give either as it looks clean and ok. Should I start antibiotics?
  9. Gig at the dome..... or not.

    Small venues are great. We were in Florida at Disney about 16 years ago and as we were leaving noticed a sign for gig that night Robbie Williams. I asked if there were any tickets left, oh plenty said the girl. ‘ it is Robbie Williams from England’ I asked. Oh yes. It seems no one had heard of him, so we went, it was great, there must have been 400 people.
  10. Home Towns

    Looks lovely.
  11. That looks very sweet. My cube is inside run ,but I would like it as it is in that pic for ease of cleaning.
  12. hurricane is coming. How do I prepare coop?

    Glad you are okay. We have Storm Ali,not as bad as hurricane of course but very stormy. Our electric has just gone off ☹️
  13. hurricane is coming. How do I prepare coop?

    So glad to hear you are okay,hope next few days pass peacefully.
  14. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Hi Luvachicken, I will post a picture of my daughters Cavapoo, will melt even the hardest heart. From memory is it OH not keen on a dog.
  15. Strictly 2018

    I settled down to watch it,as I love Strictly and was left unimpressed. I don’t know if it was because I hadn’t heard of any of them or just tired of it now. Will give it another go next week.