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  1. Ear Infection

    Yes, chloramphenicol 0.5 which is for eyes. Ears need to be 5-10 percent strength 🙄
  2. Ear Infection

    Thank you Patricia, I got to speak to my GP who reassured me that ENT consultants prescribe drops even when ear is perforated despite leaflet warning. She said I definitely got wrong script as it was eye drops I was given and if that medicine is used in ear it needs to be stronger. She then changed it to Gentamycin. So hope it works.
  3. Ear Infection

    Hi, wise ones. I wonder if anyone else has had ear problems. I have a long history of ear problems since childhood resulting in a permanent perforated ear. I haven’t had any issues for years until 3 weeks ago when I woke up with ear discharge. Seen by GP and given usual penicillin antibiotics. These didn’t really do anything so was seen at beginning of this week and given ear drops. On reading leaflet it said not to be used if ear is perforated,rang receptionist who spoke to GP who said they should be okay. This didn’t fill me with confidence and I held off until swab result came back, I now have been prescribed different drops which also say don’t use if ear is perforated! My daughter is a pharmacist and she says doctors don’t always know the contraindications of all the different meds and I am left not really knowing what to do. When I rang last time I felt I was being a pest and now I may have to ring again. Has anyone used drops with ear perforation and no ill effects.
  4. Egg draught

    And mine,13 chickens and lucky to get 2 a day 🙄
  5. New kitchen

    My daughters friend got Ikea Kitchen,got her own fitter,then went elsewhere for expensive worktops,apparently it looks fabulous.
  6. Saving Begonias for next year

    Very helpful, on a similar note do you do same with dahlias, lift after frost or before.
  7. Injured squiggle

    I quite like how the lovely Noel calls patients owners mum and dad, Soapdragon. In some cases they see themselves as that. My daughter has had two transplants and her body couldn’t cope with pregnancy and her little doggie is her ‘ baby ‘ . On the phone we get full run down of his day and sleeps etc. For me my dogs are well , dogs and while I love them to bits they are dogs and I would think long and hard before putting them through most of the big surgeries Noel does. But for some mummies and daddies their little pets are their world. Hope squirrel is coping with vets.
  8. Injured squiggle

    Good luck to the little fella, he’s lucky you came across him.
  9. Eggs......please.

    No egg shells were grand. I have got small holders crumb just in case they have beak problems. Though beaks look fine, 3 today so hope egg production has resumed.
  10. Birthday chickens!!!!

    Happy birthday, they are lovely. I too like the bantams, lovely colour.
  11. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Looks yummy. Onto Kefir, yes I froze mine for a month while we were away and I don’t think it is as good, maybe imagination. What’s the maximum you would leave it in milk? I have left it 3 days as I forgot to pick up organic milk. It looked and smelt awful, but we drank it anyway, though at that point you wonder are you just drinking off milk. My grains seem to be not multiplying as much as before they were frozen
  12. My first granny square

    Looks good. Mine was so tight I struggled to get the hook in to each loop and gave up.

    My previous next door neighbour had them inside and they were getting in via drains under the house following building work. They got Rentakil out which was pricey. They took some months to source the problem as they were also going up inside cavity wall and had been in the attic undetected for some time.
  14. Eggs......please.

    ‘ the rescues are egg machines ‘ that is the very reason I got new rescue girls.Which is why I am so baffled by the lack of eggs.
  15. Eggs......please.

    Def not laying else where as have been in WIR and their fenced off garden,which of course is now bare earth and deleafed trees to chicken height so an egg would be easy to spot.