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  1. 🤣🤣🤣 My mind was in a state, imagining Charlie and what he was clenching .
  2. The description butt floss is very apt. My 19 yr old wears them, and Cat tails def no bum, she’s a size 6 .😀
  3. My niece was picked at random to have antibody check. At start of lockdown both her and her husband felt vaguely unwell, said food tasted funny etc. My sister in law thought they were both being overly dramatic, no temperatures ,sore throat etc. Turns out she has antibodies so both must have had it . She is delighted as now both well.
  4. Hi Janty, I do not remember you from distant pass , but I do remember you from about eighteen months ago, you posted and mentioned you were waiting for a transplant. My daughter also had transplant of liver in May last year in Kings and I often wondered if you had been lucky enough to get a chance. So pleased to hear all went well, it is a tough time.
  5. Agree totally a lot of people can be rude. Another thought is I have noticed when out walking and shopping, that I have totally forgotten all about Covid and am in a little daydream and notice someone veering out of the way and thinking why are they doing that. Also out shopping in supermarket it is very unclear which way to go, there are footprints but people are going up and down and you think what am 8 supposed to do.
  6. So sorry to hear this too. My daughter when she was very ill last year enjoyed adult colouring books. She couldn’t settle to watch TV or read but she found colouring in very relaxing. Perhaps a journal where she can note things the doctor/nurse says, treatments,side effects and her own thoughts. Sometimes you get home and can’t remember all the bits you were told. Lip balm was also something she liked and wet hand wipes.
  7. I know Soapdragon, certainly here the 2 m seems to be decreasing daily. I was thinking was the first big breakout 2 weeks ago when everyone swarmed the beaches and there was dire warnings of second surge? It doesn’t seemed to have happened , possibly as everyone looked young and perhaps have been a symptomatic. Who knows! No one I think! I suppose we just wait and see. I for one will be trying to go to small independents as they must be struggling.
  8. Major if you still in process of setting up I would try and pick up some paving slabs, you can often find them on gumtree as freebies from someone who wants rid of them. I had an outer rim to stop fox digging in and nothing in middle for dust bathing and then discovered rats were tunnelling in . So ended up completely paving with earth on top and left some drainage cracks for when rain blows in from side. We used corrugated plastic screwed onto roof as in heavy wind the tarpaulin would take off.
  9. Ali’s girls, it’s in N Ireland , The Starfish, part of Cairn Bay Lodge B and B . It only opened last week for takeaway. Only one person allowed in small room at back.Then collected at table at front. It has nice grassy area at front and they have made the most of it with seating. I said to OH we will have to go for lunch with the boys to support local businesses and hoped to go tomorrow or Sat ,but weather is to be awful. Which is a shame for all these retailers trying to make up for weeks lost.
  10. So sorry to hear your news, poor girl. 🌈
  11. It was my birthday yesterday and was able to go to local cafe for cup of tea and a scone, heaven, when it came ,it was a very fancy scone.
  12. I am amazed at how lockdown went, everyone staying in, save the NHS , yes I get it and then planes landing ,people unchecked, untraceable. This is an island, look at New Zealand, if anyone could/should have got it right it should have been here. Now vaguely worded messages to shielded people, so they can interpret as they please. My daughter had third liver transplant, this time last year, horrific time, would not adequately describe it, very rocky post op. She stayed alone in her flat,totally shielded. Now,as she has interpreted it she can go out as much as she wants ,while avoiding people on street. Really. She doesn’t wear mask, as she thinks they are for other people. I feel he has reverted to his plan of herd immunity and hoping these young people at beaches get mild cases and boost herd immunity. I live beside beach, deserted 40 weeks of year, and now swarming with teens that should be at school or studying for exams. They stay until 4 am,and of course toilets are shut and they are using rocks, hedges as toilets.
  13. Daphne, just read 10 mins ago early morning watering is best. I usually do evening as more time. The article suggested evening not so good as water would stay soggy around the plant for longer and could encourage fungus.
  14. Sorry to hear this chicken nutter, but best thing for her as sounds like she was suffering RIP little one.
  15. Our eggs are used mainly for baking, I made a very passable rainbow cake for an afternoon zoom tea on Saturday. Other favourites here are brownies, especially nice if using a Terrys dark chocolate orange. When you melt that chocolate it is quite oily so makes a delicious gooey brownie. Any left over I love poached on top of sourdough and avocado....yummy.

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