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  1. Grandmashazzie

    RATS !!!!

    I was feeling pretty smug that we had outsmarted the rats ......until yesterday. A bit like you ajm we moved rabbit hutch and found multiple tunnels. Our wiremeld WIR is on large paving slabs that must be good 18 inches across and still they tunnelled under. OH filled in tunnels with post concrete and another is there this am. Grrrrr,we are going to slab whole run which poor chooks will have no scratch area when in run. Will rethink in better weather wire meld then earth. I am afraid to check them as I have vivid picture which was created in my mind by someone in forum posting about her poor girls having their feet chewed off while roosting. 😓
  2. Grandmashazzie

    Dog owners travelling to the EU beware!

    I have an old one so if I can find it will say renewal. As N Ireland’s residents we can hold either and at one stage I had both. I needed to send one for visa and needed to be out of the country at same time . Mine is due this month so I hope it doesn’t take forever. Although will be interesting travelling with foster children as 3 have British and 1 Irish and we all have Irish. Will customs let us all through in EU queue, I think not.
  3. Grandmashazzie

    Dog owners travelling to the EU beware!

    I have a British passport but am definitely getting an Irish one, they are also slightly cheaper. Very annoying re pet passports as my dogs have theirs. I wonder if we went to vet across border and got them Irish pet passports would they not need titre levels tested?
  4. Grandmashazzie

    Desperately Seeking Trousers!

    Also M and S do sculpt and lift leggings or jeggings. It’s quite a feat to pull them on but they keep the muffin top and everything down. My daughter said are you wearing maternity leggings because it looks elasticated. 😃
  5. Grandmashazzie

    Christmas Eve Boxes

    A bit late to this topic, I guessed it was an American gimmick although I appreciate it is also European tradition to open gifts on Christmas Eve. I think the box is extra presents as there is also Christmas Day presents. We won’t be doing that, it’s enough work with that silly elf on the shelf malarkey ( also American???) As to paper in stockings, a few years ago we bought our ones a type of fair isle stockings. They are a nightmare to pack and unpack with strands of wool everywhere.
  6. Grandmashazzie

    Log fire question

    I relit on top of old ashes, and put ash that is fallen through in chickens dust bath. I think I read somewhere it was good for suffocating lice, mites etc. Didn’t know that about plants,will definitely have a google.
  7. Grandmashazzie

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Congratulations PL.......any names yet. I love hearing baby names. Did you see recent article about airline staff making fun of child whose first name was Abcde pronounced Ab-city.
  8. Grandmashazzie

    Christmas ads!

    Aw, that’s lovely Cats Tails. I was just thinking of my mum today. Christmas as you get older changes, too many empty seats.
  9. Grandmashazzie

    Christmas ads!

    Just back from cinema,loved the KFC Christmas ad 😀🐓
  10. Grandmashazzie

    Forum upgrade?

    I wonder what the user statistics are since the upgrade. I still hanker after the old layout and I am fairly new to Forum. I don’t think there as many posts. I loved browsing in all things nice and just preferred the whole feel of the community. What does anyone else think?
  11. Grandmashazzie

    Christmas ads!

    Thank you Cat Tails.
  12. Grandmashazzie

    Christmas ads!

    Wish I could do the clicky link business. The best I have seen is the tear jerking £50 Christmas ad. Big retails take note, you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds. If you google it,it will come up.
  13. Grandmashazzie

    Christmas Markets - Anyone Going to One?

    Ha Andy did you have decent boxers? 😀 When we were in baths there were lots of young lads, looked like stag dos in what were definitely underwear. Obviously going commando on way home. Also you can hire swimsuits in baths. Though not sure I would fancy that.
  14. Grandmashazzie

    Dental Implants

    Hi Harrison OH. I have 4 implants in different parts of my mouth. All at different times. Two settled in perfectly and feel no different to my own teeth. One in my lower jaw never really settled, the gum never settled and a little pocket/ fissure developed which was always getting infected. I was back and forth to dentist very often. In the end I left that dentist,for other reasons, my new dentist didn’t do implants and referred me on. The implant specialist took either MRI or CT scan and said the implant should have been imbedded in a different spot and would never settle. Result removal of implant,6 months to allow gum to heal. Implant inserted and allowed to settle for 3 months before crown fitting and to be honest that one is still painful off and on. Therefore for all the fuss I have had I would not travel to Budapest as you may not get follow up care here. I also would not do a remove tooth,stick in the implant at the same time which I know often happens as that I think is why that one went wrong. Though I am sure there are lots of people that have had no problem. I do know chap who went to Budapest and got tooth veneers at fraction of cost here.
  15. Grandmashazzie

    Christmas Markets - Anyone Going to One?

    Yes I am loving it Andy and will definitely come back in the spring with my OH.