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  1. Yes DM, all out here in my street cheering. It was very emotional, particularly as my son has been deployed from children’s specialist community services to start in Covid centre on Mon. and my daughter in law is a nursing sister in renal unit. Their two children are coming to stay on Mon as we want to try and limit their exposure and ours to the virus.
  2. Soapie Boots will shortly be selling self testing kits. Involving a blood prick, apparently as simple as home pregnancy testing. I hope they have plenty coming in, they will be more popular than hand sanitiser. It would be great to know if we have already had a mild case. I don’t think I have had a mild cold/flu for sometime and credited it to the kefir.
  3. Oh Luvachicken that’s exciting, lots of furries needing rehoused as families struggle at the minute. DM we have Nibbles and Flopsy, which is not too bad.
  4. Yes, I had read that, hopefully if neutered they will remain friends 🤞
  5. PLnif the airlines cancelled that flight will you get your morning back ? M6 daughter was due to go to Mexico today and BA refunded flights.
  6. Thank you DM, they are in the kitchen 🙄 not my intention at all. They are very sweet and placid and used to lots of handling. It is very chilly here so think I shall let them bask in the warmth for a few more weeks. They are house trained and seemed to have free range in their last home which won’t be happening with my two dogs already here. I think I shall try and set up the puppy playpen so kids can get in and cuddle Nibbles and Flopsy . I will ring vets and book in for spaying as I do not want any babies. I think they are operating a reduced service with virus at vets so will see. I want to let them settle before more travelling in car.
  7. Hi everyone, to keep children busy and encourage caring for animals we are getting 2 mini lops , rehoming at 5 months, so am guessing an already forgotten Christmas present. They are coming with a large wooden hutch and I am putting them in a large WIR, as I only have 6 chickens they will be in other WIR.. My understanding is these bunnies were kept inside and presumably haven’t got their winter coat. Is it too cold for them at night in their hutch ? With a lot of effort I could clear space in garden shed , would this be best. They are sisters and am intending to get them spayed.
  8. Lovely spring day here too and out putting in some lupins and poppies to make a cottage house border. No more garden centre visits so have ordered a few plants online. Also got a few salad stuff planted in cold frame, this is a first for me so will see how they do.
  9. I always get my loo rolls from amazon , as we are a big family and I think the boys eat the stuff, that and toothpaste. It takes up so much room in shopping trolley it easier to buy in bulk. Our Sainsbury’s was sold out of loo rolls,pasta,rice and paracetamol. Luckily the wine section had no such shortages.
  10. Yes, I woke in the middle of night and thought I couldn’t breathe ! I guess cat tails they will add vaccine to flu jab much like swine flu. From memory once they got vaccine it has been included in a lot of the flu vaccines.
  11. I think it seems we will all eventually catch it and hope for mild symptoms. The unknown is who will need an ICU bed and there aren’t that many and even if they were able to magic up respirators it is a very skilled area of nursing and I don’t think there is the trained staff to cope. I would guess the Italian statistics are more true , I certainly felt China would never give a true account of scale of disaster. It is a worry for those in family that have health issues and if school are on lockdown which seems likely eventually I am not looking forward to 4 bored boys plus 2 bored grandchildren to look after. As we live near the beach I have ordered new buckets and spades off amazon and they can practice the art of buildings sandcastles.
  12. You can always use newspaper squares, I remember my grandmother cutting newspaper squares and putting big needle with string through them to hang in her outside loo.
  13. Although another theory is a research facility, right beside market in Wuhan that uses bats etc for experiments in germ/virus warfare and a researcher was bitten by a tick from a bat that was infected. I suppose never really know for sure. The expected numbers of serious infection are worrying and I can’t see NHS being in position to conjure up ventilators and MRI scanners in a week the way China appeared to do.

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