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  1. Grandmashazzie

    Take one whole free range chicken

    I do like chicken, to eat, but ever since I got my girls I practically have to shut my eyes in Supermarket to walk past all the little dead bodies trussed up. I havent bought one like that for years, but do still buy chicken Kiev’s etc.
  2. Grandmashazzie

    Travel pillow recommendations

    Tempur also do great eye masks,very bulky, but great when you get used to them. Total blackout which is what I need to get to sleep.
  3. Grandmashazzie

    Can we talk lap blankets?

    There are also charities that collect knitted things for Syria. I would think square metre ok as you say if it was trailing down it could cause accident. Also meant to add, give mindfulness a go. There are lots of online videos to watch but it very much takes daily practice and if you persevere it’s a very good self help skill to keep you grounded.
  4. Grandmashazzie


    Hi ajm,yes I too have that. It is hiatus hernia when your stomach contents push up into the oesophagus. I think Ursula is talking about abdominal hernia when a bit of abdominal organs can push through a bit of muscle, that’s why it can happen after strenuous exercise and that’s why you have to make sure loop of bowel doesn’t become inflamed or have it’s blood supply compromised as that can be surgical emergency.
  5. Grandmashazzie

    Recommendations for France?

    Hi Ali’s girls, hijacking Andys thread. I love America, they speak our language and I like the food, though it was much better when you got more dollars to the pound. We flew into Boston and stayed on outskirts in a Best Western if I recall. It was on tramline and it was very cheap and quick to get into town centre. We did the walking tours, the duck tours, walked in the park and Quincy market I loved it, it is very walkable.We stayed from memory 3 days and then hired a camper van and travelled to Cape Cod ( very tacky ) and got ferry to Martha’s vineyard, really beautiful,I could have stayed there a month. Then I think we went to Lake George which is in NY state, I am sure if you did something like that there is train that could get you to NY. It is much like London, bits of history and run down in places. We went post 9/11 and the area around towers is now a memorial garden. I liked seeing Ellis Island,it wasn’t too busy and they have got audio display .We went to a show £££££ and wandered about. I like seeing famous sites, eg Central Park, the big yellow taxis, the noise, but in most cases once seen don’t have to be revisited. We stayed in Radio City Apartments which is just off Times Square and was reasonable.Although it very recently used to be an area for hookers and probably explained why it felt a bit odd walking to delis etc.It was great to get apartment as I get bit fed up eating all meals out. On another note my daughter went last year for 5 days and she said it was very, very expensive.
  6. Grandmashazzie


    Hi Ursula, have you done any strenuous exercise or lifting recently. I haven’t had hernia but a few months ago at gym class some members were absent due to hernias, caused presumably by the weights. My understanding is most settle with rest although the hernia if for example is bowel can become strangulated but that would be very painful and need hospitalisation. I wouldn’t be rushing to ski as it sounds like it would irritate it further and stop it settling.
  7. Grandmashazzie

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Definitely would think about A and E with blackout. If not, please ring your doc tomorrow and let him know. Taken all together nota set of symptoms to ignore. Love rocking chairs, given me an idea, about to trawl gumtree 😀
  8. Grandmashazzie

    Any updates?

    Gosh Valkyrie you are very busy. I feel I have been hibernating this winter in comparison. In spite of moving house and decluttering I still have lot of stuff,mainly shoes and clothes that haven’t been and are never likely to be worn. I have discovered the joys of eBay and am flogging off a lot ,which is great. Wish I’d done it years ago, it’s still novel so a bit of fun. I have very little storage in this house so being able to see the wardrobe floor is amazing. OH is afraid to stand still for too long in case he’s listed.
  9. Grandmashazzie

    My hens drink too much

    I have dropped to every 6 months and as you say some breeders have told me they don’t worm at all.
  10. Grandmashazzie

    Any updates?

    Hope that title encouraged a nosey. The forum is very quiet these days and I often think of things people posted and wonder how they are getting on Chickadee are you still doing guide dog training? Also Janty I think of you often and wonder have you had your transplant ? Also can’t remember name but girl with lots of issues with sons school. Also little baby that was adopted and craft people made lovely blanket. I must lead a boring life and suppose that is nature of forums and people move on.
  11. Grandmashazzie

    Happy news

    Oh that’s great. You will be able to show her baby pics, that will be sure to cheer her up.
  12. Grandmashazzie

    My hens drink too much

    Mine drink an enormous amount of water too. I have just thought it normal and keep refilling as I wouldn’t want them dehydrated.
  13. Grandmashazzie

    Recommendations for France?

    Puy de Fou theme park in the Vendee is also very interesting with several re enactments of historical events during day. Sounds boring but great fun. We have only driven in France so no help on public transport. Would you consider hiring van with the three or four drivers driving then you could conquer your fears. Driving especially on toll roads is very easy.
  14. Grandmashazzie

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

  15. Grandmashazzie

    Earache relief

    Hope you are sorted now AJM, I would add a decongestant in as maybe build up of fluid behind eardrum causing pain. Also chewing gum as movement of jaw up and down can help fluid drain.