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  1. Goshawk

    Lovely Lewis,with those eyes I think Goldeneye 😀 we are nearly as cold here with the wind chill, but no snow ☹️
  2. Cruise holidays

    Can she get you a healthy discount 😀 I think they are a great company. I have had four amazing holidays with them.
  3. Confessions of a serial lurker

    Gosh PL I never noticed the like button. I think with new setup I am learning something everyday.
  4. Cruise holidays

    Sounds a bit like Explore or Exodus,we have done fabulous tours with them,especially if you want somewhere a bit different.
  5. Where have the WIR photos gone?

    Will do, now it’s so easy.
  6. Where have the WIR photos gone?

    Plum,there is no chance of 🐀 rats or 🐁 mice getting in cube??? That looks ideal and one I will be getting OH to copy. It would make cube so much easier to clean. Am I thinking of something else but on old forum did someone post about rat crawling in a gap in cube. If I was sure it was nigh on impossible I would definitely do this. Yes my cube doesn’t look like that anymore either. Especially when little rascals roost on top and poo all night.
  7. Cruise holidays

    I am going Royal Caribbean and you can book directly online although I booked via travel agent. We just booked a few weeks ago and the drinks package was complimentary at that stage. We have never had that before. If you look at cruise critic they have good reviews on that ship. I have used RC before with no problems. For me I do enjoy it as you are on a floating hotel and starting somewhere new each day. I have also been happy with food,entertainment etc. I tend to cruise place I wouldn’t want to go for more than a day. I would also recommend Norwegian fjords and my husband was very keen to do Alaska this year but Russia won so maybe that next year.
  8. Cruise holidays

    Janiepie33 that exactly where I am going in June,the Baltic cruise.I particularly want to see Copenhagen. My dad used to read the Hans Christian Anderson stories,and told me about the statue of The Little Mermaid and I really wasn’t to see it.I was originally thinking of holiday in Japan or Thailand but didn’t fancy being to close to Korea. Now this.......whatever will be,will be.The ship docks for St Petersburg and you have option of train excursion to Moscow which we hope to do.
  9. Kefir

    Having watched 100 years younger last night I wondered if any of our kefir makers had used it for a facial? Think I will give it a go tonight. For those that didn’t see it,the contestants bathed in fermented goats milk and put goats cottage cheese on their face. The lactic acid acts as an exfoliator apparently.
  10. Word Association Game #28

  11. Dopey question about followers on Omlet.

    Me too,always use iPad.
  12. Dopey question about followers on Omlet.

    Oh didn’t realise you could use them. They didn’t work on old omlet I think.
  13. Omleteers fit for 2016

    Ow up to circuits Mon,Wed and Fri at 7.15 it’s great. Knees holding up.Trainer has brought girl in to do Zumba , although really a dance class and is starting Pilates tomorrow. All for £10 a week which isn’t bad. Great thing with in the church is I am meeting lots of people from the area.
  14. Word Association Game #28

  15. Dopey question about followers on Omlet.

    If you click on smiley face just above your typing and click on categories in top right,then click on converted. It gives you old emojis.