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  1. Hi Microstead, I can’t do click links, but if you type camouflage into search bar at top. It will bring up a guy Neil who kept us up to date with painting he did on ,from memory a cube. He advises on paint in his posts.
  2. Hi Microstead, you may be able to shift rust with either white vinegar or WD 40. It is hard work, spray on, leave and scrub with wire brush or toothbrush. Re bleaching, I have cube and the girls roost on top, it is the ammonia from pooh that is whitening the colour not the sun. I haven’t put any film on top but would be interested to hear what others do.
  3. Is it worth contacting buyer, maybe they still have it.
  4. Bliain Nua Shona from the Emerald Isle. I also love to hear of everyone’s adventures. It will be early to bed here as I’ve been up since 6 . Other half had to drive daughter and her dog to Dublin as she was catching ferry to Holyhead,they have just arrived back in Watford . Meanwhile I have done about 7 washes and packed away most of Christmas decorations. Last to go will be real tree tomorrow then I will get hinching. B and M bargains also visited for pink stuff, Zoflora and vinegar spray. I am exhausted thinking about it.
  5. Would you consider a Walk in Run. I have a Flyte so fancy WIR on concrete slabs. We live beside a country park with foxes and keep a cube and classic inside the run, so far we haven’t had any problem.
  6. I have a Flyte so Fancy walk in run. It sits on paving slabs, it is good sturdy weld mesh and fingers crossed no rats.
  7. You could try a heat pad , which you warm in microwave and wrap in towel and pop it in and close door. I got one on Amazon.
  8. My friend had hip op at 50 years, she did really well, though ended up getting other hip done two years later, due to osteoporosis arthritis. She is great now after years of painkillers and soldiering on, they weren’t keen to operate in her 40s . We go to aqua fit and Pilates, she walks for miles and really happy with results .
  9. Yes that happened to me all last year, very annoying and then it just stopped and I haven’t had to log in for months.
  10. Yes I struggled through first two episodes, though hard to get into. The Accident on channel 4 is excellent. Sarah Lancashire’s Welsh accident is pretty good .
  11. Oh dear, when it comes to rugby we are a divided family. One son in law is Kiwi so we were hoping Ireland would win. Poor son in law flew to Japan to see his team thrashed by England, who is daughter is cheering on despite being Kiwi/ Irish descent. Other son in law is Welsh , they were playing against S Africa , from where my two foster children are from. So mixed emotions in this house .
  12. I am finding it hard to get into. I usually tune out of rehearsal bit, then if they look ok have no idea who the celebrity is, as I don’t know most of them and there has been a big change in professional dancers too. I miss Darcy from the judges and Len too.

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