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  1. Grandmashazzie

    Hip Op

    My friend had hip op at 50 years, she did really well, though ended up getting other hip done two years later, due to osteoporosis arthritis. She is great now after years of painkillers and soldiering on, they weren’t keen to operate in her 40s . We go to aqua fit and Pilates, she walks for miles and really happy with results .
  2. Grandmashazzie

    Is it me??

    Yes that happened to me all last year, very annoying and then it just stopped and I haven’t had to log in for months.
  3. Grandmashazzie

    Dublin murders

    Yes I struggled through first two episodes, though hard to get into. The Accident on channel 4 is excellent. Sarah Lancashire’s Welsh accident is pretty good .
  4. Grandmashazzie

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Oh dear, when it comes to rugby we are a divided family. One son in law is Kiwi so we were hoping Ireland would win. Poor son in law flew to Japan to see his team thrashed by England, who is daughter is cheering on despite being Kiwi/ Irish descent. Other son in law is Welsh , they were playing against S Africa , from where my two foster children are from. So mixed emotions in this house .
  5. Grandmashazzie

    Strictly 2019

    I am finding it hard to get into. I usually tune out of rehearsal bit, then if they look ok have no idea who the celebrity is, as I don’t know most of them and there has been a big change in professional dancers too. I miss Darcy from the judges and Len too.
  6. Grandmashazzie

    While the cat's away . . .

    Lovely girls and I love the names. Not a good thread to read, has made me broody,and after just vowing when I get down to 5 from 9 ,mostly free loaders,I am never getting more .
  7. Grandmashazzie

    Hip surgery for Labrador

    Update, poor George, initial painkiller did nothing so back to vets and sedated for X Ray, both hip sockets are very shallow, like saucers she said. It is his muscles which are maintaining his femurs in place. Her thoughts were she could refer him to a vet in Cork for an opinion on his X rays and he possibly would not wish to operate, taking the onus off me to decide. Her own opinion was he could go through surgery on one hip and then the other hip would dislocate as he tried to use it to support himself through recovery. I think on that basis I am ruling out surgery. He is now on Metacam , Parlodel and Gabapentin, and she thought he maybe would get 6 months to a year before pain would be unmanageable. Poor fellow will only be 5 at Christmas. He seems a little better judging by his now up on hind legs scavenging from work surface which he hasn’t done for ages .
  8. Grandmashazzie

    Eye Mask for Sleeping

    I shocked myself when I looked up the price ! I am sure it wasn’t that expensive 4 years ago. I take mine everywhere and because it was expensive it’s the first thing I make sure I pack away when coming home. I have to say it really stays in place and there is no seepage of light at all. Also is your bedroom window small. I also got fitted roller blind. It is in a metal frame and the blackout blind slides up and down within it so no light escapes into the room. I got it from a local blind company, not sure if it has the manufacture on it but will look.
  9. Grandmashazzie

    Eye Mask for Sleeping

    Me three.
  10. Grandmashazzie

    Solo travel

    I used Explore holidays, although I was travelling with a friend there were lots of single travellers in the group. They have a lot of interesting holiday destinations. I would always chose to go in a group rather than alone. I am not very brave.
  11. Grandmashazzie

    Eye Mask for Sleeping

    Sorry DM. Not sure what you mean.
  12. Grandmashazzie

    Eye Mask for Sleeping

    They were Deconovo rod window valances and they do different colours and are very effective.
  13. Grandmashazzie

    Eye Mask for Sleeping

    I have a tempur blackout eye mask and it is absolutely brilliant. It is bulky and I assumed it would be uncomfortable but it isn’t. It goes everywhere with me. I also got quite cheap blackout curtains for my daughters room on amazon. They only had big size and instead of putting them on a rail I tuck them on top of her existing curtains and rail and as they are too long they stop any light seeping through. I will see if I can see the name.
  14. I have a Flyte so fancy WIR and although I now have a cube had a go up . I keep them inside the WIR.
  15. Grandmashazzie

    Walk In Run - recommendations please.

    I got my wooden one from Flyte so fancy, it was pricey, a local handyman could make one to your design.