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  1. Welcome to chickens I am a new convert starting 3months ago.I got 10exbattery chickens and have found them very addictive am planning to get more posh birds in the spring (I am thinking of Mrs Pepperpot )My chicks are on bark over grass and I pick poo each morning and night even with 10 chicks it takes no time to clean coop and pen.
  2. Thanks for that good egg will add that next week when treated pellets finish.
  3. You are so lucky you can poo pick! I have 10 ex batts got in sept and have had difficulty getting flubenvet just got marriage treated pellets which they have been on exclusively since sat so am hoping for more firmer poo is generally very runny and varied colours although hens are lookin fine.
  4. I had previously posted ordered WIR 3rd Sept finally arrived 8th Oct looks well made and will add it to WIR from flytes of fancy so girlies will have plenty of space.Hope it easy to put up
  5. That's a good help I'll do the same thank you.
  6. Can anyone tell me where to get flubenvet,I have it on order but there is shortage I rehomed 10ex batts and was told to worm,but can't get stuff.They are laying well but def look more scruffy since arrivin or maybe they're moulting.
  7. Loved your walk in run where are the clear plastic blinds from they look ideal for protection with winter coming
  8. Maybe next time think of rehoming ex batts I have just got ten they seem to be in good health happy and laying7 eggs each daybetween them which is pretty good
  9. Hi I am a new member got10ex batts last sat and loving them I could watch them for hours!
  10. ] You are lucky you have got it I ordered one on 3rd sep he phoned to say he had one in stock and it would be with me soon.he doesn't respond to emails or phone messages I then posted on his Facebook and he said it was being made! Am still waiting, in meantime got one from flytes of fancy it's amazing well worth the money and they are lovely to deal with

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