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  1. Does anybody know if I can let my chickens out yet?we are in Essex,Rayleigh.
  2. Hi,thanks for reply,no I have not candled them as I'm afraid it will mess things up,I thought you're not ment to touch the eggs the last three days. They are silky bantams,I set the eggs on a Thursday evening so it was yesterday that it made it to exactly 3 weeks. Me and my daughters were so excited about this as it would be the second hatch for us,last year the chicken abandoned the eggs so we never got any chicks,but this time Sheela done her job just right so it's really upsetting. I don't want to get my hopes up yet but do you think we still have a chance then?
  3. Hi I've got Sheela sitting on eggs,silky eggs and it was yesterday exactly 3 weeks and today still no chicks. Does anybody know anything about this? This forum says its 18 days for bantams but I thought it was 3 weeks which has now been 21 days. Do you think they are dead? I'm devastated
  4. My girl sheeila has been put on some fertile eggs yesterday as she is broody, so we have put her in a cat box and we have put this in their run with the others, is this ok? The cat box is shut as she has food and water inside but I'm worried for her I case she needs to poo
  5. Hi is there anybody who have got fertile eggs in Rayleigh Essex area I was wanting mabe silkies or Poland breed or any that have the sort of pom-poms on their heads. Sheela has just got broody so going to try again this year for some chicks. Thank you Laura
  6. Hi,yeah she is squishy and yes stuff does come out if you massage the crop but not a lot,she is about 4 years old she is a beautiful grey bamtam,last year we lost Matilda a little frizzle to sour crop that was the first ever pet we've lost,but it was very different with her come home one day to find she was not doing anything and noticed a very massive crop and the next day she died even though I had taken her to vets the previous evening,I didn't know anything about sour crop and neither did that vet I don't think. I don't know if I should let her free range I haven't being doing because she will eat grass I've being keeping her in,she is not laying eggs she hasn't done for a very looooong time but I think she was the one to lay this tiny tiny egg about a month ago,the size of a 50p coin,the other two chicken are laying,I've only got 3.
  7. Hi,thank you Quickcluck,I am in Rayleigh too ( little Whitley chase) that sounds good she is still very happy she don't look or act Ill,she wants to eat and she poops too I gave her yogurt and mealworms today and there was some mash pellets with grit and olive oil I left in there for them all.i don't understand,if she has sour crop wouldn't she have died by now? It's been about 2 weeks now she was first vomiting,we have being helping her with massages and all that,maybe she's got something else.mabe she needs surgery have you had any chickens that had this and how much do you think vets charge for that?
  8. Thank you,unfortunately none of these are near me. I've kept her off food again today. Yesterday I made a mixture of mashed pellets grit and olive oil but today she has a sloshy crop again she still poops ok and she seem fine aswell I don't know what to do.
  9. Got a chicken with sour crop what yogurt do you use for this?
  10. Anybody know of a vet in Southend on sea or Rayleigh (Essex) area that will be good with chickens or is there somebody around that knows about chickens and would be so kind to help me as my little chicken crop problem won't go away,it's been over a week now don't know what else to do. I'm really worried for her,and the vet I've seen before I don't think he knows about chickens. Please help I don't want to loose her.
  11. Anybody know of a vet in Southend on sea or Rayleigh (Essex) area that will be good with chickens or is there somebody around that knows about chickens and would be so kind to help me as my little chicken crop problem won't go away,it's been over a week now don't know what else to do. I'm really worried for her,and the vet I've seen before I don't think he knows about chickens. Please help I don't want to loose her.
  12. Thank you for all your support and ideas. What is Daktarin and how much of that do I give her?
  13. What to do with sour crop? We've done just about everything and thought she was getting better yesterday as there was hardly a lump there and then this morning she was balloon and squishy like again. For about 3 days now we've stopped the food and won't let her free range so she won't eat grass and all that. I've got her grit though.Yesterday gave her mashed pellets with grit mixed in as I was worried she might starve poor thing.this was squishy so just gave her water with ACV with a serynge and made her vomit yet again I am worried this going on for very long now as I think it first started last week,she was vomiting by herself my daughter saw her but I didn't think anything of it and two days after she saw it again and that's when I went to examine her to find she was balloon and squishy like so all week we've being trying to empty her crop several times a day as best we can but most of the time not a lot comes out.About 3 months ago the fox got her but luckily I was near by and chased this fox which eventually let go of her I was so scared she was torn but she wasn't although she would not walk so I took her to the vet he said she was just probably broozed and gave an injection which cost £37 and the next day she was better and she as been fine ever since until now.dont know what else to do ,just given her some more vinegar water with a serynge and crop is small again,not going to feed her anymore today see what happens.this is very confusing cause some some people say give her yogurt then they say chickens can not digest dairy ,some people say don't give them ACV.I am desperately trying my hardest to help this poor chicken and I really feel for her,although she is quite happy and wants to eat all the time considering. Has anybody got any suggestions for us please.
  14. Hi it's been a while my chicken have started laying eggs again,I do not know which one though,I've got three,they are little bantams,I could not believe my eyes this morning when I saw the tiny egg,it's the size of a 50p coin. And next to it a normal size egg for a bantam.
  15. Hi,my Pekin bantam was sitting on eggs for a week now and yesterday morning went to check her and she was not on the eggs,they were very cold,I think she is not well,very pale on the face and comb,anyway got another broody that's now doing the job,can anyone tell me if this is a waste of time as the eggs were cold if there was anything in them will they be dead? Thanks
  16. How do I check for red mite?and if she has got that will the others get it aswell?do you think some of the eggs might hatch yet?
  17. Hi,My little Angie (Pekin bantam) is broody and was hatching some eggs she's really good mother,she's done before,but this morning she was not sitting on the eggs,they were cold so I think they are now dead I got them out and now Sheela is sitting on them ,just in case... But Angie is just there not moving and she is sleeping a lot I think she is not well,please can you help?what can I do?
  18. What can I do to snap them out of it? There are 4chickens and 3 of them are really broody so not getting any eggs last year they were broody for months,what can I do I gave them cold baths last year and it never worked.
  19. My two little chickens that my Peking bantam hatched are now 24 weeks one is a black frizzle and the other one I am not sure,I think a sablepoot,also black,the fizzle still very small,when will they start laying?
  20. Thank you for all your support.it was back last night and again this morning 3 Times my girls are cackling like mad as we speak I go out there and chase it off and I threw stuff at it I would like to give a good shower with hose but that's impossible he's way too fast.as for the girls laying eggs it's another matter as they are broody again anyway so there are no eggs at the moment."pekin bantams"they are in an Eglu Go and run,extended one,and I had them for over a year so hopefully it is fox proof,although I have read here somewhere that horrid fox has got in eglus.the funny thing is the chickens dare not move from this one spot it's like they are on the look out,they do not hide from the fox when it comes,I wish they would go in the Eglu when fox comes but they don't.want to go out because the children are bored but looks like we'll have to stay in again.
  21. Absolutely gob smacked this morning when I saw a fox just staring at my chickens they are in an Eglu Go and they went bananas they are very stressed,anyway flipping fox was at it all morning kept coming back every 5 minutes I think at one point must have jumped on the run or something and the chickens were flapping all over the run and Angie was making a funny little noise I am worried,can they die of stress.
  22. Hello.i am needing a little advise on bio sculpture nail products.Any nail technician out there that can help?I have bought all the stuff online and been doing it for about a year now ,it took a little bit to get it right but I now can do it OK,sometimes it will last 3 weeks if I look after the nails and apply a coat each week of the clear varnish high gloss to protect them.what I would like to know exactly is what you professionals do,step by step.Here is how I do it:buff nail with one of them blocks to take off the natural shine-clean with bio sculpture sanitizer-apply CLEAR GEL and dry for 2min-apply a colour gel and dry for 2min-apply a second coat of the coloured gel and dry again for 2min and then apply again one last coat of the clear gel and this last one I dry for 4min.lastly I clean the nail with bio sculpture sanitizer again to get rid of the stickiness left on.Is this what you professionals do?The only thing i am unsure of is the last coat I am just using clear gel,should I be using something else? Like S Gel or Sealer Gel?Thank you so much in advance for any advice I may get.
  23. Hi I am in hockley and I got 2 Peking bantams last year from the nursery Wheatley rayleigh and I am quiet happy.but they are not cheap.my girls are lovely and they hatched chicks this year I have just been there this week and they have some beautiful birds at the mo.is this gonna be your first time for chickens?
  24. Hi.I have been trying to get a little business off the ground,working from home making blinds,curtains,soft furnishings etc.anyaway I got this wholesalers years ago who I get some stuff from,like linings,curtain tracks that sort of thing,but it is still quiet expensive and they have not got a lot.i need someone that does the ready made roller blinds,conservatory pleated blinds,the sort of blinds you can buy and just cut to size.anyone here know or has this kind of supplier or know where I can get these wholesalers,where are they?do they advertise somewhere?I just don't know how to go about it! Can you help?
  25. Hello.been sometime since I posted.Just been to the chicken shop and could not believe what I was seeing,these beautiful birds called Japanese Yokohamas.so I wonder has anyone here got some and what are they like?i looked online and there is someone selling fertile eggs for this breed.i want to get some next year.my Peking bantams hatched this hear first time for me to do this, between the 2 of them I got 7 chicks and only 2are girls unfortunately for me I had to give away the other 5 cockerels but I am very lucky I met this lady that has a small holding and she took them all so they have a lovely home now.happy ending.

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