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  1. Hello, Last week our pet rabbit Easter ran away from home after one of our children left the hutch door unlocked. We've searched everywhere and leaflet dropped but there is no sign of him. We live on a new housing estate with lots of diggers, also our neighbours had a fox in their garden... We are missing our bunny and have made a fox/rabbit proof area for a new rabbit to run round in. As I have three children under five, I would very much like to have a French Lop or British Giant next time, I would be happy to rehome a slightly older rabbit, rather than have a baby one. I live in Banbury and wondered if anyone knows any local rescue centres or breeders near to me? Kate (my sister has an eglu, so I'm borrowing her username etc.) [/b]
  2. Today we collected two girlies. A black star freddie named Daisy and a speckled hen Teddy called Rosie Pop. They seem to have settled happily into their eglu. Thank you every one for your kind words after us looseing Rosie and Buttercup. H x
  3. thank you all so much for your kind words. We are fairly lucky as omlet are only 15 miles away. Hopefully they will be able to re stock us asap. exuse silly name, Teddy is my 22 month old. We told him the hens had been eaten by a naughty fox and he said "all gone, dead!". Freddie my 6 year old has been making fox traps all day. Helen.x
  4. We feel "Ooops, word censored!" and guilty. our lovely hens only arrived two and a half weeks ago, we forgot to put them in untill after dark, and went out with a torch to find two piles of feathers. Rosie and Buttercup gone for good. We will replace them on monday and from now on only out of eglu when we are gardening. i thought i was the only one to have this happen but obviously not.

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