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  1. If it is because the weather is warmer in France, stick your polishes in the fridge! I live in Ibiza and mine occupy one of shelves of the fridge door all year round. If it is because they are getting on a bit (and aren't we all?) put a drop of nail varnish remover in them to thin them down. I love having painted nails but my finger nails constantly chip
  2. Lots of podcasts I listen to are sponsored by Square Space and people I know who have used them have created beautiful websites https://www.squarespace.com/ There are lots of discounts codes out there for them too, just ask if you need them!
  3. What wonderful photos and memories to treasure forever. As others have said, I love how everyone sat in a round, never seen weddings like that but it seems such an obvious idea that everyone is part of your special union. You looked gorgeous, can't believe you arranged it in a few days and kept it a secret! Sorry to hear your dad isn't doing so well, he looked overjoyed in your wedding pictures. Sending love and positive thoughts from across the Mediterranean.
  4. Wow they look amazing I love Attic24 too, trying to make her 'Elmer' style cushion as a blanket instead. I'm a complete beginner but have decided to make it harder by using the join as you go method. I thought it would help me see results faster but in reality I think it just slows me down. I'm also a big fan of Bella Coco's youtube tutorials, they are very clear and sometimes it's easier to see what you should be doing rather than read it. I had great fun trying out lots of fun squares... not that I've done anything with them. Keep the updates coming, I love seeing everyone's amazing talents!
  5. I live in Spain where mould caused by damp is prevalent, everyone swears by white vinegar. Apparently it kills the mould spores. Apply to the mould, leave it for a few hours (if you can't stand the smell add some essential oils) and scrub the mould off. It's common to spray vinegar onto walls in Spain to stop the mould coming back, you could rub some vinegar around your window frame after you clean them to prevent it coming back. Hope that helps!
  6. Just wondered how your son is getting on? Tell him to look on facebook for Ibiza groups: Ibiza Winter Residents is a fountain of local information! There are others for jobs and accommodation etc
  7. I live in Ibiza (it's a stunning place and nothing like what you see on the TV). I'm very impressed that in the height of summer he can get a NIE in 2 weeks! You can pay a fortune for a gestoria to do it for you and get in done in about week but it's probably not worth it. If you want the name/number of the person my friend used PM me and I'll ask for you. What does he want to do out there? Accommodation is proving to be very expensive and difficult to find this summer so it may take it 2-3 weeks to get sorted with that so his NIE may come at just the right time. If you have other questions about Ibiza or I can help in any way please just ask! EDIT: I think he may need an address in Ibiza to get his NIE, I did but I applied for Residencia at the same time and did it in Spain. To be honest applying from the UK may be easier unless he knows Spanish and I'm guessing the embassy in the UK is quieter than the police station in Ibiza town!
  8. Sorry to jump in on the post but it's my summer project is to learn to crochet. I've bought the 'starter pack' of needles/equipment on amazon and read lots on Attic24 and bought a guide to crochet ... but now I need some yarn! What's the easiest to use and can anyone recommend an online seller? Unfortunately for me I don't have a local shop so counting on some kind omleteers!
  9. CONGRATULATIONS I think most stores start staff on temporary contracts so that can separate the wheat from the chaff. When I worked in chain shops and supermarkets I started on tills/checkout and within weeks given a different role so if you find the cafe isn't for you there is likely to be other departments to move to. I absolutely loved working 'backstage' in a supermarket as a receptionist, it was varied, you got to meet lots of people and communicate with customers plus there was always overtime on the checkouts available! Try and imagine how you would have felt if you hadn't got the job and see if that swings it for you.
  10. I've never heard of that until now. I have an aubergine in the fridge, I now know how it'll be cooked tomorrow night, will feedback to let you know what I think!
  11. We got one last January and she is the most adorable and good natured dog we have ever had. They are a wonderful breed who are easily trained but do like to keep you on your toes! Can't help with breeders as we live in the NE but the general advice is to try and meet Mum and Dad and see the conditions they've been living in and I always feel instinct helps you pick a pup. We knew that Mum was small and so is Tilly but we weren't bothered by that but she's probably too small if we were to show her (which we have no intention to do so). Having a dog is such a wonderful experience, they are great company and walks are a way of meeting other like minded people. Please keep us posted with what you decide to do and if you want cute puppy pics I'm happy to provide some!
  12. Oooh please can you tell me more about Code Club? I'm a teacher and heard about it last week but hearing from personal experience would be great!
  13. A friend is having a woodland wedding at the weekend and instead of wedding presents have asked guests to contribute food and drink. My friend and her family are veggie so want to make something tasty for the day and wondered if you had any bright ideas? She has already asked if I'd make cheese and pickled onion hedgehogs but I'd like to make something more substantial!
  14. You're just too kind, my Mum would have taken me to the laundrette and made me do it whilst she went and explored! You've just mentioned he's hurt his ankle, perhaps tell him he needs to rest and elevate it whilst watching his clothes spin around Have a wonderful holiday, time with the animals is bliss but the memories from family holidays last a lifetime and before too long your boys won't want to go with Mum and Dad!
  15. We have used Living Eggs to incubate and hatch some eggs at school. We had a successful batch of 9 chicks hatch and they are currently in a brooder which consists of a plastic box with a perspex lid and lamp. We are going to keep 3 of the girls as school pets but now need our own brooder. Does anyone have any to recommend? We want them to have the best possible start and so I'm trying to be best chicken mummy I can be!

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