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  1. Hello! Can I just say thanks for the Garvo recommendation! I am now receiving lovely hard shelled bright orange yoked tasty eggs. The chickens love it! I wanted to upload a photo but not sure how to do that?
  2. Does anyone know if this cocoon coop would be suitable to put a broody hen in with hatching eggs to sit on? I have it spare and can keep the broody hen separately. I'd rather use what i have, than spend money on new equipment. URL: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=271471530916&alt=web Could you also recommend any good reading books and links on hatching eggs and how to look after them? Accommodation, food etc. I've kept chickens for 3 years now but still feel like there's a lot to learn. Would buying fertile eggs on ebay be a bad idea? Many thanks!
  3. Ok thanks all. This is good news, I will switch to a cheaper non organic food. My hens aren't fussy Hello Eggcentric egluowner! Where are you in London? I'm in Streatham.
  4. Hi there, can I ask what brand of food everyone buys for their chickens? And do you buy organic? I've had a soft shelled problem with one of my hens for a good few months now so wondering whether the Farmgate organic layer pellets are good enough. Maybe I need to change to non organic. Anyone else use Farmgate organic? Thanks all x
  5. Hi all, can anyone can tell me how long it might take for my perfectly good layer who is just over a year old to start laying hard shelled eggs again? I had someone look after my hens over Christmas / new year for about 2 months and during that time she ran out of layer pellets and gave them standard bird seed (she didn't tell me this). Two out of three are fine, but my newest (best laying) hen started laying soft shelled eggs and that was back in jan/feb. They've been back on layer pellets for about 7 weeks now and had grit for about 3 weeks. This morning I caught one of the hens running out of the coop with a newly soft laid egg in her beak - with the other two chasing after her! thanks so much if you take the time to read this and reply with any words of wisdom. X
  6. I have had three chickens for about 2 years with hardly any problems at all, but last week on Friday I noticed something wasn't right with Reddy, my road Island red. She is very chatty and the most sociable chicken out of the three, she's also the greediest, but I love her for it! I noticed she was being very quiet and not her normal self at all. Tail seems down and she's sitting quietly instead of foraging about with the other two. I checked her for mites and bugs but couldn't see anything although she does have dirty knickers and I've noticed some very dodgy watery poos. On Saturday I did a deep clean of the cube and run, pressure washing everything, putting sanitiser down, new wood chips, and puffing the de everywhere so all should be clean and comfy for the girls. I also am worming the girls as I suspect Reddy may have worms? I haven't actually wormed the girls for a long time (and now feeling very guilty about this), but I do put AVC in their water, garlic powder in their food and not had any problems so far. I'm pretty sure she is still laying eggs most days, her comb is still bright red too. I have a couple of specific questions.. -Is green runny poo a sign of worms? -Would having worms make her go off her mealworms? I think she's drinking, but haven't seen her eating much these last few days. -If I noticed she was ill on Friday, I started worming with flubenvet on Saturday afternoon, we've now done 2 full days of worming when should I start to see improvements? -If a hen has a bad case of worms is it possible she will make a full recovery? I think that's all. Any advice or comments will be gratefully received. Thanks S
  7. Are these health check videos available to view anywhere? I think they would be useful to watch.
  8. Hi, I am fairly new to hen keeping (since Oct 2012) was just wondering if anyone else has come across this, I have 3 hens bantams one is a Silkie (Broodie), one Road Island Red (Reddy), one Legbar (Leggie). The silkie loves her dust baths everyday and I am working from home today, watching her dig a big hole in the mud, burying herself while the RIR seems to gently peck at her and eat any bits off her. They often do it, there is no malice or bullying involved, it seems quite loving and gentle. The Legbar doesn't get involved with this funny business. It reminds me of when monkeys eating fleas from each other! It doesn't worry me, just wondering if this is normal? Also I was wondering about the silkie as she has recently lost the feathers around her legs. She is acting completely normal, eating, drinking fine, no changes there, but one day the run got covered in her feathers and I didn't know why. She's not very tame and doesn't like to be picked up at all so very difficult to catch her and check her. When hens moult is it possible just around the legs and nowhere else? I read that changing food can do this and I did recently change her food to Omlet organic stuff so could that be a factor? Thanks!

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