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  1. Wow. I love this and given me some ideas. I would like to attach mine to my greenhouse but it has a 2 m run. The greenhouse has got toughened glass which I was going to leave in and take just one pane out where I attached the run but will have to put mesh along the top where it joins ....
  2. They have part of the garden fenced off so no I wouldnt leave them out all night. If I was to leave the door open then I would have to make a secure run for them.
  3. Just found this thread. I have 11 and wondered if I could squeeze another in. 16? Wow that is alot.
  4. I have 11 in my cube which I know is more than enough but I've just seen this gorgeous black orpington. They have a large part of the garden for daytime use. Would 12 over night be too much for the cube? Or if I put a run on the cube and left the door open all night - would that be okay?
  5. Yes it will be good excuse to give it a good clean as I am going to have to take it apart to fit the new base. My friend has just bought a cube after coming to see mine. I recommend them to everyone
  6. I've spoken to omlet today and they are sending me out a new base. I know cubes are expensive but omlet customer care is 10/10!!
  7. I've had my cube for a couple of years now and where the trays go in a couple of holes have appeared along the seam. Are the cube bases hollow inside. Worried about mites breeding in there. Has anyone else had this problem? Sorry dont know how to attach photos.
  8. Haha that made me laugh!! I've got 9 girls in mine but they all snuggle up and there still seems to be plenty of room. In the winter they all cram into the nesting bit. The ones on the bottom must get boiling hot. They are funny little things.
  9. Thank you. I typed it into the search bar and came up with loads of answers.
  10. Does any who has the cube and run leave the door open at night? Are they ever worried about foxes? Do you leave the door open all year round or just in the summer?
  11. What a good idea I have 4 broody orpingtons at the moment and they just cram in together and if any of the other girls want to lay an egg they seem to squeeze in as well, lay and go.
  12. I have 4 broody orpingtons and it has been going on for over a month now. I thought it only lasted 3 weeks? Every morning and evening I pick them out and they have a drink, something to eat, maybe a dust bath and then back they go. Do you think I should get tough with them and shut the cube door so they cant get back in? Why are they being broody for so long?
  13. Well, I thought she'd passed it earlier. I've been giving her liquid paraffin and massaging and today it felt as though it had gone soft but when I went to put her to bed it was a hard lump again so I really dont know whats going on. Off to the vets in the morning. The only food she has had since yesterday morning are tomatoes. Somebody said it stops the crop going sour and I put the oil on them as it was easier to get it into her. Anyway I dont know whats going on. Where do you get maggots from?
  14. Her crop was a hard lump again this morning. I've been doing abit of research and someone recommended putting oil in with scrambled egg. Do you know how much oil you are meant to give them?

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