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  1. it happens some hens are just more adventurous than others older hens tend to be a bit to heavy to fly and jump over fences, and most are just to lazy to try. Yes they seem to have some spring in there legs
  2. Yes she is they haven't got out since
  3. Hi thanks for the reply everyone we looked for her this morning but there's was no sign and we have finally found her up the park lane where the other one was. We used to clip both wings but now we have realised that your only supposed to clip one, we are going to get a higher fence but it's strange these hens are getting out because we've had 10 other hens and they have never got out. Many thanks
  4. I came home to find 2 of my chickens out on the grass so I lifted them back in and I realised only 1 in the pen and I'm supposed to have 6 after I put the 2 back in i went looking for the others and I found one up the park lane and another on the feild next to me. I've been looking all night for the other one and I can't find it, does anybody know how to get it back or where to look?? Also how to stop them getting out because I've clipped there wings and they still manage to get over the fence?
  5. You cut the first 7 feathers of the wing to make it the same size as the top of the wing.
  6. Thanks mrs_B I now know how to do it and will be adding it in a minute I always wondered how to do that
  7. Pleased to say we have successfully fitted the bump abit to 2 of the chickens that we're pecking the other two. We managed by soaking the bits in warm water first and having a firm hold on the chicken and a no-nonsense approach. They easily went on, without the use of the pliers. They were not too happy and sulked initially but soon came round. Hopefully that will sort them out! Charlotte Carrie Miranda Samantha
  8. Yer I have,if you open the back door of the eglu bit and they will think there getting out and then quickly close the door so they Can't get out then close the door going into the run so they stay in the eglu. HOPE I HELPED YOU Samantha Been pecked a little bit Miranda not laying been pecked a lot Karrie pecking s and m Charlotte Pecking s and m Need more I've got a And a dalamtion dog and fish
  9. i didn't so I think you will be ok not laying
  10. I'm going to buy bumper bits and food block for them if you didn't help me my chicken would have been in very bad danger.
  11. I've got all the names off sexy in the city Miranda,Samantha,karrie and Charlotte
  12. I live up a lane and "Ooops, word censored!"ody hardly comes up so I thought it would be a good idea my friends got rabbit leads so you should be able to get chicken leads thanks for your info
  13. Yer going to put CDs up to keep them occupied put pine tar spray on and it has worked they started pecking another one so sprayed that one thank you for every body's invoices please keep on giving me invoice thanks
  14. Put pine tar spray on it and hope it works
  15. Does any body know where to get chicken leads from please let me know if you do please Samantha~ ~ Karry~ ~ Charlotte~ ~ ~ boss Miranda~ ~doesn't lay~beening peaked badly I've got this Eglu

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