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  1. Hi any advice, I have had chickens for over 13 years so I thought I was pretty clued up ..... until I met my specklady Giselle hahaha Giselle is one of a kind, she is funny, into everything loves your company, follows you everywhere in the garden, first to greet you when you walk In the garden. Very friendly hen. But.... she is obsessed with food, not so much the layer pellets but when I bring say the greens out or the corn or any treats out for the other four girls, she's like nope its mine and will stand guard. She doesnt get aggressive she just thinks that the food is hers and that I've just brought it out for her an no one else. Has anyone else got a greedy chicken like this or is it just my Giselle???
  2. I have a original classic. Had it since 2007 and it's still going strong it's like new. Thinking of ordering a cube as we've just rescued some ex- batts and want to give them a bit more room. But the classic I love it's so easy to clean out, i will be sad to see it go after all these years.
  3. Thank you for all your help, I have put some dry soil in and mixed it with some old compost - they are loving it, my specklady Giselle was first in there as always.
  4. Thank you, I will put some of that in there tomorrow. Claire 🐔
  5. Hi, what can you put in a tub trug to make a dust bath for my chickens. I've been trying to find something on here but failed I'm afraid. Many thanks Claire
  6. This morning we woke up to finding our beloved Nelly of 9 years had passed away in her sleep. Going to miss your cuddles and chatter as I hung my washing on the line. RIP xxx
  7. My Pepperpot Nelly is 8 and stopped laying last year, poppy is 5 and is still laying. Just wondered at what age do they normally stop laying????
  8. I can't believe my Nelly is 8 this April. We bought her in 2007 from Omlet and is still going strong and rules the roost. Love her to bits. Poppy is 5 this year and still laying. Then we have two little Bantums Sebastian who is a Peking Bantum she is 2 and Violet who is a black silkie cross who just laid her first Egg last week. Love them all and wouldn't be without them.
  9. Cant believe that we bought Nelly our Miss Pepperpot in 2007 and she is still going strong and laying. She is such a little darling and I love her very much.
  10. I'm after a bit of advice with my WIR roof? I have completed my run which is 350cm x 230 cm but I have not put a roof on yet. I was assuming that a plastic roof would be the easiest and the cheapest option but I can't find anything in the least bit cheap at the moment. can anyone suggest a cheap supplier of something I can use for my roof? Thanks
  11. Sorry to hear about Baby, we lost our Doris a few weeks back I still miss her now running around the garden. Claire x
  12. All the cats around where I live including mine are petrified of our chickens, they wont go in the garden anymore. My chickens are like little guard dogs, they even chase the little sparrows too
  13. Sorry last question to all you WIR owners. How is the WIR secured to your slabs? Does gravity do a good enough job or does it need a helping hand (or screw or nail!) Thanks
  14. Oh wow didnt realise there was so many different types.

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