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  1. I have to agree with Cheeky Chooky. It was photos of her Omlet WIR which inspired me to get mine in January and I haven't looked back (well, apart from the weeks it took to put it together - awful weather being the main culprit! ).We couldn't really afford it but we are definitely not DIYers so it seemed the best solution and I have not regretted it at all. If you can possible stretch to it, I'd recommend the Omlet WIR too
  2. Third and final 'first' egg arrived at last today from Beatrice - and it was green! Now have one blue, one green and one brown layer - unexpected but lovely
  3. Mimi5, I have only been a member of this forum since Oct 2012 but you have been one of the regular contributors who has inspired me to believe I can do this too. I am very sorry for your losses but want you to know that, even if you decide to stop chicken keeping, you have influenced others in a positive way about looking after this aspect of our livestock/pets. Thinking of you ......
  4. I have just had some delivered from farmandpetplace. I also found their service good. I ordered Thurs night, they rang me Fri to check I knew how to use them & they arrived Monday.
  5. Actually, after a few days laying, turns out eggs from 2nd hen are actually Which was a bit of a surprise.
  6. I guess it depends on your starting point. I am paying £350 for 3 months hire, including vets bills, food and anything else you can think of (including worming, checking for mites and holiday care). For my kids, who are all kids with special educational needs, it is worth every penny. They all travel by taxi a minimum of 20 - 30 mins by taxi, some as much as over an hour each way, to get to us. None of them live in the locality of the school so can't easily help with holiday care and many come from families/carers who also have other issues to contend with. The benefits I have seen for the children in my school in just a week with the chickens have already made this worth every penny - I see it as a teaching resource and goodness knows some of those are more expensive than this! If you divide that cost by the number of children and the number of term time weeks, it works out at £1.24 per pupil which is really not a significant cost. We are a very small school due to high level of pupil need but this is money well spent in my book. Don't get me wrong - if there was someone local who was good enough to do this for nothing, of course that would be better but this is a brilliant option if you have no-one around to offer to do it for you! I think kids who are growing up in very urban environments should experience something like this - it's not in the National Curriculum but teaches them a lot!
  7. OMG - one day and I'm can't believe how brilliant a WIR is. Love being in amongst my girls. Stood outside earlier whilst the boldest, Dorothy, flew up to the highest perch I have so far put in and talked to me about her views!! The best bit of my day was when my OH (staunchly anti-chicken!) came out for an admiring view and said "so are you getting any more then? How many bantams can you get in that classic?" I hadn't thought about getting any more but it's like I've been given permission to think about "morehens"!!
  8. Finally, the girls are in the WIR!! Took me all weekend - digging out yesterday to provide a place for the Eglu and finishing the WIR and outdoor run today. Sadly, it took me so long my youngest was the only one on photo duty so not a great shot. More to come.................. http://i1310.photobucket.com/albums/s653/misssmac1/20130303_1534191_zps9090b8de.jpg
  9. Well, so far so fab!! Kids loving them. Huge competition to look for eggs, feed, water, even empty the poop tray!! Literacy this week all linked to chickens (they love the link with the dinosaurs !) and a long list of name suggestions produced for school council perusal. I've only had my own hens since Oct 2012 but got very quickly absorbed into the hobby - am seeing this fascination with a lot of the kids at school. Very therapeutic for them, particularly with their special needs.
  10. All this for a WIR?!! We really do live in a nanny state. I'll keep fingers crossed for you. At least end of April should be a good time to get started on this weather wise. It has taken weeks for my WIR to progress due to snow, rain etc. and still not finished .
  11. Poor you . I'm amazed the fox got in. We have newly arrived chickens in a Go at school. I'm wondering how safe they will be now. Hugs to you.
  12. Bought my first chicken themed item last weekend - a cast iron doorstop. Been waiting for my OH to notice but so far - nothing! He will probably hate it - he doesn't share my interest
  13. Finally, another of my little trio has finally come into lay for the first time Maybe that strange yellow stuff beaming from the sky helped spur her on . What was another nice surprise was that it was . Not sure whether it was Dorothy or Beatrice but think it was the former. Will have to wait till the weekend to find out when not at work Just one more to go for a full house!
  14. Wish there were pictures of the inside too - I'm curious to see how it's "laid" out!
  15. You can hire them from anything between a half term and the whole year - it's up to you. The costings vary as it depends on where you are in the country I think and exactly what you want. We were kindly donated an eglu go so have only hired the hens but Claire normally does the whole package including an eglu classic. This is her website http://www.hensforhire.co.uk. If you are interested, best bet is to to have a look at this and then email/call her. Hope that helps.

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