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  1. hey, thanks for all the lovely messages xxxx no it wasnt in eglu run was in run the OH had made at bottom of garden think pics are on here somewhere just one of those things i suppose but thanks everyone and will update when we decide to get some new chooks... still cant believe i would feel so sad Thanks Sue xxx
  2. Hi everyone its been ages since i last posted!!! but anyway thought i would say hi .... also bit of rather bad news went to feed chooks this morning and both have been taken by foxes the little "Ooops, word censored!"s!!!! The feathers were eveywhere its soo upsetting .... buts its not the first time.. but we were always left with one... but now they are both gone.... Were really at a loss, OH is blaming himself due to us becoming complascent << Is that how u spell it?? in our chores of chooks.... i.e not shutting their eglu door at night but they were in what we thought was a tight fox proof run... anyway sorry for the long rant!! a very sad Sue and Alan xxx xxx
  3. Awww thanks for all your lovely support but sadly alan could no longer take the noise, so he took her back to the farm where we originally got her from.... when we first went to get her she was on a free range farm and a "few months old" ... on closer inspection she is 18 months old and a real talker shall we say! anyway she is better off back on the farm. We have a new younger point of lay red rhode island cross to keep mabel company who is called mildred.. Thanks again Sue xxxxxxx
  4. Hi all, As the title says we have an extremely noisy chicken Poppy, we have had no complaints yet from our neighbours, but she is getting louder everyday. If anyone could help us, we would like to rehome her to either a sanctuary or farm... So if you know of any sanctuaries, or farms that would taker her on... we have tried a few round our local area but no luck. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Sue and a very very stressed alan!
  5. I did post this in the nesting box aswell but shall add it here too, here is the run alan bulit!!
  6. Alan finished the run yesterday and it looks fab he really has worked hard over the last past few days, The run consists of two lovely dust baths one with a ramp! , roostin bars, the Guineas hotel!!... and the girls eglu oh and the compost bin!! Here is a pic will go take some more!!
  7. started the run!!! its looks fab he has only put in a few posts, and some of the Chicken wire up but it is taking shape!! Will load up some pics if i can! .... Cant wait, plus we could probably fit another two chooks in!!! A very very Happy Sue!!
  8. god i would love for someone to turn around to me and sooo ooo Sue your wasting away!! lol
  9. Seeing as i told u about my loss last week, so thought would tell u about this week's lost one and half pounds today.... which means i have lost half a stone now!!! Feel fab and fantastic!
  10. Hi all, More questions i am afraid, we are trying to sort out this run thing and OH would like to put our guinea pigs in with chicken run....as their hutch and run dominates most of the space where we wish to out the new run does anyone know whether they can mix or not? Thanks Sue
  11. Thank you thats fab!!!
  12. Welll after recent situations... within our garden me and OH Have decided to out the girls into a bigger run aka like an aviary so was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere we could get ideas for runs, or plans for them just to give us an idea... Thanks Sue

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