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  1. my yard is north facing, according to DH. There is a good amount of sun first thing in the morning to mid afternoon. Then its shady. I've got to try and work out the wind direction now.
  2. ...Where do you site your hen houses and runs? Sun or shade locations.? TIA
  3. I'm toying with the idea of a WIR of late. I'd never considered them until I saw a photo of a classic within a run - with the Classic up onto a table. It actually looked like a realistic option for my tiddly yard, as opposed to believing a WIR must be reserved for the fortunate Them With Large Gardens.
  4. Ah thank you for the replies. I didn't mean to leave it so late in returning to the thread, but....Life..Busy..! AAAnnyway. I only asked because I'm dithering between choices. I'd had my sights set on the Cube ater reading numerous posters on threads singing its praises. Since then trying to find one second hand is not happening. Either far too costly, or the distance in travelling to collect makes for difficulty. I digress.. An ad came up for a green Classic for sale, with 2 metre run. £275. Collection from round the corner from me. Since seeing the ad I've started Umm-ing and Ahh-ing over the Classic/Cube. So I wanted opinions. If you could start over again with the knowledge you have now, which house would you willingly choose. That's it really!
  5. ....Which model of Eglu would you pick as your very first hen house? I thought of posting this in the Eglu/Housing section, but there's more traffic here. I can't decide, I can't decide.
  6. How about a traditional Welsh name because he took first place at the Welsh Nationals. Arwyn means Fair/Handsom. Dylan - Named after a Sea hero (apparently) Rhodri - Named after a King Yeah? No?
  7. Oooh blimey, I had a word censored! It wasn't part.icuarly rude IMO. Does that make me a rebel?!
  8. Oh yes Grandmashazzie, *some* dentists offer payment options... Sod's law will have it that mine wont. **Bitter emoticon** This means I have to save at least £1800 just to kickstart my treatment.Its a complete pain in the "Ooops, word censored!", but its do-able as long as spending is kept reasonable with no large outgoings any time soon. My Cube fantasy and hen keeping is shelved until then.
  9. I love their little beady eyes. They remind me of toy teddy bears.
  10. <---- That's my jealous face. Minus imbilic grin. How much did you get it for? I would LOVE to buy an eglu cube but I can only dream. My money is being saved up for much needed but super £££ Invisalign treatment. *sigh* Hurruh on your buy! Enjoy it!
  11. Exciting indeed! Well after three pages of helpful advice, I now feel bold enough to trawl through other discussion boards and lurk. I may even post a response or two. Oo-er! Twas absolutely fab to natter. I'll most likely bump into most of you on other threads. Turrah!
  12. Offend? Why on earth would your post be offensive? Helpful more like. I only ask as I've mentioned before I have a completely paved over back yard. No earth anywhere, nada. To bury a chicken would mean I'd either have to bury it in a friends garden (which would be a strange converstaion), or...cremate (unlikely) or the Double Bag. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Hope all are well, especially to those oop North braving the cold temperatures and snow. I'm in the Midlands and we have a brisk chilly wind and a bit of ice first thing but otherwise usual winter weather. I'm trying to save up for my chicken kit. I shall be buying most things second hand, so I'm estimating around £600 for the whole bundle, give or take. Tis the Cube that's gonna set me back a pretty penny.
  13. Blimey. That seems...**struggles to find the right word**..strange. I suppose it makes no difference to the chicken either way, but still...
  14. Ah I see. Well in that case I shall trial Auboise in the hen house and nesting box, with wood chippings in the run as originally planned. Seperate dust bath. I say trial as I'm duly taking notes on how Original Plans seem to bite the dust round here! Ooh this is all so exciting. I'm not writing off ever having ex batts entirely. I think I'd be more comfortable taking them on once I've got valuable experiance under my belt. Ive heard they can need more care and attention than non bats for obvious reason. Plus if I presented a group of batties to DH, I think he'd leap 6 ft away from them thinking they were diseased chicken zombies. Such is their shocking appearence. Poor things. May I ask (this is for anyone who wishes to answer), what do you do when your chook dies? Does it go in the pot?
  15. Oh don't apologise Mimi5!! the more asked, the more is answered.

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