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  1. Hi, i have a 3 year old hybrid who's been diagnosed with arthritis in her leg/claw. she has just started on medicated pain relief to see if it helps. all going well it helps her & she starts to walk again. but if this helps she could be put on it for life & to then use it when needed. down side is i will not be able to use her eggs for her life. she's an avid eater so her weight is good, which isn't helping her. Does anybody have any ideas about a natural option i could use externally or internally so i could start to use her eggs again and giver her a better life. Thank you for reading
  2. Hi, been to vets & been told she has arthritis in her claw / leg. vet looking into medication for a short term fix. does anyone know of anything herbal she could munch or a cream i could apply onto her leg to ease her pain... i don't want to give up on her..
  3. Afternoon All. my 3 year old hybrid ( bluebell) has in the last 10 days or so, gone from a bright loud main lady to a quite hiding /sitting lady. she hasn't wanted to put much weight on her left leg, but have checked the leg out and can't see/feel anything. it looks the same as the right & there is no cut, swelling of the foot pad & straightens fine without a cluck from her. i knew she was under the weather as she was asking to be picked up which she didn't want usually. i though she might have mites making her sluggish, but she's clean. she can walk when she wants. to get in & out of the coop for bed & to lay ( via a ramp) of which she is doing as normal with good strong eggs. she is a good weight, & will waddle run to get to the treats & is eating. most the time now she just sit down, but does seem to slightly put her wings out. & will peck at the grass & seeds around her. i was thinking that she might be slightly broody, but no real signs ( been there done that with other hens). thought it might be the heat, but the other girls of the same age ( different breed) are walking around & acting as normal.. any ideas ? before we go & try to get a vets appointment Pic is of her usual sitting position as of this afternoon.
  4. Hi All thank you all for your suggestions. the run is a large part of a well stocked garden 5m x 10m approx . i do have wild bird feeders in the garden. the rats seem to be nesting in the roots of my well established trees & shrubs that the hens use to shelter under. they have only recently made there presence known, but in a big way. i did think that now i have houses rented out around me, garden maintaince is not big thing & it has not helped. also they seem to be coming into the garden from 2 boundaries. i am also trying not to use poison as i worry about the hens finding a dead rat & i have a cat. and there are a lots of neighbours with cats that might find the dead body, but so far they havent even eaten the bait. i have tried to fill in the holes, but new ones appear the next day. wondering if flushing the runs qith the hosepipe would help to get them to move rhen block the holes up. ? i try to garden for wildlife, so i guess i am doing a good job if they have moved into my garden
  5. Hi All my gilrs largish run has over the last few weeks become home to a family/families of rats.. there are many large holes under the bushes, trees , shrubs, under the chicken wire boundary, concrete fence panels on my boundary walls with other gardens with many areas of fresh dug out soil. i am tring varous snap traps & so far only got chunks of fir & not a Rat. live traps with no luck, poison, but only in areas that the girls cant get to, poison put down holes & then filled them up. & my last result sticky traps only put out at night so as not to catch other wildlife. one rat caught with that. no matter where i put a collection of traps each night, im failing on catching any rats. i have even put my wildlife camera out to see where they are at night & even that is not Helping i dont leave food out at night my other issue is that they are borrowing under large shrubs & trees & i am concerned that they are being undermininded & could cause then to fall in bad weather or weight. please does anybody have any ideas as i can only see this getting worse. thank you in advance
  6. Thank you The Dogmother, i forgot about the bumper bits. i haven't needed them for years. i'll try that 😊
  7. Hi one & all. one of my 3 year old hybrids has started eating her egg in the nest box. i am unsure if the egg is breaking on lay so it is easy to then eat, or if she is pecking it open ? she doesn't always do it & will not touch any of the other girls eggs. she doesn't do it every egg lay, but i want to stop her. it's been a couple of weeks now. i am not usually around to go & collect the egg before she has had a go at it. so i can't stop her that way. i'm not sure if a rubber egg would help as she doesnt touch the other eggs. she has full access to mixed grit, oyster grit, course mash, mixed corn. treats of sunflower seeds & dried mealworms. my 4 ladies have a large area to roam / play/ rumage/ etc. in so it's not boardom. any ideas anyone ??
  8. Hi i have a 2+ year old amber star which is currently going through treatment for bumblefoot, which is getting better, but this morning whilst wrapping her in a towel to administer medicine i noticed she has V.small mid brown things coming off her. on further investigation i see she has them under her wings & other places. i have looked into treatment for her unwanted visitors & found that there are two different treatments for either Red mite & Lice . as stated on this forum. on looking at lots of pic's of lice & red mite i am siding on Lice but not a 100% sure ( they remind me of fleas). i have just purchased Xeno200, but until it arrives is there anything i can do for her other than dusting her with Diatomaceous powder... & other than trying to catch my other girls to see if they have anything on them, dark brown/grey colours are going to make it even harder to find anything. i have checked the coop & i can't see any evidence of Red Mite,
  9. Hi guys thank you for all your messages, i think things are sorting themselves out within the flock, but then i haven't been home during the day.. just hoping the weekend is a little quieter than last week. yes i have young children & dogs all around so i should be ok. & the neighbors have been ok for the past 5 years with all the other hens i have had..
  10. Hi All i have just got 3 POL hybrids (5 days ago) to replace 3 old hybrids due to old age. One of my new girls is a hybrid BLuebell & she has a very loud call/yell. it happens before & after she lays a small egg for about 15 mins either side ( hoping they will get bigger with her getting older fingers crossed) & now it has started 1st thing in the morning.. is it because the pecking order hasn't fully been sorted out with the other hens ? im just wondering if i need to start to think about rehoming her already if she is not likely to calm/ quieten down. i don't really want to get rid of her but i'm concerned the neighbours might start complaining about the noise. they do have a good sized run with bushes, trees, places to hide, scratch around with many water & feed stations. & two places to lay eggs. any ideas please guys.
  11. hi all, my X stop electric fence mains energiser has desired to stop working it still clicks but has lost it's kick. ( i have done all the checks with the wie connections etc ) i'm Derbyshire based and so far i have found a company that will only mend their own makes of energisers. does anyone know of someone or a company i can get it repaired. i would rather mend than buy another one. but if i do have to buy a new one does anyone have suggestion. it has to contend with grass & vegetation possible touching wire.
  12. Cheers for ideas, they always get a handful of dried mealworms morning & evening. i'll try mixing the cod liver oil into the feed.
  13. Hi All. i have one poss 2 ladies. (rescued from a free range farm 2 1/2 years old approx lohan brown ) are laying very soft, broken shelled eggs nearly every day. this has been going for quite a while. ( 2 months approx) they have been wormed recently, there are many pots of mixed grit around run. they are fed haygate layers pellets. & there is ACV in all water feeders. there is no change in their general well-being. coop regularly dusted & checked for Red mite. 3 other girls of different breeds & older are laying normal eggs with no problems. i have tried putting calcium powder lightly mixed in with their end of day mixed corn treats but with no signs of change. Now stopped as worried about what it would do to the others. Does anybody have any ideas how to get their shells stronger.
  14. morning all. i have a greedy black rock about 3 years old who has a CV of Sour & impacted crop. the impacted crop had to be operated on last year to empty . last Saturday she must of eaten something in the run that has set her off again. i gave her till Monday morning to clear on her own, no such luck. so into the sick pen. so emptied crop over 24 H, staved for 24H then ACV feed twice a day & only water. seemed to go down after a few days so i gave her a little food. now the food seems stuck in her crop as i can feel the pellets. so now giving her liquid paraffin to try to move the food. & i even gave her live white maggots to see if they would help, she loved them as you would guess. thou this morning she has both Sour crop with the food still not moving. any ideas what i can do now before i phone the vets. as she's now got stitches in her crop i'm worried as not to damage the crop. (stitches are about 5 months old) & to top it all i am meant to be going on holiday Next Sun & neighbours are looking after my girls & syringe feeding & crop emptying is one step to far to ask them to do.
  15. i have suffered over the years with a few fox hits. the first one was as a new chicken keeper & all had been fine for 18 months, then all but one got taken. it was was a lowish fence, so my fault really. i raised the fence all the way round, then they found a way to climb over a 6" wooden fence from next door & it was more that one fox, so i put a higher fence on that side. they have also managed to climb a wire 7" fence, which now has razor wire around the top & dug down to bury deep boards to stop digging under. but my best deterrent has been a mains powered electric fence around the whole run. in the middle of the night during breeding season ( & most of the year ) i have heard a lot of yelping as they touch it. i also have solar security lights in the run so they will go off if something has got in the run & it helps me walk around the run at night to put the girls to bed. i haven't had a hit recently but i'm still very vigulent. they do have a large run but no free ranging if i'm not in the garden. i also will not let them out until i have had a quick check of the run. i did loose a flock by using the automatic door opener in the morning way before i got up & checked the run. never again. thou i do use it for the winter as they are in bed well before i get home from work. i also have one of those nature capture camera's that i sometimes put out in the garden in various places to see what is going on in the garden while i'm asleep. you'll be quite surprised what you'll see. i didn't know i had a hedgehog until i looked at the footage. & i know know what my cat gets up to at night !! After you've read all this you'll be thinking i'm going over the top or i live in fox city, i'm just not willing to loose any more girls. i am urban so the foxes are not worried at all about humans.

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