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  1. i'm thinking of upgrading the flooring / ground in my outdoor run. currently it's just earth. it was grass but they have killed that, but with all this wet weather it's more like Glastonbury on a bad day. but still trying to choose rubber or wood chippings. what have others gone with & what's the pros & cons ? any advice
  2. My Jessica is a black rock & Has always been a greedy girl from the day i got her. she always seems to want more food than anyone else. most of the time she can empty her crop, it's just every now and again she doesn't manage to clear it. i don't think there is another underlying problem. i couldn't feel any hard lumps in the crop. I've put her back in with the other girls & keeping an eye on her. if need be she'll be put back on a water diet for a day & ACV.
  3. Hi All My Black rock who a few months ago had to have an emergency impacted crop operation & was up to 2 days ago, back to being a normal healthy hen & was even laying again has managed to get herself a sour crop. you can imagine my concern as her crop has grow bigger over two days, as i don't want to much pressure on her scar as to much could split her scar. so to my question. i was searching this forum to see what other people has said and tried to sort out Sour crop. i did think that live yogart might help but reading more it was stated not to use but to 1. empty the crop as best you could. 2. starve for 24 hours. 3. give water with tonic. & 4. give 2ml of ACV twice a day for 3 days. so far so good. & have been doing this for the last 2 days.. BUT this evening i was reading Your Chickens mag and i come across an artical NOT to use ACV for sour crop. i did wonder about an acid being used for an acid base illness. What do you think as i don't want to harm my beautiful lady if i carry on with this action. or is it just starve, water only then introduce small amount of pellets over a few days. & if you ask what gave her a sour crop, i don't know as the other 5 are fine & no problems. mind you she has always seemed to be my one hen that keeps me on my toes, but i still love her.
  4. They will always be pets who live in the garden, named & hugged a lot. Always make me smile when I've had a bad day at the office. Eggs are an extra benefit but not expected. will always take to vets without a second thought when there's an issue with their health. they have been my saviour when i have a black day.
  5. Update. Well Jessica my Black Rock is doing well. she got a check up at the Vets the next day & to stop her her picking at her stitches she had a plastic collar fitted, she was totally un-impressed. kept it on for 2 weeks & she spent most of the time trying to back out of it & i did feed her by hand to get her to eat a little at a time. to keep her in solitary she's been kept in the garage in a baby cot. hows that for up-cycling. i am now re-integrating her back into the flock in the afternoons after i know the rest have laid. i have made a tunic to put on her to keep her crop high so she doesn't over feed. ( well that's the idea) i'm hoping all this restricted food availability has made her not want to over eat & her stomach has shrunk. i do have pic's but i cant find how to put on this post.
  6. well she's still very alert & on watery mashed pellets with vitamin drops added and not a lot is given just a smallish amount in the morning & evening. her crop is still very loose, as not the greatest surgery was done her so doesn't always looks like it empties. the skin still stretches. she's very hungry as she downs the food quite fast. thou i do hand feed to try to slow the gulping down. her poo's are quite solid and about the right amount for intake. she is currently in a child's cot away from the others. as you say hopefully this will re-boot her thoughts on being a greedy girl, but i dont think it will. i know she's still not out of the woods, but i'm not giving up on her
  7. yes her Poo's are quite normal, with no runny bits.. my main concern is her appetite, and how i stop her over eating as she loves all her food.. i was treating her for impacted crop but didn't get to sort before she cut herself. i think she cut her crop because she has a high stepping action with her claws coming under her crop as she steps. never seem it in any other hens I've had. i was in the middle of worming all the girls so i believe worms were ok but as to her flora i think OK. just a very greedy girl with a stretched crop. at the moment she's in a cot in the garage being feed every couple of hours so i can make sure she doesn't over eat. even having a plastic cone on her is not stopping her wolf down the food. i just don't know how i'm going to stop her when she goes back in with the others. currently designing a crop bra / bib to hold crop up so i hope it empties and not give her more problems. what do you think about a bumper bit to slow her down ???? she's still got a lot a life left in her and only a couple of weeks ago she was laying eggs.. she's still very bright eyed & bushy tailed in all actions..... but i know this is her last chance.
  8. morning all. my Black rock (3 years) who loves her food who now has had a pendulum crop for about a year & i have just about managed to keep under control, has finally managed to come a cropper to her over eating. a couple of nights ago she managed to rip open her crop just before bed time & just after the vets had closed !! so a trip to the emergency vets, full empty of Crop & stitched up. next day normal vets for full check & antibiotics.. so far so good. she now has a plastic cone around her head to stop picking at the stitches & only has been fed raw egg, chopped up melon & under vets advice mashed up pellets in water. & kept away from others. got her out this morning to hand feed & i notice that the crop is getting bigger fast even thou i am keeping the portions small. am i on a hiding to nothing in trying to make her better as she;s a greedy lady & loves her food. hence the problem we are now in. & i know we could be heading fast back to split stitches or just the crop giving way & splitting , impacted or sour crop . Has anyone had a favourable outcome of this situation. what makes it all so hard is she is still a very happy, lively lady & very bright eyed & perky. i don't want to put her down if i can help it, Can anyone help ???
  9. Hi All thanks for your messages, i am just worrying about nothing. just don't want to let my girls get to cold in winter, guess it might not be as mild as it was last year... time to start thinking of new girls. thinking of hybrids that lay blueish eggs.
  10. Hi All do to the loss of 2 of my lovely ladies, i know only have 3 hybrid girls left at the moment, my question is can a coop be to big ? i am thinking of the winter coming. the girls currently snuggle up in the corner of the coop to roost, this is during summer. my concern is the amount of free space that will need heat during winter. so basicly can there be too few hens in a coop. coop size in 1m squared. yes i am thinking of getting new ladies, but i was hoping to get in the spring.
  11. Arr, i get it now. yes they are all on it and have been for years. Oh and she's a lot better being her usual self, dust bathing, scratching around & just being normal.. thou she always checked when coming out of coop in the morning just in case she gets grabbed and liquid paraffin put down her now off to get marriages fluvet pellets for the quarterly worming.
  12. OK guys am i being stupid what is "ACV" or do i know it as something else..
  13. making her sick didn't help nothing budged, so we went to the vets. he put her on liquid paraffin & crop massage, it;s been 24 hours water only and solitary confinement all day to check droppings. there has been a good amount of poo slightly loose, but going in the right direction & crop getting a little smaller. she seems a lot happier so all moving in the right direction but still early days.
  14. i recently posted about an impacted crop & a helpful reply thought my sick girl may have pendulous crop.. and after a lot of internet reading i found a few posts about putting a crop bra / Crop Supporter / Chest Protector. on to help support her stretched crop. has anyone ever tried one & was it any use & did it help. i'm off to start designing mine & getting the sewing kit out
  15. i don't think she has really done any droppings. well i haven't seen any from the areas she slept in the coop the next morning. guess i will have to do the emptying of crop..
  16. afternoon all. i have a 3 year old black rock. she's always been a greedy lady, but she's worrying me at the moment. her crop has got much larger that usual and it's getting in her way & she tries to over step when she's walking & she's not her usual self. she finds it very hard to walk down the ramp from the coop & it's not a sharp ramp. basicly her crop feels body warm & she's managed to rub her feathers off the bottom of her crop so it's bare skin. she done that on the rungs in the coop over months. . i have felt the crop and felt a couple of lumps of what felt like food and a lot of loose food in it. i have been massaging it after administering warm olive oil to try to break it up for a couple of days. i have also been feeding her live maggots for 2 days to see if they could help with the problem.( not at the same time) i can't say much has changed, when i massage her there is a smell of fermenting food coming from her. i haven't taken her away from the main run, but i don't think she has eaten any normal food, she also doesn't come running to me any more just hiding under the bushes. i can't say there is much liquid in her crop, so sour crop doesn't seem likely. i do think her crop has stretched as she loves her food. basicly is there anything else i should be doing or not doing to help her or is it a visit to the vets ? she has recently laid about 6 days ago.
  17. Hi All. i have a query about one of my girl's pooh. for a while ( week or so) she's been producing very runny white pooh with sometimes a green part of it. looks like well gone off milk curdled. baby pooh as described in other posts . she's about 3 years old & free range in garden. i am at the moment worming the girls & i'm not sure if she's eating the pellets . she does drink water. she's a little lethargic and stands still with eyes closed sometime, but then she's never been the most energetic. her sister did pass away last week ( vet not a lot of use about what was wrong), but her pooh was already doing this before she passed away. tonight i have given her egg with fluvet & mineral powder mixed in. she eat it all, but not interested in live yoghurt. any ideas guys to get her pooh back to normal solids like her coop mates are doing.
  18. well have syringed her 3 times today with warm olive oil and massaged her crop. massaging i thought i felt corn. kept her most of the day in an open cage. i did give her some live mealworms as a treat of which she gulped down. she was given the last hour or so in run before bed. her manor is still as bright as it has always been. i did manage to see her poo once and it was small the usual consistency BUT with a green tinge to it. ?? !! good / bad ?? will do the same tomorrow. hoping it's doing her some good. maggots ordered. but now i have a very broody Speckledy who decided today was the day to start! and to top it all no eggs have been laid today . guess too unsettled with all this going on. hoping for better tomorrow
  19. hi all. i posted a few days ago thinking my 8 month old Blackrock had an impacted crop... i have for a few days given her warm olive oil in the morings. 2 mornings ago i thought it was smaller but this morning i would say it was about the same size as it was the night before. her crop was sought of swinging side to side this morning as she walked around the run ( it did look like the pic on this forum about impacted crop). she still has a big appitite but now getting a bit worried for her wellbeing & health. does anyone have ideas how to make the crop smaller. thinking of trying maggots. has anyone tried this & did it work.? all ideas greatly received please.
  20. well managed to catch her after a chase round the run this moring, as she was too fast for me to catch her as she came out of coop. did try to feel while she was in coop but she had got the other girls to suround her.... the crop did still feel firm, but wasn't as big as the night before. this could be her normal, but i think i am now over sensitive and seeing things that i didn't notice before. as i never fully felt her crop before i noticed the enlarged crop. to be on the safe side i did give her some warm olive oil... and planning to do for a few days every moring..
  21. didn't mange to catch her this morning as she shot out of the coop, she's like road runner in the morning. but am getting large towel and warm Olive oil ready for the morning so i can check on her. but there is no long grass in run, many grit, food & water stations around run.
  22. the crop is still quite hard and hasn't really gone down from what i can feel.. as to if she has poo'd, i can't tell as let them out in them morning and by the time i have come home they are all snug in the coop. think she is still laying but not totally sure. what do you all surgest i do to ease her crop as scarred of what could happen to her. mind you, she's still bright in the morning and only wants to get out of coop and to the food. could the crop i'm feeling at night be her food she's intending to digest over night. thoughts and sugestions greatly received please.
  23. Evening All i have just been puting my ladies to bed and noticed that one had quite a big crop just on the right side ( not noticed before today, yesterday she looked normal). got her out of the coop and felt the crop, it's quite firm, no sloshing or bad breath. i was watching them all from the kitchen most of the day and all were acting as normal, scratching, eating, drinking and generaly doing all the things hens do. should i be worried or was she just stocking up food for the night. rest of the ladies haven't done it. her comb is bright, also her eyes are bright and she has a lot of fight in her, not liking being taken out of a warm coop !!.( about 8 months old - a mainly ginger blackrock) there are grit pots around the run. will she work it through her system or should i be giving her/them something in their feed.
  24. Hi All i have for a while been watching my ladies preening each other, very lightly peaking and looking like they are taking great care. i have 3 ladies from an older flock ( ex-bat & 2 lohan browns) & 3 newish ladies ( 2 Months speckledys & black rock) they have finally integrated into 1 flock. they can be standing around or sun bathing and one might start preening the other. anyone of them can be doing it to any other. it doesn't last long and both seem fine about it. one thought is they might have red mite, but i haven't seen any sign in coop or on them. their manner hasn't changed and none are looking or acting lethargic. i have dusted them just in case and dusted the coop ( under the new bedding) has anyone else seen this action in their flocks, is is it just my girls bonding with each other ?
  25. Hi all has anybody else had a sneezing hen ? well that's what it sounds like. i have one that sneezes every now and again when she comes out of coop in the morning then nothing all day. and another that sneezes once in a while any time of the day, normally only once in that day. other than that all is OK with them all. eating, drinking, scratching around & laying as normal. there is no discharge from their nostrils. am i just a little heavy handed with the red mite powder in the coop bedding or is there something i should be worrying about.

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