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  1. Looking for a mk1 walk in run to add as an extention to my existing one. Looking for 2m but would take more. I'm in Hertfordshire but will travel to collect.
  2. So I have a 2x2m walk in run with 2m run connected to a eglu classic mk2. I was hoping on extending my WIR by 2m and attaching the eglu straight to the WIR but have just seen that the extention panels are not compatable with a Mk1 WIR. Has anyone had any experience of this and have found a solution other than having to fork out for a completely new run? Really quite sad that my grand plans are scuppered. Also does anyone have any idea what I night be able to sell a 2x2m mk1 WIR run for?
  3. Don't worry Alison, they might sulk a little but no harm done, one afternoon without food or water won't make a difference! Just spoil them a bit today to make up for it!
  4. Was getting a bit stressed tonight as they wouldn't go to bed, so came inside to try and get some advice on here, but when I went back outside they were all in the eglu so just had to close the door! - clever chickens. I've been beaming all weekend, not looking forward to work tomorrow, I want to check on them all the time. I spent about an hour today sitting in the rain watching them! Good to know about the WIR.
  5. Girls are doing well, came out the eglu almost straight away when I opened up this morning and had another egg at lunch time . They do look a little cold and keep popping back inside to warm up! I still think they are a little confused about where they are! CC - saw your pics of your ex batts at Christmas, they look great (and lovely names!), mine are a little bit bedraggled in comparison, I can't wait for them to flourish! I noticed the skirt on your WIR faces inside rather than out, I am going to put mine together over Easter as wont have the time before, is that how it says to do it or your choice? Looks really neat with the linkaboard.
  6. Hi, thanks for your replies, All went well today. The weather was awful this morning but did brighten up a little for collection and when we got the girls home. I think the girls are ok, they are a little bare in places and one of their behinds looks a little red but not bleeding. After I got them home I put them in the eglu and left the door open. They took ages to come out but all three did just before time to put them to bed! When I checked the eglu there was an in the nest which was a surprise, wasn't expecting any for a few days until they got over the shock. Guess she was just waiting until she had a nice place to lay! I'm so pleased I got them . Now I have to build the WIR! I'm so worried about them now being o.k overnight, expect I'll be up before dawn waiting to let them out! Cheeky chooky, how are your girls getting on? how long does it take for their feathers to grow back? K
  7. Thinking of Sage, Rosemary and Thyme as names. I'm a little too excited, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight! K
  8. I am picking up ex batts tomorrow. I have my and run all set up with woodchip floor over bare earth. I haven't had time to put together the walk in run to go with it but figure they will need a little while to get used to their new surroundings anyway. Very excited as I've waited ages to get them but a little anxious about looking after them. I've got all the right stuff for them as recommended by BHWT so hopefully they'll be ok! Suer I'll be back on here soon with queries and questions. Eeak!
  9. Hi guys, I have eventually cleared the area at the back of my garden for a veggie patch. It used to have huge leylandii growing but had them taken down and stumps ground out. The woodchip left behind has broken down over the last couple of years and I think the ground is ok. Digging it over I have found two huge (2 foot across) stumps that were left (about 6 inches underground) Can i just go ahead and hope plants roots will spread out rather than down or should I just give up and put a compost heap over them instead? Anyone know of any plants that will either thrive or help to break down the stumps? thanks Kx
  10. It was supppose to be delivered on Friday but didn't and half of it has been delivered today - one box missing, not sure which bits yet as haven't taken it out the box. Hope rest will turn up on Wednesday now. Once I have it up I will post some pics. It's heavey in the box so should weigh itself down. Thanks for your comments - I just want to make sure I do it right!
  11. Thanks. If I put it on concrete slabs do I need to fix it to them somehow or will the weight keep it stable. Does it not defeat the object of having a skirt on the run? Thinking I will just put slabs around the sides as not sure how much I can FR in my garden.
  12. Hi, I am about to take delivery of an Omlet WIR. (have a secondhand eglu and run to attach to it.) Is it fox safe to put it on an old veggie patch secured with some tent pegs or should I put it on a base of concrete slabs. Is the skirt sufficient to keep out the foxes or do I need to add a dug in wire skirt in the groud around it? Also what should I use on the floor (assuming bare earth is ok) - I was thinking wood chip but have heard about horse bedding that some people use. I have ordered a couple of covers for the roof - one clear and one green. Will be getting some ex-bats next month so have a little time to plan for their arrival. Please help - I want my chooks to be safe.

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