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  1. Thank you - obviously being unbelievably stupid! Now found the extension and ordered one.
  2. Ok, so I've got a walk in run attached to a 3m cube/run for my 1 hybrid, one orpington and 1 bantam. About to add 2 more bantams and a welsummer to the mix (they've been in a classic with 2m run next to the cube, free-ranging all together during the day, all going well). I'm wanting to add another metre to the walk in run, but the website does not make it clear how to buy just another 1m section... help please, or am I just being thick!
  3. Good call. I'll try and get some pol this weekend - anyone near witney got a couple in different colours (ours is black with brown bits!)?
  4. Looking for a classic or go, with run preferably, but without would be ok too Thanks in advance Oxfordshire
  5. Looking to source 4 day old chicks to rear as we recently lost 2 of our chickens leaving one lonely old lady. Not worried about breed (although different colours would be good), just need something that will lay us some eggs! Any ideas? Oxfordshire
  6. My ES had to do both the UKCAT and BMAT last year when applying for medicine - agree that there's very little revision that can be done for them, but there are books and online past papers that your daughter can look at and practice. The general vibe is that the more you practice the papers, the better you'll do as you'll get the hang of how the tests work. Remind your daughter too that you don't have to do brilliantly in all parts of the tests - my ES did dreadfully in one part of the BMAT (the writing part!) but still got the offers he wanted. As far as the numbers of A*s needed at GCSE is concerned, it's very easy to get scared off by percentages - my ES nearly didn't apply to his first choice uni (where he got in) because their average number of A*s at GCSE was something like 75%, and he only got 51% A*s, but we said that it was only an average, and if he didn't apply he'd definitely not get in, so he applied and all was well. Agree with previous poster also that work experience is essential - the more shadowing you can do in a variety of places the better. My ES shadowed an anaesthetist for a week, a gastroenterologist for a few days, and a neurologist for a few days, and also did work experience in 3 different research labs - I think that these experiences held him in really good stead during the interview process as he could refer to real life experiences, as well as showing that he was keen! Interviews are obviously important too - they need to have a good background knowledge of current affairs and a good working knowledge of biology (even though not all unis need you to take biology for medicine). Also there are a number of books that are well worth reading before the interviews, like The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker, The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat and various others. My ES found he was asked about the what he'd read around the subject in 2 of his 3 interviews. My ES also decided when making his UCAS choices to apply for a variety of places depending on what their entry requirements were, hoping that he'd get a couple of offers of different grades so that if he didn't quite make his first choice, he'd still get in somewhere! Ended up getting an A*A*A offer, and an AAA offer - in fact made the grades and went to his first choice uni. Any further info you want, just ask... And good luck!
  7. Yes, my own fault for not thinking that this was a possibility, but I have now removed the omlet netting from my garden and put some trellis up instead for the chicken run... Came in to the garden this lunchtime having left all the animals well and healthy. Went to say hi to them all, to find the poor tortoise completely tangled in the netting. Round his legs and so tight around his neck that his head was swollen. Sure he's only alive as he's a tortoise and they can pretty much shut off all their systems to survive. And yes, the netting was tight and secured along the bottom to prevent things like this happening. Managed to untangle him with the aid of scissors and some careful untwisting and cutting. He went off and ate loads, and seems ok. Obviously I'll be keeping a close eye on him, and also am feeling terrible. But I'll not be using the netting again. Something for us all to be aware of...
  8. Ah, that's really interesting. I shall cut out all treats (bar the small amount of corn/mealworms in the evening to get them back in the run, and hopefully she'll be a mended chicken soon! Oh and they were flubenvet-ed beginning of march. Many thanks for your help.
  9. One of my lovely hens seems to be broken! I got her last August at 15 weeks, she started laying on Boxing Day, and has suddenly stopped. She laid a softie about 10 days ago, then a couple of proper eggs, then a softie and a very pale proper egg on the same day, next day nothing, next day softie, then last couple of days nothing. They are on Omlet layers crumb, ad lib grit, a cabbage a week hung from the roof run, a few leftovers daily (porridge, boiled egg, toast, fruit and veg, rice, pasta, whatever we happen to have that they like), and a small scoop of corn and mealworms every night to entice them back into the run after FR time. Any ideas of why she may have stopped laying? And what can I do to help her lay again? TIA
  10. Have got some anti-peck from Chicken Vet to spray on Choccie, and split them up during the day today apart from while they were free ranging, as they are too busy then to even think about pecking. I've let them sleep together and will check them first thing in the morning to check if Snow White has pecked Choccie overnight. If she has then I'll split them at night too. Easy enough to do with only 2 in a cube with large run, and extra space outside too. The catbox even fits inside the Cube for night times! And they can still interact the entire time which is good, but pecking can't occur. So keep your fingers crossed for Choccie please. Any ideas about why this would start happening now? And any further ideas about how to stop the pecking? And how long should I keep them separated before trying to bring them back together again?
  11. Snow White the dominant hen has started pecking at Choccie's feathers in the last couple of weeks. No skin visible, only feather pecking as yet, on chest and around tail. They've been together since August, same age, both laying well. They have cube with 3m run, and extra 2mx3m area all wood chipped that they have free run of all day. They come into garden to free range for about 3 hours daily. They are on omlet layers feed, have hanging seed bar, and lifeguard in their water. So no overcrowding, try to minimise boredom. Two questions. First, why has the pecking started now? Second, how can I stop it? Many thanks in advance everyone!
  12. Thanks dogmother (love the lurcher quote btw - very true). Using the ivermectin spot-on on the chook with symptoms, bought from the chicken vet, and have one more application to go, then seven days more egg withdrawal. Also using Nettex Just for Scaley Leg on both hens as a topical treatment.
  13. SHE LAID, SHE LAID, SHE LAID!!! Yes, yes, I know that we can't eat Choccie's eggs at the moment because she is being treated with the ivermectin drops for scaley leg, but that's beside the point. The point is, we now have 2 laying chooks, and I can stop worrying that one of them is broken! 10 days to go and then we'll be able to eat both Snow White and Choccie's (blame the kids for the names) eggs, so we'll be laughing. Many eggs. In the mean time, the dog can't believe her luck, with a fresh egg every day! (Assuming it's ok to feed the ivermectin eggs to the dog?)
  14. I am a dog, OH is a rooster (ha ha!), kids are a pig, a tiger, a goat and an ox. No idea what that all means...
  15. Def the cube in purple - oh yes, that's what I've got! Got that because the run is large enough when extended once for me to feel happy about leaving them in there for the odd long weekend with someone coming in to collect the eggs. Would really like a WIR now to complete the set up. Just found the classic run too small, as I can only extend once as it is set up at the moment. And I found bending down to collect eggs and clean was not good for my already dodgy back, whereas the cube is perfect as no bending required!
  16. Choccie has just started crouching - believe that eggs follow shortly after this? She's been gradually getting less terrified of life, but I was amazed this morning when I went to let them out of the small run into the big one, and she crouched in front of me and let me stroke her. Wow, what a change. I have also noticed that the last few days she's been sounding more like a proper chicken, rather than those sort of 'peepy' chick noises she'd been making till then. S**s law though that she'll start laying just as I start treating the scales leg with ivermectin, so will need a withdrawal period. Ah well, at least it looks as though she may not be broken after all!
  17. Thanks so much for the info. I have ordered the ivermectin, and will treat both I think, just in case. I've only got one laying at the moment out of two, I'm not likely to sell any eggs ever! But interesting that you don't do any sort of egg withdrawal - I think I may though, as we've got the kids eating the eggs too, and don't want any ivermectin going into them... Much appreciated.

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