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  1. I have my 9 x 9 W.I.R. on on a slabbed area & had the same problem as you with water getting in & flooding the area. My remedy was to cement a long line of spare bricks [___][___][___][___] on the worst side to see how it worked out & it did😊 Glad I didn't do all the run edges as I've decided to extend run but once that's done I'll cement more bricks down. I have one big tarp that covers whole 9ft side, extends over the roof & 3ft down other side. It's kept in place by 5 Ratchet straps. The cover also comes round the sides by about a foot & a half on each side. I put the extra omlet covers I've bought over the years on the naked sides & remove then when it's summertime (about 2 days in Scotland) to ventilate.
  2. FREE! Classic Rabbit Hutch Base & Removable Tray in green. Slightly used but in good condition. Pick up in Corstorphine Edinburgh.
  3. Hi there. Looking for some advice as my current ex-bat who is going through a moult seems to have very cold legs & feet which is not how she normally is. When I have her sitting on my lap her feet are usualy roasting. She is not pecking at her mealworms and does not seem quite right. Sadly my other two ex-bats passed last week and not sure if mycoplasma or another type of respiratory disease. Any suggestions as the books I have do not seem to list this problem?
  4. My ex-bat is around 2 & 1/2 years old and been laying every day up until a fortnight ago. she started looking droopy and disorientated and none of her usual large eggs in coop. Abdomen swollen and hot so took her to great poultry vet. Journey to vet caused her to lay a whopper with loads of clear jelly like liquid surrounding it. The vet proceded to pull out a soft egg minus the yolk. What a sight that was to behold. He seemed to think that once she got home she would expel the yolk......this she did along with 2 soft ping pong ball sized soft eggs. Given .75ml Metacam twice daily for a week and has made a full recovery. She is now laying whoppers every day + 4 ex-bats
  5. Hi there, not sure if I am doing this right but the chooks and their servant (me) live in Corstorphine. We are always on the lookout for a poultry trained vet as previous vets we have visited have not inspired that trusting bond you normally pick up with a vet. I always ask people who admit to having chooks who their vet is but it seems that they don't have or trust them either. As you have posted that you are in the Edinburgh area, I wondered if you have a vet you trust and has good poultry training? Like the photos of your WIR. Lots of activity perches etc., has given me a few ideas. Saving up for my Omlet WIR as I really like it. Not had red mite...so far and thats why I am sticking with wire run as the horror stories I have read about this mite has put me off wood. Hope you have not had any problems. Anyway, enjoy the programme and at least Houdini will be glad the telly has stuck a few pounds on her ex-bat scraggy body. Fnar, fnar.
  6. At last..........CBBC is airing the footage of Houdinis operation. Hope you all enjoy. Details below; I am just getting in touch about the Junior Vets programme which we filmed with you and Houdini last Summer. We have just heard from the broadcaster that they are going to start transmitting the series on Monday 2nd June at 7.45am on the CBBC Channel. It will run daily, Monday to Friday for 2 weeks. The episode Houdini features in will go out on Monday 9th June (at the same time of 7.45am). Houdini is doing well and now has taught her sisters how to escape into the house to steal the cats food or anything else they can get their beaks into. from 4 lovely ex-bats.
  7. Hi there. Not sure if I am doing this right but here goes. Over the summer one of my chickens (Houdini) had a sinus infection plus mycoplasma as well.I visited two vets who said they had experience with poultry?? they both gave her anti-b's (Baytril & Tylan) but this did not work. Decided to bite the bullet and contacted The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. Met with Kevin Eatwell (fantastic knowledge re chickens)and he decided a further two weeks on anti-b's. This intensive course did not work either but I trusted him and contacted Kevin to opt for the operation. Turned out that the BBC (CBBC) Junior Vets were filming there and wanted to film the operation on Houdini. The operation was a success and Houdini has fully recovered. It was an expensive operation but as she was an ex-bat rescue hen from Homes4Hens in Dumfries, she was well worth it. I believe the programme is to be aired in February 2014. Not sure exact date but I will be in touch with more info when the BBC contact me.
  8. Thanks for all your answers. Never even thought of the glub/grub stand But a WIR is still top of the list as I would feel better about leaving the girls out in that when I am at work. Never having been one to sell or give away (garage full to bursting) I always try to put my hand to recycling. So once my OH has recovered from the cost of the Omlet WIR I hope to be able to adapt the WIR and add the original run at the other side and that way it can be used to make the enclosed space for the girls larger or for introducing more girls. If there is anyone out there who has done that, then don't hesitate to let me know how you achieved it. Still loving keeping chickens and wish I had started so much sooner.
  9. Hi folks. My second posting (getting brave). I bought an Eglu Classic with 6ft run and 3ft ext. Sadly I did not reaslise the problems I was going to encounter with putting the glugs/grubs into the run. New knee fitted and OH not so chicken friendly - yet. So I was thinking of buying a WIR from omlet, as I would like to keep to all metal. Was thinking of placing it on slabs plus wood chips with Eglu on outside of WIR. So what to do with the remaining run? I wondered if it can be attached to the WIR (Eglu on one side and run on other, making it two holes in WIR)? Any ideas or suggestions please.
  10. Hi there Mollyripkim Thanks for your reply. The run is not covered (i.e a WIR) Although I think it will be soon. I am now trawling through the internet to find a good supplier of chicken run suitable chips, hopefully based in/around Edinburgh. If any Edinburgers out there know of a local supplier then please post away.
  11. Hi fellow chook collectors. This is my first time on this site with a question so hope you can help? I need to move my classic off the grass as the rain is making the run lethal for the chooks and me. I have a mo"Ooops, word censored!"lock patio and was thinking of puting the classic plus run on that, until the better weather comes along.Is it woodchip, hardwood chippings or is it another kind of woodbase I have to get that does not go mouldy or create spores? Urgent replies needed as I am desperate.

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