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  1. Thank you Beantree for your reply; so there may still be hope? There is nothing further stated/clarified in the covenant (nothing pertaining to ‘livestock’ or chickens specifically, so if I can make the case that chickens are pets - we’re after 3 bantams so hardly a whole flock! - we might be ok. In terms of the developers, I think they will still be building here for a couple of years. Based on what you’re suggesting it might be wise for us to wait until the builders have finished & left then. Does the covenant expire then? I saw no mention of that in the deeds but I was mainly skimming through for chicken info!
  2. Hi everyone, I fear I already know the answers...but praying I’m wrong! Last year we moved into our lovely new (build) home, with a significantly bigger garden than our precious town-centre Victorian terrace. 2019 is all set to be the year we finally (after 8 years of discussion, planning & excitement!) get out bantams. I’ve spoken to the neighbours who are (at least in theory) on board - one said they might change their mind once they arrive but they don’t think the noise will be a problem 😳 and last week I was getting all the ideas/tips for the perfect set up. But when I was scrolling through forum topics I discovered a potentially huge stumbling block - restrictive covenants! This wasn’t a problem in our previous home as there weren’t any, but having read a few threads on here I’ve just now checked out deeds and there is a restrictive covenant forbidding keeping any animals other than ‘normal domestic household pets.’ 😭😭 Is this the end of the road for my chook dreams?
  3. Thank you so much DogMother - will definitely keep a look out for a mk1 (especially as I can’t even afford a new cube! 🙈)
  4. Thank you WitchHazel - this is so helpful! I think I’m swayed now on finding a secondhand cube mk1; it’s a slightly bigger footprint but that means the chooks (rather than crooks 😳) will have more space & hopefully be happier. I’ve been out in the garden measuring up & if I change the site of where I was going to put the coop I can accommodate it. It will be slightly nearer to neighbours though...hopefully they won’t change their mind about being happy for us to get them when they arrive 😬😬 Thank you DogMother - I wonder why Omlet decided that was a good idea? Do you know the dimensions of mk1 vs mk2? That’s my only worry about Perkins - the feathery feet...I’m planning to tarp the run, and I gather they need washing if they get muddy
  5. Thank you Patricia W that’s a great help! I will need to keep my eyes out for a second hand cube as not sure I can stretch to a new one (sadly!) Would 3 bantams be ok in a 3m run? I would look to extend to 4m but that’s probably the maximum I could do. What bantam breeds do you have? I’d like something friendly if possible to make it easier for the children to feed/collect eggs (maybe stroke or cuddle?! Is that too ambitious?) Thank you Dogmother - very helpful! What’s the difference between cube mark 1 & 2? I’ve had a look on here but can only really find comparisons of Eglu mark 1/2. I’m planning to keep the dog inside when chooks are FR but (like you) hope to train her not to bark at the run 🤞🏻
  6. Hello all, I’ve been lurking on this forum for several years & (fingers crossed!) 2019 will be the year we finally add some crooks to our lives! 🙌🏻 We want to get 3-4 bantams (I’m thinking Pekins but definitely open to suggestions!) as we want them mainly as family pets. I have two young children (who will be at least 3 & 1 by the time we get them) and I would love for them to grow up with an understanding of where food comes from. Note, the chickens are really for though 😂 We’re really struggling to decide which Eglu to get - the classic with 3m run (hope to extend to 4m in future) or Go Up? I’ve read SO MANY threads on this forum so I know the general view is that the classic trumps the Go in terms of build quality, but I don’t know if the extra heights with room for perches would be better for the girls? They will get daily supervised free range time (1-2 hours probably) but will have to spend a lot of time in run as we also have a cockapoo - who I’m hoping will adjust?! What are your thoughts? Is it realistic to keep 3-4 Bantams in a coop/run if this size? I’d love a cube but we live in a newbuild so haven’t got the biggest garden (it’s 120m sq so not bad for new house, but we have flower beds/kids play area) I’ve been dreaming of getting chickens for 10+ years so just want to make them a nice home! Thanks in advance!
  7. HappyFeet

    Eglu Cube - East Anglia/London Area

    Hi Mikegm, is this still available and do you have pictures? I’m still very much in the planning stages as we’re not planning on getting chickens until 2019, but as you’re so close to us (Norwich) it seems silly to not at least explore....😳
  8. Thank you to everyone with their help and advice - I'm even more excited now (although I have to admit, with this snow the thought of heading out early doors is not that appealing - totally worth it when you have some little ladies to see though I'm sure!) newcountrygirl, how do all your chooks get on? Does your Poland get bullied by any of the others? The dottes are beautiful, with such a wide range of markings and a perfect 'farmyard' shape, and I like that they are hardy too with no feathered feet to contend with, but are they friendly? Our neighbours all have young children and my godson is only 2 so I would like to keep chickens which are ok around children really (you know what kids are like - love to pick up and stroke anything which is fluffy!) CheekyPekins, is having a covered run enough to protect the pekins' feet? We are planning to put a roof on it to give the chooks some protection from the elements. I've been doing more research and there are a few breeders near me, can't find anyone with Polands yet though...may the hunt continue!
  9. Thank you all so much for your help so far! Loumabel - I think I will probably get bitten by the bug , that's why I thought it was a good idea to start of with a WIR straight away. What are each of the three breeds like? Are the light sussex and wyandotte hardier that the little pekins? I've heard they are pretty fiesty (touch of little bird syndrome?) but are they difficult to care for? How much of a problem are their feathered feet? I suppose it's a fact of life that chooks (and other beings) may get ill and be lost, are pekins particularly susceptible to diseases/injury? Does anyone have polands? I think they are adorable and their hair dos are FAB! I think they are like silkie's though in that they can be bullied by other chooks and their lack of vision means they can't defend themselves that well. Does anyone have any experience with them? Ooohh....this is so exciting! I can't wait to find out more and get started!
  10. Thanks for your speedy reply TBH - my biggest issue at the moment is my profile...very new to this forum business and I can't get my signature to show. I've looked in the posts for 'How to use the forum' but can't seem to see the 'Options' button it talks about...hmmmm. The world of chickens is more complicated than I though! LOL
  11. Hello Omleters! May I wish you all a Happy New Year and say 'Hello!' This is my first ever forum post (on here or any other site) and I am very keen to join this fabulous community. As the title of my post suggests, I am a complete chicken novice. I have been desperate to get my hands on a flock of my own for several years now, and when OH and I FINALLY bought our first home together last April this desire turned into a full blown obsession! After months of Googling, books and fervently scouring this forum for advice and information I thought it was about time I put myself out there and asked my questions. I have my heart set on a little group of bantams, 3, 4, 5 - still undecided! I think they would be best suited to our small (but perfectly formed) 52' X 18' suburban garden, and a great introduction to the fabulous world of chicken keeping. The plan is to build a WIR which will run the width of the garden for the little ladies to play in, and then let them free-range at evenings/weekends when we are home from work. I have my heart set on the stylish and oh-so-practical eglu cube (OH still completely oblivious to the cost of them!) I'm sure this will provide more than enough (too much?) space for the number/size of chooks I'm after, but I like the fact it is raised off the ground for ease of cleaning and to give more run space. It will also come in handy should a case of morehen strike! Does anyone else have this sort of set up for banties? Will this be ok or will it actually be too big and they get cold? I live in Norfolk, which claims to be semi-arid, but looking outside the window today it is pretty chilly! My next issue is which chickens to get? I am thinking POL as chicks seems far too adventurous for a novice and whilst the neighbours seem happy about the idea of chickens, I don't think they'd be as enthusiastic about an accidental cockerel. Having read up on different breeds I have fallen for pekins, wyandottes, silkies and polands - any advice about these breeds, what combinations you can keep together, suitability for beginners etc would be great! Also, does anyone know of good breeders/where I could get these breeds locally? Sorry this is a bit of an essay - I feel I could write a whole novel with the number of questions I have! I just want to get as much info as possible before I embark on my chook adventure! Look forward to hearing from you all!