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  1. is on slabs with woodchip on the top. Works great. I think grass gets wrecked very quickly, unfortunately.
  2. Yayyy!! New cube and chooks - very exciting! Hope you get some piccies up. We love being nosey here.
  3. Very exciting! Would love to see some pics if you can manage it.
  4. what lovely ducks! Love the wine bottle idea for names too! You need some fizz, maybe one should be called prosecco.
  5. deffo looks like a boy to me! As someone else has just posted, it was the wattles that cried out 'BOY'!! to me! He looks lovely.
  6. I don't think they should be on mixed corn entirely, tbh, James. I think they should be on growers pellets until they lay their first egg and then switch them to layers. HTH MH x
  7. you need to leave her for 2/3 days - preferably 3 if you cans stand it. Day and night in the cage (make sure she is safe at night - I could put my cage inside the run, if not bring it inside at night. After 3 days, let her out - if she dashes off for the nest, she needs another day or so. Make sure she has plenty of food/water/shade. Good luck. MH x
  8. Lovely! I really, really like orange! Great job of the permanent run. MH x
  9. A few years ago, when I visited a breeder to choose my chooks and told them I was getting an Eglu (they had not long been out) they absolutely tore it apart! Being new to chook keeping then, I thought they must be right as they were much more experienced than me and I *chickened* out of buying an Eglu - bought a wooden one instead. After gaining my confidence a bit, I eventually realised that I did want one and now have 2! They are much easier to clean and care for - and certainly the run that was on my wooden coop, had nothing like the fox resistant skirt on the eglu run! I do wonder if it is sour grapes on the part of many breeders... not all, I know! MH x
  10. if I had some 'training', i.e. seeing someone do it on other chickens, talking me through the process etc, I think I would rather do it myself. However, I don't know any farmers or other experienced poultry keepers who could show me and I don't feel confident enough to follow written instructions. I'd want it to as quick and stress free as possible and I'm pretty certain I wouldn't be able to achieve that at the moment. So, if something happened now, I would take them to a vet. If I had the know how, I'd do it myself. MH x
  11. I know I shouldn't but this thread has made me giggle. I can just picture you walking down the garden with a run on your head! PMSL!! MH x
  12. Cubetastic! It - and your hens - look great! I really must stop ooking at these cube threads... very envious indeedy! MH x
  13. Have you got somewhere you could isolate the broodies? Maybe a rabbit hutch/run or similar? If not, I think I would be tempted with the broody cage idea. Get a basic pet carrier from a pet shop or similar - mine cost around £8, I think. In my - pretty extensive bantam broody experience lol!!! - the broody cage will crack it. MH x
  14. Hi I use Virkon every month or so for a really good clean. Otherwise, I use what I can lay my hands on at the time!! Citricidal, washing up liquid, multi-pupose cleaner... I do a sprinkle with red mite powder/diatom when it's all dry. MH x

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