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  1. Council have a blanket ban on livestock but I maintain chickens are pets, and I don't live in a council house and someone else has pigeons that stink, and I get on with my neighbours BUT which breeds are quiet - some make a lot of noise anyway, I know that, my Bluebell used to trumpet the arrival of a new egg in the shrubbery so much the whole street knew she had laid an egg. I've heard Marans are quiet. Your opinions and advice, please?
  2. Hi. We have six inches of snow, top layer powder, been falling all day, still falling. Schools are shut, no idea why, bus routes have been open all day. I love extreme weather, and live on the side of a hill so it'll all drain into the beck at the bottom when it thaws. I use Piers Corbyn forecasts, he's an astrophysicist, and uses sun spot and lunar info to predict the SSW that was mentioned at the weekend on one BBC forecast, and he's more accurate than the met office for long forecasts - in early Nov said that Mid Dec would be mild and the Beeb said 'the beast from the east' was coming and I was planting fruit trees in the mild spell that I ordered in early Nov. Accurate forecasts more than three days ahead are difficult anyway but he and Joe "Ooops, word censored!"i over in the US do a lot better than the MO. HM x (used to be, now CI but am Happymama everywhere anyway)
  3. Hi all - Happymama here (of the famous hairwashing without shampoo thread from years ago) but I had to reregister as Illegal Chickens because that's what mine will be, I cx my email address some time ago. My last chooks - a bluebell, a black rock, were both taken from my shared allotment when someone left the internal six foot tall fox and burglar proof gate open, and then it was repossessed by the council while I was on holiday because the person who let me use it as a sleeping partner kept a car on it, so I lost my pink Mk 1 as well - I was furious! Anyway, I was then living in a terrace which the council have now decided to knock down and I have now a great big house with a garden, but the council say Chickens aren't allowed (see how much trouble councils can give a person!) and I asked my solicitor what to do about it, and she says make friends with the neighbours which I have. So, it's chooks again as soon as the snow goes as the garden requires a certain amount of modification and as I type is under a foot of snow. Nice to be back HM

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