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  1. I love our Silkie and eventually plan on getting quite a few more. None of the other hens have ever given her grief and she integrated better than anybody (and we have just completed our 5th integration!!!). She is broody one hell of a lot though, no matter what the time of year! When she does lay though she bangs out one a day without fail. She is far more sensible than our hybrid broodies - she gets herself up to eat, drink and do the huge stinky poos that broodies are so good at at least twice a day. It is our hybrids that we have to force off to eat and drink
  2. bumping this up again as have had a problem with today's delivery as well . This time it is only on one item, and a different one to last week (none of which I have ordered again this week), so I'll be pinging them an email again this morning. Best check your receipts again this week peoples . Normally I don't check my receipts but think I am going to have to do so from now on
  3. Hi all just a quickie to advise any Ocado devotees to check their receipts from this week / this weekend's orders. They seem to have had a glitch where a fair few of the special offers that are showing on their website have been charged at full price on the receipt. Mine has been overcharged by nearly £7 today. My actual food items have been ok, but loo rolls, toothpaste, toilet cleaner etc have all been charged incorrectly. I have emailed them and they have replied very promptly, with the approproiate over charge refunded, but I am not sure if they will automatically refund people or if you will need to contact them. Also it may be worth double checking as it may take a while for them to rectify the glitch edit...sp
  4. I think (know) two of my girls have developed scaly leg I'm going to ring the vet tomorrow and ask for some ivormec /eprimex - although I have seen that Barrier do a spray for it, so not sure if that would be better. I guess they have picked it up off the wild birds but I need to know if I need to do anything extra to their house - are they likely to have infested the house / bars? (bear in mind my bars are wooden but my house isn't) Anything else I need to know? Feel pants about it
  5. I am going to stick my head above the parapet on this one. I am a Housing officer for an HA and have been for many years. There is very little I haven't dealt with. The first thing I would ask is if you checked your tenancy agreement? I would imagine that you would need to get permission to keep animals and this would include chickens. Was this done in the first instance? Also were you aware that your chickens were going into her garden? It is one thing for them to want to feed them over the fence but another if they find them regularly free ranging in their garden, so I think Cinnamon's point is a good one. I take it the HO has not carried out a home visit? This is something that I would expect them to do, so that they could look at the set-up and the situation. You are also allowed to ask to see the photos so that you can see what it is exactly that they are complaining about. The HA needs to confirm in writing that they are giving you 28 days to rehome the chickens and the reason behind it. You can ask for the EHO to get involved if they are claiming it is the risk of disease. Are you cleaning them out regularly and also cleaning their poos up from the garden when they free range? You may think these are awkward questions I am asking but they are the things I would look for if I was doing a HV. I think involving the Councillor would be too strong a step initially. Put in writing your appeal to the HA, stating your case and contact the EHO for an informed, unbiased opinion and see how you go Hope that helps
  6. between last Saturday and Sunday I had apparently lost a stone (I wish)! And then I gained 13lbs again by Monday. On Sunday it was telling how worried it was about my health. On Monday it was telling me I seemed to have gained a lot of weight
  7. Having been heartbroken at losing Roman at such a young age in '08 (inbred Satin, multiple problems) and the problems that accompanied the boars that I was given by the rescue centres, I had decided that I would never have guinea pigs again ..... .... however I have missed their squeaking so much, and even as a child they were one of my favourite pets, that when Hubby decided he had no idea what to get me for my birthday last month I knew straight away what I really wanted. This time I decided against rescues as they had brought me so much heartache (not the GPs fault) and stress, although I felt guilty about it. Instead I visited 2 local breeders. I was able to see the parents of the piggies and look at how they were being kept. I have even been provided with birth certificates so that their parentage is traceable and transparent. I decided to have girls as the bonding process was likely to be easier and long lasting. they were only 5 days or so when I first saw them So, on the 27th December I collected an Abbyruvian (abyssinian peruvian cross) - a beautiful cinnamon and white ruby eyed girl - and a tri-coloured rex (cream, cream agouti and white) Then on the 2nd January I collected my other two girls - well it was only meant to be one, but another seemed to pop herself into the carrier - a golden agouti rex and a black and cream rex . The first three are all between 6 and 8 weeks old and the black and cream rex is a bit older, about 4 months old - somebody had repeatedly failed to collect her . They have all bonded immediately and are in a 5ft x 2ft indoor cage in the lightly heated conservatory (they came from unheated sheds so are hardy), with a further 5ft x 2ft indoor cage about to be attached . They will live in my converted eglu with the extensions in the spring and summer. Photos will follow shortly - I'm just letting them settle in a bit
  8. thanks ever so Poet - that's exactly what I needed! I couldn't find anything appropriate on the intenet. I haqd visions of Boxing Day going really rather wrong
  9. Hey all - can somebody please help! My butcher has delivered our 4 bird roast - turkey, duck, chicken & goose. We've never had one before and fancied a change but .... there are no cooking instructions! I haven't a clue on temperature or timings. It is 2kg. I thought about phoning the butcher but guessed he will be snowed under
  10. Ocado kindly delivered yesterday evening They managed to deliver most things apart from the puff pastry (yes I am that lazy / busy / rubbish at making it that I buy it ready made) and the apricots, both of which I required today I had ordered the pastry when I started my food shop in October so they will have know I wanted it! That'll teach me not to order things like that early and freeze them Thankfully I managed to get it in Morrisons round the corner without any palaver - I banked on everyone traipsing to the big Tescos / Sainsburys and was right. I parked without a problem and sailed through the handbasket checkout I must admit I have enjoyed the lack of hassle / scrum this year. The butcher will be delivering the meat this morning as well which means even less time having to fight for parking and queues
  11. I have just had a shock having received my mobile bill. I couldn't understand why it was so dear. I've looked through and I have got a call charged at £9! It was to an 0705 number. This rang bells. It was when I was looking for new guinea pigs. I found an advert on the genuine web-site www.freeads.co.uk . I have advertised things on this site myself before. They list a phone number for you on your ad so that your number isn't published to the world... only it is not out of the goodness of their hearts. I have just found, as I scrolled down the page, the smallprint which you have to click on,- well and truly away from the phone number on the advert - only for it to state that calls are charged at 50p per minute!!!! The worse thing when speaking to the lady I decided I wasn't keen on her but couldn;t get her off the phone. I feel completely conned, and it is money I can ill afford this month. The thing is, it isn't her fault. She is probably as much in the dark as I was when I have advertised through them. Needless to say, I won't be doing so again Just thought I should warn you all about these numbers
  12. Hi Skye sorry for the delay in replying! Well, in the end we didn't take her to the vets as she showed signs of rallying, and I have to say that as with Yolko, I am convinced that it was the extremely heavy moult that made Cough behave so strangely. Within less than a week she had gone from being a porcupine with a mere whisper of feathers to being smothered in a load of stubby little ones that were waiting to burst out into their full potential. She stopped shivering and started walking better. She is now fully covered in feathers, although she still has places that need bit more work, but she is no longer walking side-ways, slinking low to the ground or shivering - even in this bitter weather. I fed her up every morning with corn to warm her up for the day and increased their daily lifeguard to super-strength, and it seems to have done the trick. She is still a little thin, but that isn't surprising given what she has been through. Her feathers have a beautiful shine to them and she has a good appetite and is back to being a cheeky little thing. I have never witnessed a moult to this extent nor these symptoms before and can only presume that the 2 are connected - especially as both our girls seems to have had pretty much the same symptoms and the rallied. Mind you I think I would walk funny and shiver if I was running around with no clothes on in this weather!
  13. I can think of only one thing for it.... you'll have to come to me for Christmas dinner!
  14. could I leave the rum out? I've only got brandy .... or apple juice! LOL!

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