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  1. I recently had a Miniature Silver Appleyard duckling with a simular sounding problem. I looked closely into his eye and he had a tiny bit of straw in his eye, the problem was it was under his third eyelid. I couldn't get it out so I just kept washing his eye and then leaft it be. It came out the next day, he looked a bit sore for a couple of days after though. Perhaps yours has the same. Hope this helps.
  2. I would just keep her rested and make sure the other hens dont bully her, lets just hope it's a strain.
  3. Sorry to hear about your chucks. Chickens do have a tendancy to feather peck themselves and other when they are bored, so perhaps you could distract them with somthing to do. I hang grass cuttings and vegetables up in my chicken pen to keep mine entertained and sprinkle corn and treats around the run to give them somthing to do. Even if it is not bordem causing the feather loss it will give them somthing to do. Hope this helps, Amy.
  4. thanks both chicks are fine now but I did have to help the second out.
  5. I have a great book for you, its all about chicken behaviour and everything else. Its called 'The Chicken a natural history'. I bought it on amazon its a great book, take a peek!
  6. Thanks, I will leave the other chick alone then. I have had a look at the chick in the incubator and he is toddling around chirping away, I think it is his belly button area that is bleeding.
  7. Sorry I haven't got back to you all on this post. Just as I had decided to end her suffering she died anyway. Her friend seems lonely now as she only has ducks and bantams in a separate pen as company.
  8. In my incubator there was a chick in an egg that started piping at the pointy end of the egg and had not piped any more for over a day! So I decided to help him, I did this gradually and finally when he came out I noticed he has a bloody lump on his bum? Does any one know what's wrong? I also have another chick that has piped the same way, should I help him out too? Any advice greatly received!
  9. My duck broke her toe and I thought it was bumble foot to start with. Her toe hasn't healed but she is fine and waddles around just like the others. I would keep a close eye on your duck though it could be infected.
  10. I keep my broodies together but they have separate nest boxes. But they sometimes leave their nest and sit on another nest with the other chicken, so i would not recommend it especially if they aren't in nest boxes. Chickens that share a nest rarely hatch anything. Hope that helps.
  11. Does anybody know how long it takes for Black East Indian eggs to hatch?
  12. Good sugestion Olly but i dont have any avain vets near me and i think she is near her end any way, so i think i will be kind to her and if shes still not showing any signs of getting better by the end of the week i will put her down. But she must have the will to live to still be alive as she looks quite ill. What do you think i should do?
  13. Unfortunatly she is still ill and i think she has a little discharge from her nostril. im hoping its not contagious, but i haven't seen anything else come down with it, so cross fingers.
  14. I do the same and haven't had any problems either.
  15. My ducks are in a stable at night so there is plenty of drainage, but when i had them in a coop they would make such a mess so i would not give them water at night. But i found that when i feed them they should have water available for a few minutes after as their stuff themselfs silly and need to wash the food down.
  16. I have a rhode island red hybrid chicken and last night she came in the hutch really quitely and sat down in the corner next to the perch(which is where they tend to lay their eggs) so i just thought she was getting broody. But this morning she was huddled up under the perches and wouldn't come out. I imediatly isolated her just in case it's infectious or she gets bullied. Her symtoms are not wanting to eat and drink, breathing heavily, unbalaced, and generally ttired looking. Im not sure how old she is but i think shes getting on a bit. Could anybody tell me whats wrong with her? Thanks Amy.
  17. In wild waterfowl the magority of inbreeding is avoided due to imprinting-Ducklings imprint on their mother and siblings when they are with them at a very young age, which when they reach sexual maturity makes then less likely to inbreed due to their cognitive ability. A question for miller30... i do not know teribly much about chickens, but what makes inbreeding with waterfowl different to inbreeding with poultry?
  18. One should not inbreed ducks as this could result in duckling deformaties. Avoidance of inbreeding is essential for the welfare of the offspring as it is simply cruel to allow any animal to suffer deformaties, which more than often result in death.

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