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  1. She was put down last week sadly. One of her eyes closed up - eye was fine, no coughs sneezes or gunk coming out of face and happy and mooching about. She was eating and drinking and pottering about - she was a little quieter than normal but not unusually so - more cautious than anything. I bathed it etc and wormed/liced them all but she didn't improve. I took her the the vet (40mins in car) and she couldn't stand very well (kept sitting down) or hold her head upright when we got there - was just too much for her so she was PTS. Vet thought she has always been a poorly hen based on the history. She was very underweight (I didn't realise, just assumed she was a different build to mrs skyline as she was always much lighter) though she ate fine. There was a suggestion of tumour/cyst somewhere unseen as no cause for the shut eye. I panic bought two more chickens a couple of days before she was PTS as I was worried about the other one being alone - so we now have a leghorn and cuckoo maran too and they are all getting on well so far - and none of them have any signs of being sick and getting three eggs a day! It's nice to not worry now though - I always had a niggle about her in my mind.
  2. She was very quiet last night - bought her in and bathed her and blow dried her and left them both in the kitchen in a cardboard box. She purred and fell asleep when blow drying her She was much brighter after her bath and was happy this morning. Gave her some warm mash with honey and she tucked in merrily - no change in the eye though. I've also discovered it is her pulling her feathers out not the other hen as I thought. Ordered wormer and will de mite as a precaution
  3. I diligently went out to clean the chickens yesterday, to find mrs black rocks eye is firmly shut and mrs skyline is refusing to leave the nest box rubbish!! I don't know what to do with mrs black rock - it isn't swollen, her eye isn't gungy, nose and beak and bottom all clean. I can open the eye with my fingers - she is happy enough to have this done and I've bathed it with warm water. When opened, the eye is clean and bright as normal. She seems happy enough - she is eating and drinking and pottering about and was flying about in garden last night. She still isn't laying any eggs (now at least 30weeks) and her comb has gone paler over last two weeks. She doesn't seem bothered in any way, but I am!!! Our vets don't do hens when I bought them I was recommended an over the phone et who sends stuff in post but not sure about this idea!
  4. So, we are now eight weeks on... And still no eggs! Brown hen seems to have stopped pecking her (introduction of swing perches and Stockholm tar sorted this!)... Her feathers are regrowing and she is a happy little hen. But not laying? Mrs skyline is a fantastic little layer - 6 a week usually - again all happy and healthy and her territorial issues seemed to have settled a bit! If they were egg eating would they be eating mrs skylines too? I can't figure out what's going on!
  5. It's handy stuff - gets used on horses too for thrush in their feet... Though I've not tried it!!
  6. I'm not sure mine thinks this is part of it?! Or the water... Or the food... I think he lets the dog out and if he can see them from back door then jobs a good un!
  7. Yeah I wanted it high enough that she wouldn't be pecked by mrs skyline! There is a second one to the left above the ramp too. It has recently become less popular... Not sure if gale force winds repeatedly blowing her off had anything to do with it I have just tied it to the beam rather than hooks. Drilled a hole through twig and tied with balig twine.
  8. If you think the aerosol is bad...... :lol:
  9. Here is one of mine - I have another a bit higher up. It's fab - they for use it that much - in fact brown hens doesn't use it at all, but black hen uses it to get out the pecking zone of mrs brown hen! So gives her a break
  10. Hehee I've done the same this week!!!! That was Monday... My family came to stay today and I bought the girls in one at a time to say hello... Mums first response was my goodnes she smells bad!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thank you - I obviously don't want her to be frightened of being picked up but I need to be able to clean them out without being savaged!! She is a little madam - a very funny one - but a madam none the less. As I said she chases the dog who is a greyhound/jack russel/collie type thing! Do you hand feed them? I thought it might be beneficial should they become sick and also to make being picked up a positive experience...but I've tried it twice and she snatches so aggressively it hurts through gloves! The ones at the farm take food from your hand gently? I've stopped hand feeding though as decided it was a bad plan!
  12. I've given up for the time being - I think it's related to distane from the door - perhaps it is less draughty is my guess. Especially as the nesting box was the only part of the coop not covered in snow in ours (forgot to shut small door)
  13. Hehe glad we aren't the only one - mine is similar to yours but we've lost the ramp in a snow drift! The girls won't leave the indoor bit!

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