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  1. Contacted marriages today to ask advice about there pellets mixed with the wormer Flubenvet that was previously discussed, I was advised you had to get in contact there nutritionist at the mill in Chelmsford to get the pellets. I then enquired about the quanity, they do bags of 20kg and 10kg, and I was advised it expires in 2 months. I asked if it was possiable to get any smaller quanity as I only have 5 bantams they aren't going to eat 10kg in 7 days, I was advised they may consider this in the future but don't sell it in smaller quanities at the moment. So I have ended up buying the actual Flubenvet wormer (powder) and I will mix this in there food myself, it seems I will have to be very careful with the measurements, as it is a small amount needed. Will let you know how it goes....... Sookie update - still not eating great but happily running around the garden with the other girls, will bring her in the warm tonight. Bella & Henrietta my wyandottes Matilda & Penny my Pekins Sookie my white sussex
  2. Good news after syringe feeding this morning, Sookie is eating a little mash all by herself this morning, monitoring her closely as she is indoors out of the rain Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I will definatley call Marriages tomorrow and get some pellets mixed with Flubenvet. I'm a bit annoyed at myself that i've been giving my girls the verm - X for the past couple of years, and it hasn't actually been worming them Yep, I always use the Nettex nutri -drops although Sookie needed the Baytrill medicine which I think is working. I give the Nettex drops to a couple of my Wyandottes that currently are currently sneezing a little. I will also try them on the yoghurt and pellet porriage. Wyandottes, Bella & Henrietta Pekins, Penny & Matilda White Sussex, Sookie RIP Nigella & Alice, both Wyandottes
  3. Just syringe fed Sookie some more of the food from the vet, she seems a little more perky so being positive that she will be better in the morning. I use Marriage's Layers Mash and Marriage's Layers pellets, I usually give the chooks an option of wet mash and dry as well as pellets. They also get oyster shell, a handfull of corn and some dired worms in the winter. I sometimes give them a slice of melon or a few greens too. I use Verm-x pellets that are sold on this site, I put them on their mash. I have also been dosing them up on vitamins over the winter months, by using pultry spice and adding either apple cide viniger or the nettex liquid tonic to there drink.
  4. Following my post regarding my poor little Alice (my wyandotte) who died a few weeks ago, this morning Sookie my white sussex miniture was standing still in the garden, refusing to eat or drink. She was very active and full of life yesterday, she has recently been wormed, ruled out sour crop etc. So this time I decided to take her to see Mr Vet who specialises in birds, well after examining her he really didn't know what was wrong with her either but has given me some Baytril oral medicine to give her. He also said that if she refuses to eat longer than 6 hours she will go down hill very quickly, so he suggested that I syringed some harrisons juvenile formula mix with water to give her some energy. So fingers crossed that she survives the night. On another note, he asked me what I usually feed my birds, in whilch I replied, pellets and also wet mash. He seems to think too much layers mash is not good for the hens as it contains alot of fatts that aren't good for there heart. Has anyone else come across this bit of advice. My girls always prefer the mash then the pellets. Fingers cross for Sookie. x
  5. Hi, Thanks for you comments. The liquid that my poor little Alice produced didn't smell. I also don't think it was impacted grass, as I keep our lawn cut short, and the snow has covered it for a few weeks prior to Alice's death. I will do some reaseach into 'Sour crop' thou so I know what to look out for in the future. Unfortunatley it's a bit late to get a post mortum for Alice as she is in already in the garden under a new camellia shrub, but it may be a good idea if this happens a third time. Thanks guys.
  6. Hi, First timer on the Omlet forum so here goes...... I had six mintures/bantams. Last spring my gold laced Wyandotte 'Nigella' looked very healthy, eating drinking and running around the garden in the morning, then after lunch she just stood still in the middle of the garden closing her eyes, she would just let me pick her up which she wouldn't normally do. I checked her over and nothing other than she kept her eyes closed was abnormal. It got to dusk and she just stood in the run whilst the others went up to bed, so I had to place in the eglu. I thought that I would take her to a Vet the next morning if she didn't improve. Sadly the next morning she was dead. This was a big shock to me as she was only 2 years old and she went from looking the bill of health to dying within 10 hours. I spoke to a friend who suggested that sometimes chocks get food stuck in there crop or wind pipe, and if this happens again to get them to drink warm water, to massage there crop then make them sick. Well.......Last week, the exact same thing happened to Alice, my silver laced Wyandotte, she was happy in the morning then just stood still with her eyes closed. So I thought I would check her crop out, I couldn't feel much food but alot of water as she had been drinking in the afternoon. I therefore thought maybe she had someting stuck, so I followed my friends advice, but the only sick she produced was a liquidy gunge, no food. It was to late in the day to take her to a vet so I brought her inside for the night, I gave her some nutri -drops, but unfortunaley again she was dead by the morning. Alice was only 1 years old. So does anyone have a clue as to why my Wyandottes die like this, so sudden? Thanks Jo

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