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  1. Sorry - forgot to add, your cats are pretty safe - if you've ever seen a cat cornered by a big dog you'll know why as even the most docile of puddy cats are a formidable opponent when they think their life is in danger : )
  2. Hey guys, I am a wildlife photographer & as such have seen many a buzzard kill hen pheasants by waiting on a branch above where they know the pheasants feed, normally after a buzzard strike the tell tale signs are a concentrated ring of feathers - it may not be that many if the buzzard decides to carry it's meal off, during the shooting season and afterward these "learned" birds will often take chickens however I have only seen them do this when they have a high enough drop point ie a telegraph pole or nearby tree!, if the buzzard is disturbed before it eats or removes a chicken there will normally be an open wound/laceration on the back of the chicken & often a small amount of blood around it's head/beak!, I know that their are an enormous amount of people that will say buzzards are not capable of such things, it stems from the point blank refusal to acknowledge that something that is protected is a "baddie" in the same manner that no one cares what becomes of a rat because of our repulsion to them, I hope this helps, I have images of buzzard kills of chickens but on the advice of the local "buzzard friendly" gamekeeper I do not relase images of them killing pheasants as many would use them as an excuse to persicute buzzards when in actual fact it's us humans suppling the food to the buzzards in pheasant populated areas! Good luck : )

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