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  1. Thank you! I had never seen that page before! I don't suppose they get discounted much even when they go there? Will keep a beady eye on that and eBay now! Wonder how this current sale is going to progress? Looks like it is changing each day.,. Xx
  2. I see Omlet are doing discounts today but excludes all Eglus! Does anyone know whether Omlet ever discount new Eglus? Am looking to upgrade my Classic to a Cube and scouring eBay for second hand ones locally but might consider new if the price came down a bit. Grateful if anyone knows x
  3. That's funny sjp! As I was reading your post I had one eye on the gardens goings on and one of the new ones decided she was going to sleep in the Eglu instead of her wooden coop. The other old three tried to squeeze in with her and after some shuffling the new one hopped out and did a long walk of shame down the cage to her own coop! Made my day!
  4. Hiya! I am hoping someone can give me some feedback on their experiences... I have 'inherited' 4 hens recently when their owner passed away suddenly and already had 3 of my own. I moved their existing house into the netted area where mine FR. Over the last 2 weeks I have been letting them out alternative days and finally am three days into them sharing the space. Well more like swapping each other's cages and toys during the daytime! At bedtime they all trot back to their respective coops and whilst I would love to put them all in together in a it isn't financially an option. So, long winded, sorry, but they hang out in their 4 and 3 and I was wondering if they will ever merge these groups or whether only sleeping together will break that? I have no idea what their pecking order is, but whilst it's calm out there I am thankful for that at least! I hadn't exactly planned on the extra 4 but now I have them and was wondering if anyone else has merged 2 flocks? Next task now they are settled and feathers grown back is naming them as they didn't exactly arrive with names! Then maybe eggs would be nice! Sorry for long post!
  5. My girls seemed to be going through double the feed they used to and then I noticed the young crows have decided that this was their easiest way to get fed. They are so cheeky and the chooks won't go near them. I am a little worried about them sharing the same feeding place from a hygiene perspective as well as losing all those pellets - they seem to have a conveyor belt of them the minute I let the chooks out! Any suggestions how I can put them off whilst still leaving the food out for the girls? I have a Glug and Grub with an eglu classic and 3m run. They have an Omlet netted off area with the eglu in the middle of it. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Chickabee, I have a gravity drinker out where they free range but for when they are in the run it takes up too much room. Is it worth ordering the Wetachook from AU? Did you have to pay any customs duty at all?
  7. Hi, I was hoping someone could help me decide whether to buy a superglug for my Eglu run. I am getting really peeved with constantly changing the water in the Glug as the girls keep chucking their woodchip in it die to the low, open top. Will my bantam Wyandotte be able to drink out if the Superglug or is it too high do you think? My Glug hook bits are cracked anyway so every time I fill it, it leaks everywhere so need something new soon. Cheers!
  8. Wow indeed!! That's a lot of omelettes! Our max is 3 a day at the moment and that makes me happy!
  9. My money is on Easter weekend; with all this lovely weather how can they not want to join in the egg-fest!!
  10. Two of mine fly regularly over the netting - need to clip wings again too - not done it since they moulted. I thought I would see if we could survive without clipping - errr...no, one flew like Superman over the run the other day!
  11. Yay Margaret! I love Flossie's small eggs - perfect for my 3 yr old! Will just wait patiently! Have checked red mite Beantree as did a huge clean out last week and worming wasn't too long ago although might try that again as it is due soon - thanks for the reminder Beantree!
  12. That's funny Margaret! So there is still hope for her Purplemaniacs? I will wait and see - I had hoped with all this Spring weather she might fancy pushing one out but not yet.... Thanks!
  13. Hi, My bantam Wyandotte, Flossie is still not laying after the winter and a moult in October when she stopped laying. Is this fluffy one just freeloading or is this normal? Anyone else's not laying again yet? We miss her little eggs!
  14. Thanks all for your advice; she seems fine today and the swelling is down a little but still there. I noticed it was actually not on her wattle but on her earlobe (is that right?) It doesn't seem to be bothering her but now I am going to be on tick alert! Something else to check! They give me a run for my money these girls!!
  15. Hi - I often read all your amazing advice but haven't often needed to post. Today I spotted my bantam had a very swollen wattle and a grey tick hanging off it. As she doesn't like human contact much I had to wait until she went in the eglu to bed to scoop her out and have a look. I removed the tick how I used to with my dog but not convinced it is 100% removed which I know can cause problems. Her wattle was really swollen which made it hard to remove and very pale coloured too. I applied some antiseptic to the bite but wondered if anyone has experience of this and whether the swelling will go down now the tick is removed? Any advice is appreciated as I am still in my first year of chicken keeping!

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