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  1. Yes that's correct, the additional biosecurity measures are only mandatory for commercial flocks or flocks over 500 birds. They are guidelines for anything outside of this.
  2. Hello, yes the date for current housing order restrictions being lifted is midnight on the 31st March. That means that chooks are able to free range from the 1st April, rather than the 31st March itself. There are slightly different rules and biosecurity measures that need to be taken if you have more than 500 birds but i doubt too many people would have that many on here! Details from the APHA who govern the situation below. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/avian-influenza-bird-flu-national-prevention-zone-declared
  3. Hi all, the next Defra review on the housing order takes place on the 10th March. Given that there has been few cases in the last few weeks it is expected that the housing order will be lifted prior to the 16 week deadline that ends in early April (4th April for GB and 13th April for NI). So housing order very much still in full effect until the outcomes of the review. I work closely with the poultry industry so should be able to get a steer next week of the outcomes of the review and will share any updates then.
  4. Yeh reckon they look pretty gd too, along with the beehives which were really interesting as they dont use frames! best thing is that everything seems pretty reasonable especially being handmade
  5. Saw these at a festival at the weekend, already have two and think theyre great. They are all handmade and attract solitary bees and other insects to the garden, as well as adding a bit of character to any wall or fence. Also good if you grow your own fruit and veg as they will increae polination! Pretty reasonable as well, just thought i'd post on here as this seems like the kind of place to find people that are interested in them. http://www.beehappy.org.uk/Bee_Happy/Welcome.html Matt
  6. Hi, I'm currently at the Royal Agricultural College and unfortunately we don't have our own beef unit, but i will definately contact other unis and see what they say. I think that the 5 months can be split so am looking at perhaps a larger enterpise and something a bit smaller. And funnily enough, i have worked down at River Cottage for the last 2 summers, however they are not commercial enough for what i need, they only have a few livestock, however it was a good suggestion. I take it you are studying at the moment, if so where abouts and what course? thanks Matt
  7. Hi Westie mum, thanks very much for the info, i will contact him first thing tomorrow and see what they say! thanks matt
  8. Hello, I am currently studying Agriculture at uni, and as part of my course i have to take a 5 month placement on a farm that reflects my main area of interest. I would like to go into beef production and seeings as i am having trouble trying to get any response from any of the farms i have contacted, i wondered if anyone on the forum would no of any commercial or large beef farms. It would be great if they were in the surrey or glos area as i have accomodation readily available to me in these places, however am willing to give anywhere a go! thanks matt
  9. hmmm, some very good ideas, so thanks to you all. I have tried the perches, but the last pecka block i bput in in one of those mesh holders, was so hard that even i could'nt break it so they didnt stand much of a chance. i will go and use some of your ideas anyway, so thanks very much. matt
  10. I am feeling a little uninspired as to ways to improve the lives of my hens. they free range as often as possible but only when i am in the garden with them. they spend the rest of their time in a wir which i will be turfing in a few weeks. any ideas as to things that will make their days a little more interesting in the cold weather. thanks
  11. yeh, so that it is sealed. i will probably give omlet a ring tomorrow to see if they can help. thanks for the reply
  12. does anybody know if you can buy an end panel from eglu for the eglu run, as i have a wir and so the eglu is not attached to the run, but i still want the chooks to be able to run in it with out taking the eglu out it would be to make the eglu run cmplete by having a panel at the smaller end. i hope this makes sense, if not just let me know. thanks
  13. i am 17 and recently brought a skoda felicia. i spent about £1500 but this was a higher spec model and so you can easily get them for under £1000 if you look around. i jhave had over 40 insurance quotes all being fr my own policy and the cheapest i have been given is £2000, so what i have done is changed the registered owner to my dad and then i will be put on as an addtional driver when i pass, as my mum and dad will be driving it as well. sorry about the long post and i hope it helps. oh, and adrian flux is quite good for quotes
  14. it finally came a day early and the chickens love it as do i and the rest of my family! so tomorrow i will put it in the wir run oncew i get home from school. i will try to post some pictures however i need to set up an account on phototbucket first.
  15. i buried the mesh about a foot down and then placed patio slabs around it just to make sure
  16. wow sound like a great walk in run. maybe you could post some pictures
  17. avoid AEG fan ovens as we have had ours under 5 years and the element has had to be replaced twice already costing £70 a time
  18. wish him luck. i am hoping to go to sparsholt next year to study rural land management, it seems like a good choice for aquaculture as the facilities are excellent and it has been granted a centre or vocational excellence award. i hope he enjoys it
  19. just thought that i would let you know of the 12 mile ride in london that i did yesterday for prostate cancer. after riding 13 miles up, 12 miles around the course and then 13 miles home my legs are a little tired but it was all for a good cause.
  20. thanks to everyone, yeh i finally thought that it was the right time to get one especially after my wooden house is infested with red mite despite dismantling it every week to try and get rid of it for two years. the colour was a family decision as when i go to uni next year it will not be me having to look at it every day so i thought that i would give them the decision. i will let you know how i get on with it and try and include some pictures
  21. ... and 50 extra hours at work this month i have finally ordered an due to arrive on thursday 24th.
  22. wow sounds like you are pretty excited. i got my chickens in a wooden coop aged 13/14 and i still have the wooden coop now, although after doing loads of overtime this month i am going to buy an eglu so if you wait and save your money you should be abe to get an egku or a cube.
  23. i am awaiting a brochure from olmet to show my parents so that i can buy an eglu, this has however put me off slightly as i already have a problem with red mite. are most people sattisfied with their eglus as i gather that this problem only affects a small number of eglus and cubes. and i hope that you have luck with sorting out your problem and talking to eglu about it

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