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  1. So... We collected 2 Peking bantams this morning, they are both settling in at the moment in a desperate run in the garden. I have another question... Will I need to clip there wings, how high can a Peking fly? The fence in our run is 1.25 metres, will this be OK? I will post so pictures when I can.
  2. Thanks for your advice guys, we will be getting the girls on Saturday (very exicted) then, we will have them in a separate run for at least a few days and see how it goes.
  3. Hello, been lurking here for a while but now I'm after some advice, we are going to buy 4 new girls at the weekend (2 Pekin Bantams, 1 Heritage Skyline and 1 other but cant decide what yet) and I'm after some tips on introducing them to our 2 ex-batts, I have just built them a new large run so they will have plenty of room. I have enough room to put the new (or old) girls in a separate rabbit run inside the main run, is this worth doing, and how long should I leave them in there for? Any suggestions for a smooth introduction will be much appreciated.

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