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  1. We have a rablu + extension with 2 dwarf buns - been about a year now. Problem is, the Eglu was designed (rather well) for chickens - Rabbits were an afterthought - and its not that suited to them. I cant help thinking that the brilliant designers at Omlet would have come up with something else if they had bunnies in mind. There isnt enough room for the buns to REAAALLY kick up their heels, run & jump. The big plastic hutch is just a toilet - they never go in otherwise. In winter (Yorkshire) they would die from exposure. To move the rablu / buns you need to catch them first... which means crawling right into the pen - in cold rain & mud - not easy for an adult. We grass turfed the 4.5'x 6' greenhouse in autumn! - the buns went in there from 1st frosts - and still go in if its really cold or seriously rain. Rest of the year its Rablu for them, but we clean & relocate the rablu every weekend. Bottom line is Rabbits are NOT low maintainance, and the Rablu is not a complete Rabbit home. ps: ONLY EVER GET A BUN FROM RABBIT RESCUE / RSPCA. sorry to rant on - but its a responsability if you are going to play God with another creatures life.
  2. apple leaves on the branch of course - (they like the bark) just chop off a small branch and place it in the run.
  3. We also have two buns (ned dwarf & polish dwarf) in a rablu - they didnt have much room to run around & the standard rablu pen is less than RSPCA advised space for a run. Have now bought an EXTENSION. Much better - buns can pick up some speed before turning round & chasing back - suggest you do the same. Oh... and make sure youve got 2 buns !
  4. UPDATE: Had lots of advice (some contradicted others) RSPCA were very helpful. Hes going to be a bachelor bunny until we have him 'done' - then we will phone around rabbit rescue centres to get him a doe (also 'done') Meantime.... its apple blossom time, and this bunny really likes nibbling the flowers off apple branches put in the run! very cute. PS: I know why its called a RABLU - its a very posh indoor loo. Bunny prefers to stay outside with a cardboard box to sleep in!
  5. Eek! Sounds a bit scary! Hopefully we'll be getting a doe soon because our boy bunny Will is a bit lonely and aparrantly the best thing to do is get an older lady rabbit which has already been neutered! They're really hard to find!! LOL I think that you should get both bunnies neutered even though they're both girls...Or are they?! I hope everything works out okay for you.
  6. Wow, that sounds awful. Has it happened to anyone else's bunnies? Do you think a cat could do that? Because there are lots of cats that live in the neighborhood and they like to come and try to claw our little bunny. They haven't succeeded yet, but the bunny doesn't really know what the cat is and goes right up to the side of the run to greet it..That's when the cat tries to claw him through the wire. Maybe Omlet could make the run safer with a tighter mesh? Anyway, I am sorry to hear about poor little Boris, and am glad that Doris likes Boris Jnr. They are ace names by the way!
  7. thanks everyone! you've definitely helped
  8. I've done this about my bunny..not me! 1.) Will 2.) Silver 3.) None 4.) April 14th 5.) Playing with my owner 6.) My green rablu 7.) Carrots and The neighborhood cat 8.) The people next door have the radio on all the time so I hear a lot of music 9.) I have never seen a TV 10.) Dandelion leaves 11.) Scary birds 12.) I wish I had a bunny friend 13.) I am very cute when I yawn 14.) Dunnoooooo 15.) the one about bunnies that Beatrix Potter wrote 16.) Rabbits for Dummies haha 17.) Being a bunny 18.) Funny and a little bit weird:) Sorry I did the questionaire about my bunny instead of me.. I'm strange like that haha I'd just like to say how nice everyone is here! It's good that people can come here with any rabbit/chicken/duck/guineapig problems and there will be someone to help. Lalalalalaaaaa my bunny is so cute!! Shame we can't get a lady bunny... http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9897
  9. Also, (I think this question is for eglu owners) my bunny likes to sit/sleep in the hay rack inside the eglu. Somehow, he hops in then manages to get his little bottom and hind legs out on top of the food bowl! He seems to be happy sitting there, so I have stopped putting him back into the main part of the eglu, but I was just wondering if this is okay and if he will eventually stop doing this.. I have no idea how he gets out, yet sometimes when I open the side door of the eglu I hear a thump and I have decided this is probably him jumping down from the hay rack. If anybody has any ideas, please help.
  10. hi from me! I only joined today, having bought the bunny yesterday.
  11. Hello. We used to have 2 male rabbits from the same litter and they never had fights. Unfortunately though, when they were only 6 or 7 months old they died because of the dog next door... But anyway, we bought a new bunny yesterday. He is adorable and only 9 weeks old! Our problem is that we want him to have a friend, and we were just about to buy a doe today, but the woman at the pet shop said that we can't put them together if we're not breeding them because blahblahblah..and we can only get them neutered when theyre 5/6 months old. We would have to keep them separate until then and we only have the rablu. Any ideas on what to do? [/b]

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