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  1. Thanks all. I will go with it for now until it looks like she is deteriorating. We have been given metacam for 6 days too so will see of that makes any difference but the vet was pretty adamant that there wasn't much chance of improvment and he is usually spot on with chook diagnosis!
  2. Hi all, I have got a little sablepoot (probably about 9months old) that hurt her leg a while ago, I thought it was just a sprain so let her rest it for a while but it has not improved at all. We took her to the vet on Tuesday and they said it is an Achilles injury with little chance of recovery. What I'm after is whether people think it is mean to let her live as she is and should I have her put down? She eats and drinks as normal and actually hops around fine on one leg. She is slightly more nervous than she used to be bit she was always a bit jumpy. The other two aren't pecking her at all but they've been together since I first bought them. The vet said it is my call as to whether I think she has a good enough quality of life. Any advice would be appreciated as my wife and I are tempted to let her live out her days until she is clearly unhappy but not sure if that is cruel in others eyes.
  3. I think it was your girls that I saw mollyripkim. We had an email back from Racheal and it looks like it may be a couple of months before any are ready unfortunately. Need to call her to confirm though! I may have to ring pure poultry as well to see - I got my pekin, bantam orp, partridge silkie and sablepoot from there but I didn't think they did many colours of silkie so will call tomorow to speak to Miles. Thanks again all. Will update you all with some pics when sorted!
  4. Thanks! I've just found some photos of her birds on this forum and they look lush! Just phoned but she isn't sure what she has available at the moment so she will email me back later. I'm quite happy to wait for a month or so if she has some young'uns though. Thanks again. Ed
  5. Hi all, Following the recent death of our lovely partridge silkie Myrtle (she had a massive abscess in her mouth that had been removed by the vet once but unfortunately came back within a week of antibiotics finishing) we have decided to replace her with another two silkies if we can find them - pref a blue and a red one. Does anyone know of any good breeders in the South West? I am waiting for 1 breeder to call me back but not holding out much hope with them. If anyone can advise of a good breeder that would be great! Thanks Ed
  6. You could try pure poultry in Honiton? They had some last weekend - all silver laced though I think
  7. Hi all, Thanks for the replies - I shall look into them. Was the Bitton one called JC chickens?
  8. Hi all, I was actaully a member on here years ago but I couldn't remember my password and I no longer have access to the email address I used to sign up with - so I've had to create a new account!! But its nice to be back anyway! I've recently decided to get some chickens again and am looking to get a mixture (4 birds)of either pekins/sebrights/sablepoots/silkies/araucana bantams. Last time I had chickens I bought them from wernlas in a long round trip - I've since learnt they have sold all their stock off, so can anyone advise of a supplier of good quality birds? Preferably in the south west (near Bristol) but I would potentially travel if there was a decent choice of the above birds! Also, if anyone has an eglu and run for sale in my area then please let know! I'm desperate to get chooks again asap - as is my 2 year old son!

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