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  1. I'd forgotten about this thread - think I'll give it a try again this summer now that I'm more settled
  2. this reminded me to google myself - not done it for years - instead of all the interesting stuff I do, it's all my linked in profile and my old address and references to my ex
  3. a couple of weeks ago - we're talking mid-sept I went to a local garden centre to buy a house-plant for a friend. Bear in mind that just walking from my front door to my car (a matter of 15ft or so) leaves me in agony... got to the car-park, nearest vacant disabled space was a couple of hundred feet from the entrance... went in, quickly found plant and pretty pot and turned to go through the double doors to the tills only to find my way blocked by black curtains and a sign saying that 'they' were sure I didn't mind but the area was closed in order to prepare for SANTA! yes, I did mind - I had to walk further to another door before I could head for the tills... and you know what? I forgot to make a complaint to the staff - must be my age...
  4. salad... definitely salad... topped with Shropshire Blue and strawberries
  5. I've never had either but would go for the nanny option even if it's more expensive * the nanny will have been trained * will presumably have been police checked * will have chosen to work with children * um... that's it...
  6. my OH is vehemently anti- Fathers' Day but when Bloke-Next-Door was telling OH what he had got for FD, OH played the sympathy card by complaining that I hadn't bothered...
  7. looks like being a fabulous day for everyone
  8. Mr Titsmulch is to be found at the very back of the magazine - it's one of my very few 'must haves', try it...
  9. I'm treating my sore throat with homemade lemonade - we're flying back to Blighty on Weds/Thurs - if I'm doomed I'll try not to succumb until I get home meanwhile, the magnolia blossom outside my window here is beautiful...
  10. not having a TV I can't comment on the programme but I must say that the new format magazine is brilliant Joe is a garden designer rather than a gardener so his experiences of allotment gardening are similar to what any of us would expect - who hasn't made the mistake of rotavating land which would have been better dug over?
  11. thanks for this, Tiggy - was in Mexico a couple of weeks ago and am now in the US - NY state... will keep referring back to your post sore throat and hay fever type sneezing... perhaps I need more coffee?
  12. not boasting or anything but... am on holiday in the US and it's 105F here...
  13. that's a good idea - it's how we had meeces in the first place - the cats brought in live ones to play with Then there was the time George came in through the window with a wriggling mouse in his mouth then ate it (still wriggling) in front of us
  14. HURRAH! I'm sure that somewhere along the line we all said you could do it
  15. I don't really understand any of this stuff - I've successfully avoided Britney and her ilk... [/grumpy old grandma]
  16. all horrible sharp angles and no class to them
  17. hurrrumph! You're all children - mere babes in arms compared to me...
  18. fowlbird


    that was easy! I just added you as a friend, Esta... let me know if it changes your life
  19. thank you for drawing my attention to that, Poet! I hadn't noticed... If you look I've reached 1,000 posts - not sure what that says about me....
  20. I don't know about Beckie but I have no trouble with this one... the pins in the doll thing - I did that once and the girl/nasty female dog concerned (we were 6 or 7 at the time) broke her arm the same evening throwing things - I threw my new electric kettle at my ex (while we were still married of course) it ricocheted down the hall, hit the tiled floor at speed and developed a leak so can't recommend these two methods - go with the writing a letter or let us loose on her...
  21. crocuses all flowering in our grass verge, daffodils out front and back, tulips out back and bluebells coming along nicely up the top of the garden all as normal

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