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  1. It's not at the moment. I lost some of my older girls and I'm now converting it to use as a chicken quarantine instead for a little while.
  2. Argh! I just realised I missed the asking price! I'm looking for £150.
  3. Hi I, sadly, have no need for our small critter Eglu Go 😪 It's green, used, and has the 1m run with the base of the run mesh to stop the little ones digging for victory (or freedom). No structural damage that I can see, but the inner base tray shows the signs of guinea pig use that you find on these. I'm not sure if you can still convert these to use for chickens, but I can't seem to justify having more girls just to keep it...
  4. I've spent my afternoon moving the classic and the cube right up into the shadow of the house... thank god the clocks have changed as they went to bed early enough that we didn't need to worry about finding them unable to find the doors (happens every time we move the houses. The run covers are off as I was worried they might work like sails and lift the houses in the process... I'm just going to go back out and make sure the cube roof is on tight as I frequently fail to locate it properly. good luck everyone, hopefully with all this preparation we should be ok.
  5. Survey done... I only live ten miles from Nottingham so if you want anything more I'm happy to help
  6. ooo that's so exciting! did you get up extra early to get everything perfect for them or is it just me??
  7. I know it's safer to buy hybrids but I've had my heart set on pretty hens, especially the orp, so I'm going to persist... we went to see a lady nearby this evening, and have agreed to go back tomorrow as it was starting to get to chicken bedtime and so they were disappearing before we got to them. fingers crossed, she has both LF and bantam orps... and my daughter appears to have fallen in love with a pekin.
  8. Ah DeeDee, that's the beauty of it... No OH here to argue. That's why I finally got the girls!
  9. That's nuts. I'm expecting at least one for Christmas for a joke present though...
  10. she is gone. to a friend of a friend. and I'm gutted as she was the one I always wanted. I think I need to get a couple of others for Phlox but I don't know that I can trust anyone when they tell me they're definitely girls now. pants.
  11. well, this morning came and they all woke up in the same cube ... no crowing at all?!?!?! Am I being overly optimistic that she might be a girl after all? I think Phlox is a little freaked out - she's been following Daisy round like a lost lamb, hiding underneath her whenever possible. I've left them all in the cube and run and I really hope I've done the right thing
  12. I found her after a lengthy Google search, and despite offering to take her back when I bought her should she be a boy, she won't do so. she says she paid for the chicks to be sexed and this is the second that has turned out to be a cockerel. not impressed and a little cross now. I've moved them in with the big girls now it's dark, topped up the grit and filled both of the grubs with growers. hopefully they won't kick off in the morning too early. I have the local breeder as my last hope of either telling me she is a girl or taking him on, otherwise I'm going to have to take my cha
  13. I'm absolutely gutted. I can't find her number as my phone died and deleted everything a couple of weeks back. I can't bear the thought of someone doing away with him and now I don't know what to do about phlox. should I move her in with the girls with Daisy tonight as planned or will she suffer when Daisy goes? After losing Crocus and Coriander turning out to be a boy I'm really not a happy girl right now.
  14. I got her with my phone this morning from my daughter's bedroom window - please excuse my scratty garden! She has about eight goes at ten to twenty second intervals, what do you think?
  15. It came from Millside Country Store, but I googled it when I got home and it's from fallenfruits.co.uk - I think they're available at Tesco for less than I paid, but I like my country store! redsunset - it's an indoor mat! I also miss a clear patio, a jetwash is now in my wishlist too!

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