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  1. Many thanks. Have decided I will ask Omlet to take it back - as it is not upto scratch. I bought it after someone at Omlet assured me that it was as good quality as the classic. I also thought the back door might be useful. Fortunately the chicks will not need a coop for a while so I have the time. Whatever I get, it will not be flatpack - will think of the classic if it comes in one piece.
  2. Hi A newcomer to this site and to chicken keeping. Had looked forward for years to getting an Eglu for when I finally got chickens. Now have two 10 days old brooding nicely. Wish I could say the same for the Eglu Go. Everything arrived promptly. Unfortunately the run extension was badly rusted. Omlet very quickly rearranged a new part to be sent. Yesterday I had a go at assembling the Go. I had not realised how much assembly was required. I was already unhappy as part of the front door panel was warped , although Omlet said this was OK. I must say that the plastic quality is not brilliant. I know injection moulding is not easy, but even so. Went ahead with the construction. I used "4 small screws" (well the screws that I had that looked small) as specified for the bar across the back - didn't fit properly. Carried on - some things come together all at the end after all. When I came to the top I was 4 screws short. Those 4 small screws? Couldn't get the run fitted properly at all, and that has some minor rusting on the corners. I now have to get the small screws, take the wretched thing to bits and try to reassemble. At the moment it is on one piece but with gaps. No way is it robust or waterproof as it is. Is it just me? Regret getting it now, but the cost of sending it back would be astronomical. It was not exactly cheap in the first place. Am sure things will get sorted, but it does not help that Omlet is only open Mon - Fri. PS The chicks are cute. My fear that the cat would try to eat them have been unfounded. She is terrified of these two bundles of fluff.

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