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  1. Good morning, yes I asked that and apparently she is pooing but had messy knickers and that’s why she investigated. She is pretty hen savvy and has had hens for a few years she was just confused because she had never seen this.
  2. Hello luvachicken i have a single old girl now in a cube! ...I leave the door and she has taken to sleeping in the nest box. by my calculations she is 5 1/2...not bad for an ex working lady!
  3. That’s really helpful thank you. she has separated her from the others and said she will follow the advice. She is hen savvy but she or I haven’t seen that before! She freaked out a little I guess. thanks again..
  4. Many thanks for your kind replies. I have passed them on to my friend. Life has been manic...I’m down to a single ex working girl at the moment, we have had her four years this month and I can’t wait to get some more ladies but will wait until this old girl gives up. She seems totally fine in her own so I don’t want to upset her or risk her getting bullied
  5. Hello folks hope your all well.. i have not been on here for ages..life has taken over...I have been contacted by a pal that has a hen with a blue, does anyone have a clue what it could be. My thoughts are bent gleet but the blue has thrown me?
  6. Oh dear! Yes I’m afraid the recommendations is now a permanent fixed retainer. It’s a small bar cemented to the back of the teeth. To be honest after a few days he won’t even realise he is wearing it but if you decide against be prepared those blessed teeth move VERY quickly.
  7. Generally, as in life if they feel like trouble then they will be! What is going on with non paying buyers too? eBay say you can report them but they don’t actually do anything. I had some cheeky bint win a river island leather jacket for £38.00 then email to say “could I pay Friday when I get paid?” I said fine and I haven’t heard anything since. This has happened a couple of time and it’s so frustrating!
  8. I have had a rat actually chew a hole through my fence and when I secured that it dug not only under a fence but under concrete slab, I blocked the holes nightly and before I popped a few poison blocks and then put bait boxes next to the holes. This continued for a week but then stopped suddenly. Several months ago I had similar and used a trap with some mealworms on it as bait and got the rascal the first night! Good luck
  9. Sorry guys but I do love my super white teeth. Yes they are a little sensitive when I bleach but a few days if sensodyn toothpaste and that’s all resolved...love my pearly whites
  10. Maybe an impacted crop, maybe a blockage. How is she today?
  11. Just a masssive thank you for taking on those lucky ladies. I am doing a rehoming (BHWT) tomorrow. 500 lucky girls going home to their new homes.
  12. Given the description I don't think they are going have any takers!
  13. We have literally tried everything and I personally think you won't stop them and the only thing you can do is make sure your defences are strop enough to stop them getting in to your girls and only letting them FR under supervision
  14. It's right DM, you let the toothbrush do the work. I have had several electric toothbrushes and the battery life on them has varied enormously. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason
  15. I remember my daughter watched it and it terrified her (she was only about My sons used to torment the life out of her and one night when we were on holiday they tied balloons around her bed and wrote on them " we all float"
  16. So sorry to hear this, it's all we seem to hear time and time again! I am another one who has been through this too, lumpectomy followed by 5 weeks of radiotherapy and then Tamoxifen...to be honest I think it was harder for my husband because I was busy getting on with work/treatment...I wanted to go to all the appointments/radiotherapy etc in my own, he was the one who was left not quite knowing what to do! I didn't tell anyone including my kids until I started my radiotherapy and at that point I had answers to all the questions..I am sure you will find a way forward that works for you and I am sure you will be absolutely fine, it's about getting through each appointment individually...
  17. I kept mine separate for about six weeks, during that time I increased the amount of time they spent together free ranging and when they seemed happy to ignore each other for the majority of the time then left t them together unsupervised. All in all from start to finish I have found it averages out at about six weeks each time.
  18. I was going to say exactly the same. If you introduce just the one then in a few months time you may be in the same position. I am down to 2 and they are old ex commercial girls but I plan to take a hen holiday so I can have a few holidays and short breaks but otherwise I would always have a minimum of three (obviously space willing)
  19. Yes I agree...dispatch her or find a vet asap even if they are not chicken savvy they can do the job. She is clearly suffering bless her
  20. Massive well done to you and your team. We have met several times I'm sure at the Essex farm!
  21. No, I have garages to the rear then my runso no access there and I am mid terraced so they would need to climb about 6 fences, each 6 foot high to get to my garden. I honestly dont think for a second it's a badger...I have foxes in my garden every night
  22. SJP...that's why I'm so baffled, the blocked were not just stuck in the bait boxes, there were secured using the pins you thread the blocks on to but I have to disagree that they eat them there and then. I have on several occasions found small bits of the bait blocks just outside the boxes so I assume they have tried to take some back to the nest and have dropped some on the way. Also I appreciate you haven't had any foxes touching your boxes and neither have I...until now! Maybe it wasn't a fox but I cannot imagine what else it could be. I live in a town off a busy main road and am certain it isn't a badger...
  23. I did look at the pasta one but the assistant said although the blocks take longer they are waterproof and as they are just outside the run I thought they were safer. I did have them inside the run but a rat/mouse dragged half a block out and I saw it in the run before the hens got up. I didn't want the hens eating it obviously so moved the traps out over a year ago!

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