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  1. I have mixed small and large hens before without any issues; it is honestly the first time in about 10 years of hen keeping that I have such an issue introducing two groups to each other. I have had it easy until now 😂 . And to be honest, I wasn't expecting the rescues to be in such good condition (but then again, they are ex-barn, not ex-batts, so have had marginally better living conditions)... I wonder if putting the WIR in the middle is actually the solution: Eglu Go Up + run on one side and Solway Mini + (low) run on the other... I could get a connector kit for each run and the only
  2. Good afternoon, I have a question regarding attaching several types of run to each other. Bear with me while I try to explain the situation. I currently have: an Eglu Go Up, a 2m Go Up Run, a 2m Go run (the low one - I converted my Go to a Go up a couple of years ago),and a Solway Mini coop (borrowed from a neighbour) The hens normally live within a fenced off area (about 10 x 2 meters) of the garden in summer and get the run of the whole garden in the winter. I have two 3 year-old small hens (silkie crosses) which have been with me all their lives,
  3. Really sorry to hear this. I'm shocked that anybody could do that...
  4. Great news! It's lucky you have a nosy neighbour, you might never have found out you owned a wood otherwise
  5. I am new to the forum but I wanted to say congratulations! Little Joe is a cutie and the family photo is fab. Love the vest too ;o) .
  6. I am prone to stomac ulcers because I have a hiatus hernia, so I have been through the whole thing. Endoscopies are not nice but at least, the consultant will know exactly what the matter is and will hopefully be able to help. The bland diet helps so do natural yoghurts and some herbal teas (check the ones that "help digestion"). Keeping a food diary was very useful too - after a bit of trial and error I knew exactly which foods I could take, which ones were a big no-no and which ones actually helped the condition (and I guess this may vary from person to person).
  7. You might want to give Jocelyn Scott (Hens Made Easy) a call - she's based in Fife and always has a good variety of breeds (not only the ones listed on her website). Here's the website with her details: http://www.henkeepingfife.co.uk
  8. Hello, I'm new to the forum and new to henkeeping. I am in Fife (Scotland) and I recently purchased an Eglu Go and four pullets: two wyandottes (Oreo and Michoko), a buff sussex (Nougatine) and a silkie cross (Chouquette). They have settled in really well in their new home and are getting on great with each other, which is fantastic. I'm lucky enough to have a walled garden so they can free-range in the garden during the day and get locked in their Eglu at night. They are still too young to lay, but I love having them around. And I can't believe how fast they are growing! I'm looking

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