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  1. I live in an area with lots of foxes, infact we lost 2 hens 3 weeks after joining the hen club and it was really distressing. Anyway my hens used to live in an eglu with 2m run and got let out every day for at least 1.5hrs to go anywhere. They used to get so hyper and excited when I would let them out that I felt really bad and then built them a 6m x 3m WIR thinking they would love it but now they squawk and cry to be let out of even that! They've gotten really naughty darting out between my legs even. My question is - are they unhappy or just spoilt? I cant build a bigger run and oart of me is thinking are they ever satisfied!!?
  2. I bought real wood chips which are really good. Dont buy bagged decorative play bark as it holds moisture and encourages parasites. Very hard to find though so be friend a tree surgeon!
  3. I was giving them loads then read they will stop eating their pellets which have loadsa vitamins etc and checked with my vet who said 10% a day of treats at most. Im guessing thats about a teaspoon! Seems so low and I love their reaction when they get mealworm!
  4. Thanks, taking her to the vets tomorrow just to be sure Im not missing anything!
  5. I got Kona on 20th April as an ex battery hen. She doesn't seem to be as lively as other hens and at first she used to puff her feathers up a lot with her tail down. We took her to the vet who gave her a calcium shot and we really ramped up the tonics etc since. Some days she runs about fine and other days she sits puffed up with her eyes shut, but as it has been close to 2 months Im beginning to wonder if she is just a bit moody? She has had a cold also for 2 weeks - vet said he could give us anti biotics but best to battle it out as she was prob quite immune as she was ex battery. Her poo seems normal and she eats a fair bit. When we let the hens out she finds a sunny spot and sunbathes and if its cold or wet she doesn't come out. She scratches around etc and goes foraging but nowhere near the two other greedy pigs we have. She just isn't lively and she doesn't get as excited over treats as the others who go mental. I thought she was moulting as was finding feathers but none seem to be growing back and she looks worse now then when she came from the battery! Vet just said she is probably still stressed but its been two months! What should I be looking out for? She has a bald patch above her tail on her lower back and that doesn't appear to be growing back. When i check her for mites she has a lot of matted feathers under her wings too. I just want her to be happy and pain free!
  6. I lost 2 to a fox and got 2 straight away as I had one lone hen who was miserable being alone. I didnt think Id grow to like the new ones as much but 4 weeks on theyre eating out of my hand and following me about. Its hard and I dont know how many times I can go through the deaths but we persevere!
  7. I lost two of my hens - fox got in the eglu by taking the top off. Basically I bought my eglu off ebay and when I went to pick it up, I watched the seller disassemble the eglu and I put it back in the same fashion. I didn't realise the pin that holds the black bar in was missing and didn't even realise that there needed to be one until it was too late. I emailed the seller and complained to ebay that he never said any parts were missing but neither wanted to know. Just a warning for anyone that buys off ebay - print off the eglu instructions off so you know you're not missing anything. I love the eglu, it hasn't put me off at all and we will upgrade to a cube when we have more money. Omlet were fab - they sent me a pin for free and I really appreciate their support, considering I bought the eglu off ebay and not them but great Customer Service works since I will def be getting a Cube at some point and have bought all my accessories off them. Regardless - I've put weights against the house as Im so paranoid now.
  8. Sorry for your loss - I don't know the history but I was in a similar situation - lost two on the same day and had one alone who was miserable. I contemplated rehoming her just so she wouldn't be alone but in the end I rehomed two instead to bring my number back to 3. Having said that, the lady I buy wood chip off had one lone chicken for 3 months and all was ok. Is your hen upset at being alone?
  9. I was so excited that my hens were responding positively to me when I started giving them dry mealworm that I think I gave them too many - they stopped eating their proper feed. I now limit to a teaspoon each at most - as a treat to get them back in their run after free ranging.
  10. Thanks I hope so:) Didn't want to chance it so took her to the vet today who said she is either needing calcium or has bronchitis She has stopped eating so I'm fearing bronchitis. He gave her a shot of calcium in any case so if she doesnt perk up then I will assume it's bronchitis. I hope the other two havent caught it - the one that was puffing her feathers seemed to be running round today okay and the other one is mega fast zipping around so no signs of illness so far. It's horrible thinking that all three might get ill and die so quick but I'm going to stay positive and try and get them out and about as much as possible in case it's the last days
  11. Hello, I got 3 rescue hens 10 days ago from the BHWT and all started well. I was getting an egg off each one for the first 4 days and then for the last 6 days one appears to have stopped completely, one is every other day and one is laying every day. I can tell from the size and colour. I also have had a puffy hen for the last 3 days. and now a second one has started to puff too! By puff I mean puffing her feathers. At first I didnt think it was anything serious since she was still eating and running around (I thought she might be egg bound but she seemed mobile and her normal self) Today she seems to be a bit subdued. The second one is still running about but has started to puff her feathers too. Im wondering whether one is egg bound and the other might be. Would that explain that one has totally stopped laying and one has only laid twice in the last 6 days? I have them on Ex Battery Crumb mixed with a bit of grit. Ive put liquid calcium in their water. They have been eating mealworm off me as a treat. Ive let them free range a short while each day under my supervision. I dont know if Im doing anything wrong? I genuinely cant feel any 'stuck' egg either. Any thoughts are welcome!
  12. Thanks Egghead68 and good_egg - she seems fine today. It's getting to that time of day where bed calls. I've got a 30 min window left - hope they start making their way in on their own!
  13. Thanks ohcarolina - I didn't know that about baking! I might make egg pasta instead - want to capatlise on the freshness! A horrible thing just happened. I was hoping they'd just go to their eglu for bed again and two did, but one kept walking about until I had to crawl in to guide her and she went beserk. She hit the sides a few times flapping her wings and squaking and crying. She made it behind me almost out of the door. Not sure how, but I crawled out super quick and shut the door which hit her. It all happened so quick, I'm really upset. I hope she's okay
  14. Thanks laurmurf and blueandwhite. That's great advice - I will try that! Two more eggs have appeared - could have happened anytime between 9am and 3pm as I didn't think to check again after first egg - glad I did. Lined up - all 3 eggs are different sizes, and all 3 hens are different sizes so I'm hopeful they're all laying in that case. Am aware this might come to an abrupt stop so will get baking!
  15. Hello I picked up 3 hens from a BHWT rescue yesterday. It was an hour drive - they were mostly silent in their box biut every now and then you heard some jostling. Got them into their eglu and run and bless them, they just stood their unmoving and seemingly stunned for a while. Then one of them, the largest (her name is Hilo) , made it into the eglu and just stood above the nest. The other two (Kona and Kea) pecked around the grass for ages, found the food and water (yay!) and then had a bit of a fight / squaring up to each other when getting in the eglu. In any case they managed to get in and I took this opportunity to shut the door as it was about 8pm by this point. As Hilo had made a beeline for the eglu, I was concerned she was going to sleep hungry and thirsty but I know they feed and water them before people pick them up so I was hoping she'd be okay. This morning I opened the eglu door at about 5.30am and they didn't venture out until about 8.30am - and only one of them at that (not sure which one as I can only tell them apart when they're together so far!) I guess it's really cold for them and the ground is a bit wet from dew. I don't know what I was expecting. Maybe them sitting in the run rather than the eglu for starters. Maybe this will come with time? They have poo'd a lot also. I don't know yet what is normal but I felt a bit bad as their feathers and feet were dirty from poo (I'm not expecting them to stay clean but it was a marked difference!) BUT BEST NEWS >> we had an egg! I hope this continues but wasn't expecting one and I know it can stop anytime so just a bonus at the moment. I was wondering - was Hilo's action of just staying on the nest (she wasn't actually sitting down, just standing over it for ages and ages) a pecking order technique? She was first in the house and didn't budge. I hope they come out a bit more, I guess they're not used to the outdoors. I've put a cover on half of the run in case it rains and freaks them out. I feel tempted to give them some mealworm but will wait as I assume it might be a bit much for their digestion. They're on crumb at the moment. I feel already that Hilo is the boss. How amazing is nature! Will post some pics:)

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