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  1. Thanks to you all for your very fast replys and advice. I will give it all a go ill move the bait box and mix some new poison with peanut butter, and repbait my traps ill get a cat anyway if you think itll be ok with the girls, an i tried blocking. Up the holes and they dug round them they have now completly destroyed my new lawn which was only frsh laid this year!! Theyve dug tunnels right theough the lawn and burrowed 13 holes under the decking their very cute and i hate killing anything but im worrid theyl bite my girls as ive seen them actually coming out of the eglu theyve dug tunnels under the eglu so even the run isnt safe ive brought the food in the kitchen and call my girls in to eat 2 times a day but im worried this could invite the rats into the house!!!! Thanks guys ill give it all a try and get back to you all xx Matillda Pepper Lola Florence (fat flo) My four beautiful pekin girls xx
  2. Weve been dealing with rats since summer we have a large decked area and know they live under there!! We have repeatedly tried poison and traps both humane and snap traditional traps, but their breeding and i havent caught uor killed one!!! So im thinking of a cat!! DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE CATS WITH CHOOKS? I have pekins 4 of, so should i get a kitten so it can be brought up with them or get a cats protection rehome a cat? I live in between field so the rats will keep coming im sure so thinking long term! Please advise xx
  3. Thank you for your advice i really appreciate any help ive been to the the vets 3 times ow two different vets farm and pet and no joy other than baytril for respritory infection which is why she had fluid on the lungs, she also had mites ut ive absaloutly bathed her in diatom so shes nice and clean shes newly homed and just at pol little white pekin beautiful i mighthave to forse feed her as she doesnt seem interested at all today ive tried mash pellets meal worms scrambled eggs cheese hentastic treats and tonic
  4. Ive had a very poorly pekin for weeks and on numerous occations thought she was dying! So the fluid in her lungs seems to have died down but shes skin and bones and bare stands up she will still eat but everything has to be crumbs and shes not eating much has runny poo etc what can i feed her that will help her put her weight back on i think if i can get her weight back up she could pull round!
  5. Thankyou for your experience chrissie i hope my nugget gets better will keep you all informed xx
  6. Well we put her just on the grass to have some food and water while i cleaned out the cat box thought she was a safe distance from the others!! And fat flo came charging over and went nuts trying to peck at her eyes we had to quickly scoop her up and run inside no harm done but shes been kicked out of the flock now! So back into the kitchen where its safe! I thought she was going to die as she was falling over and could barely breath it was horrific to watch so i went to bed expecting the worst and when i got up in the morning shes still with us so shes eaten and drank ive given her bottom a bath and trimmed her feathers so it wont stick and applied a little petrolium jelly to stop a messy bum again and shes here another night im not giving up on her! If she does get well with they just take her back into the flock or will i have to keep her seperate someone told me today i would have to get rid of her like shes an old handbag!! Grrrrrrrrr Well id rather buy another garden for my little chicken nugget! Has anyone else had an experience of re- introducing an old flock member? Me thinking positive xx
  7. Shes still going but looks aweful ive had to bring her in now in a cat box by the radiator shes gasping i think shes not going to pull through this its horrid im watching her dye!! Poor little girl all i can do is make her comfortable now!
  8. Yes id be willing to give it a try shes worth it!! X Shes still going though!
  9. Yes with the rest of the flock not having any symptoms at all the vet said its more likely to be a heart defect but would that have come on so strong so suddenly! I woke this morning thinking id find her dead but shes still with us! Shes a little less mobile today seems to be deteriorating each day its like slowly watching her die! So sad! I scooped her up and she fed from my hand takes a few steps then seems really out of breath i researched tylan and asked the vet and hes a farm vet so thinking they should be used to chooks, but no he gave me baytril Im quite tempted to stop the meds as shes been on them for 6 days now and still no drastic improvement her eyes are less puffy?? What would you do? When i picked her up tis morn i noticed all her bum is mucky shes never had that but her poos not runny! Will that be due to the meds as shes been wormed etc and shes never had that poor chuckling!
  10. Thanx guys im worried ive made it worse maybe ive been giving her meds to her wrong ptherwise why has she got worse not better ive been giving them as far back as the syringe will reach and in short burst so she can breath in between but she seems to crackle more straight after!
  11. One of my little pekin for a few weeks has been wheezing ive had her since about 8 weeks old and shes easy 20+ weeks now no problems the rest of my flok is healthy but i though maybe she had a little grain stuck last week it got slightly worse shes on growers pellets still and a little layers mash just to get the taste and all the others eat the same hes been wormed flubenvet and no sign of mites the eglues cleaned out twice a week, where have i gone wrong im so dis heartend i dont want anything to happen to my others!! Their my babies! So off t the vets i went he wasnt very helpful just gave me 3 days worth of baytril and said come back if she gets worse she sounded like a crisp packet being scrunched when she breathes so i took her straight back he said theres fluid in her lungs gave me a nother 7 day course of baytril along with another big billband said thats all he can do she might have a heart defect! Shes still trying to wander with the rest of the flock but cant keep ip so huddles in the corner fluffed up with her beakopen gasping and eyes shut ive given her nutridrops acv in water what else can i do, im also worried that the batril im syringing her is going into her lungs not down her neck as she sound worse with every dose please any advice is welcome!!! ( she in the house of an evening with a hot water bottle which she loves a cuddle)
  12. HA THATS HOW ID DESCRIBE IT PERFECTLY THEY LOOK LIKE THEIR BLUSHING HA HA either thet or going through the chicken change! hormones maybe?
  13. it looks like their trying to sort out a pecking order, they have all just got on well since we had them but the last few days we have noticed a few scuffles do you think that could be whats causing them to stress then as their treated like royalty lol
  14. im confused I have 4 pekins I got them pretty much 2 months ago now and was told they were about 12 weeks although 2 are a lot bigger that the others. im hoping its just them becoming mature as I know their comb wattles and round their eyes and ears are usually pale flesh coloured and these turn red when they are coming to pol but they are going red then turning back pale some days the 2 older ones will be red then before your eyes they go practically white is this normal or do I need help? ive tried to google it but cant find anything at all just need some reasureing that my girls are ok, any advice or answers are welcomed x nugget, lola, fat flo, and tilly x

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