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  1. watery poo...Clostridium perfringens?

    Thanks so much sandychick I will check out your link now. I've got acidophilus capsules in the fridge so I cut a couple of capsules open & mixed the powder with their feed this morning...hopefully it will help! Definitely no more kitchen s"Ooops, word censored!"s
  2. Hi I recently posted about 1 of my 2 hens who has watery poo (along with feather loss from her belly area & sore looking skin there) & I was kindly given a link to a poo guide with photos....her poo sometimes resembles that in the photo of "Clostridium perfringens" which can apparently be caused when you feed your hens s"Ooops, word censored!"s & old food (oops I've been doing that) or not having fresh water (I was filling their water from the water butt until recently as it looked clean enough). However other than her sore balding underneath & stopping laying, she appears healthy & happy. I tried to research this condition so I can treat it but can find very little that is comprehensible, it all being very academic & scientific studies. Desperately hoping I can treat it easily before she deteriorates as these 2 hens are my childrens dearly loved pets. Would be grateful for any advice. Many thanks
  3. poorly chicken

    Thanks for the link sandychick-I'm hoping that the wateryness is not Clostridium perfringens as her poo can sometimes look like that, and I do sometimes feed them s"Ooops, word censored!"s such as old rice & stale bread(I will stop doing so now). I used to fill their water up from the tap on the water butt until I became concerned when my hens appeared less healthy. Tried to find out more but the searches bring up very academic articles on the subject. Do you know anything about this condition & how to treat it?
  4. poorly chicken

    Thank you both for your replies...I will research northern fowl mite this eve, Strangely when we lost a hen to mites(a pale brown kind visible when we examined her) in the summer, we didn't find any on the other two, even though they were all in together. The hen with the sore underneath is definitely "the boss" so its unlikely to be the other doing it, although I've noticed a few of her downy feathers in the coop too, being of a different colour. I've got them a special chicken tonic to add to their water in case shes pulling her feathers due to a vitamin deficiency. Does anyone know why the woodshavings are wet where shes roosted? Have never had this before. Have given them a bucket of soil mixed with diatomous earth to dust themselves in, &will get the ivomectin. Will let u know how things go!
  5. very poorly chicken

    Ah glad shes OK!
  6. very poorly chicken

    Sorry Mullethunter I didnt find your post till now 4 months on! I hope your hen was OK in the end
  7. poorly chicken

    One of my 2 hens has been pulling out the feathers in her belly and vent area...the skin is very red and there are some spots of blood. She has not laid for some time (for a while was laying thin broken eggs even though I gave her grit), and the woodshavings under where she sleeps is wet and pinkish, although her droppings look normal. She looks healthy otherwise and her comb is normal colour. I treated the coop for red mite in the summer, and having examined her I cant see any lice (we lost a chicken in the summer with similar symptoms but the lice were visible...got ivomectin from the vet but unfortunately was too late). I think she has lost weight as she is lighter than our other hen which I didnt notice before. Are lice always visible? Am planning to buy more ivomectin but wondered if anyone recognises the symptoms and would advise otherwise? Thanks so much
  8. very poorly chicken

    Just a quick update nearly 3 months on...White Feathers is totally back to her old self and laying a large egg every day...I've seen this thread has had a lot of views, so for anyone with a poorly hen laying lashes wondering whether she will ever recover, YES there is life after lashes! I think perhaps the oystershell is the key, as one day I forgot to top it up and she looked very poorly and layed 2 softies after her normal egg but thankfully was back to normal by the evening!
  9. Hen losing feathers and starting to bleed

    Hi thanks for your advice...i will try filling the food hopper to the brim & just let them eat whenever they like, even if they do gobble the whole lot..perhaps they will feel less 'stressed' and hopefully less inclined to peck eachother or self harm. I will do that tomorrow and will get a tonic too. She started losing feaathers when the weather was still very cold, and I have tried spraying coop with mite spray and lifting the flooring and perch out but found nothing, so I'm guessing its not that especially as the others are fine. I have some mite powder as a precaution too..will try to use it more regularly
  10. Hi-One of my chickens,Cleo, just over a year old, has been gradually losing feathers..first the downy ones from her underneath, and now from her legs and parts of her chest. I've searched thoroughly for mites and found none. The other 2 hens are fine. Cleo used to be 'the boss' so I assumed she was pulling out her own feathers...however lately one of the other 2 has started pecking at her..she makes her squawk loudly although not so often and doesn't seem to be pulling out feathers or even pecking in the areas her feathers are missing. I have a coop with a reasonable sized run attatched, and unless I have to go out for a long period of time, they also have a fairly large area of the garden netted off for them to free-range and dust bath in. Today I came back after being out all day and noticed her bald patches are starting to look very sore and have some bloody scabby bits. I sprayed her with Johnsons anti-pek spray but when I do this she tends to poke at herself with her beak all the more. I feed them on layers pellets, and they eat SO much of them...I had read somewhere they should have a large handful of these each a day but they eat far more than this and every time I step into the garden they rush towards me in expectancy! Can anyone advise me what I could do to stop this? Many thanks
  11. very poorly chicken

    Yes she has now laid a normal egg for the past 3 days and is totally back to normal! I've no idea what caused her to be ill, but the grass has finally dried up enough to put the coop/run back on the grass which I think has helped. I've also been giving them extra oystershell. We also now have a poultry net to contain them in a certain area which means they can't get at potentially poisonous plants or escape nextdoor...the fact I don't have to hover over them and keep checking them means they can come out of their run all the time except when we are all out (in case of foxes) so I think all in all they are happier!
  12. very poorly chicken

    Reporting good news! Our 'white feathers' only had one more much shorter spell of looking poorly and laying a softy...she then had 3 days of being back to her normal self but didn't lay anything at all. I assumed she had stopped laying-all the info I could find about laying 'lashes' made me pessimistic of her ever being able to live a comfortable healthy life, let alone lay eggs again. However today I was so excited when she layed an egg! It was the size of a duck egg with a thin shell, but she showed no signs of discomfort...hopefully she will settle down and lay normally again. we had come so close to having her put down, and so glad we didn't!
  13. very poorly chicken

    Hi thanks for that-I will show my husband and definitely take her to the vet if this continues. In the meantime she has 'laid' a vast amount of strange white stuff and is now back to her normal self...running around, scratching and eating and drinking lots of water. Not confident it wont happen again though so will keep a close eye on her, and have been out to buy oystershell. Not managed to find sandyhas3chucks yet as am new to the forum and not good on computers but will find it once my daughters birthday party finished (all comes at once!)...so happy our "white feathers" (as the children named her) is looking happy as when we lost our last chicken to a tumour they cried for many weeks, and my daughters birthday would be a terrible time to lose another.Will let you know how she gets on
  14. very poorly chicken

    Thanks for your advice. Have crushed up some eggshells for her. She was bright and perky when I first let them out this morning but with the 'lash' still stuck in her vent. She's looking very poorly now though...I tried a bath and removing as much of the lash as I could but no improvement. Could a lack of calcium be the cause? I feel guilty now I havent given them oystershell for a while, but she eats (other than when shes ill) large quantities of layers pellets which I thought provide all the nutrients they need. If she doesn't prove will seek a chicken vet, although its awkward as my husband is strongly of the opinion "its just a chicken"
  15. very poorly chicken

    I'm quite new to keeping chickens and one of our 3 hens (an 'amber' hybrid 1 year old) all of a sudden became very poorly, standing still with a pulsing vent and closing her eyes as if very uncomfortable. Assuming she was egg bound (although she had layed earlier) I looked for advice online and gave her a warm bath and rubbed olive oil inside her vent...she later dropped a shelless egg with an odd white rubbery thing and the next day was back to her normal healthy self. However the following day after being fine in the morning and even laying a normal egg, it happened again. Then exactly the same the next...normal in the morning then poorly later. After finding Ivy berries in her poo yesterday and noticing her scoffing down celandine leaves I thought I'd found the cause of her illness and fenced them in an area away from these plants today, yet she later turned poorly again..so much so that she couldn't get up the ramp so I had to lift her in. I wormed them a couple of months ago and am giving them flubenvet again now.. She has been doing very loose brown poo which doesnt look like the plants shes been nibbling at have been digested well. When I put her in tonight she had something hard where her vent is but couldn't see in the dark if it was stuck to her feathers or stuck in her vent. Yesterday I found a strange white mass in the coop which in appearance looks like a piece of cooked chicken breast, and in texture like baked artists clay...I have absolutely no idea what it is. If anyone could give me any advice for my poor hen I'd be so grateful ps she was vaccinated against several common chicken illnesses before we got her