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  1. Mine was with our car insurance company last year. Dh had an accident and I called their freephone number to report and sort out the details and I was put on hold music. After about 20mins of listening to Greensleeves, I put the phone on the side on loudspeaker and waited and waited and waited until the previously full battery ran dead in the handset!
  2. I've one of the original ones and love it! Couldn't live without it now.
  3. We spend an average of £120 per week for 2 adults, a hollow legged 12 year old, a grazer of an 11 year old, 2 dogs and 5 chooks. This includes wine, toiletries and the aforementioned dreary household items such as washing powder. Up until a few months ago, it was about £150 a week but I have managed to slim it a bit. I doubt I could go much less than this though and seriously admire people who do manage it.
  4. I did W100 - Introduction to Law a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed it although it was tough going at times. I highly recommend trying to get ahead of the study plan in case something happens whereby you have less time to study one week, oh, and if they have tutorials on your course, I'd recommend going to them as it's great to meet others doing the same course and easier to clear up any confusions when the tutor is directly in front of you Good luck and have fun.
  5. I had all four wisdom teeth removed under sedation a couple of years ago. I can't remember anything about the procedure itself just at the start - counting down from 20 (dh says I got to about 15) and then nothing until I was coming out of it and they were still pugging my mouth up with wadding. I was blubbing like a baby afterwards which I was advised is very common especially if you are feeling stressed and anxious before hand. As others have said, it is advisable to have someone to drive you home (there was no way I would have been in a fit state to take public transport) and to have someone around for a day as I did feel very tired and drained for a couple of days afterwards. I'm glad I had it done and if I needed any major dental work doing again, I would opt for sedation without a second thought.
  6. Me too. It started in my late twenties (late as statistics go) and I thought I was going mad! Ended up doing alot of reading up on it and after a few years of absolutely terrifying nights/mornings, I am now able to 'bring myself' out of it. Dh is envious though as he would LOVE to experience it
  7. I keep threatening to apply for Wife Swap (the tv programme), always puts him in a state of panic 'cause he 'knows' just what sort of replacment wife he would get.
  8. Hubbies aye! I know how you feel, I go away for a weekend with a friend each April and have to fill the fridge with pre prepared pasta meals (easy to reheat in the micro) and leave a wadge of take away menus on the side. The children have always still been alive when I have got back - can't say the same for the house tho' So don't cancel - it'll do him good to be in your shoes for a couple of days.
  9. That is really bad Luckily, my son's school doesn't have that rule and as another poster rightly said, their bags are bad enough as it is. I've just glanced over at the pile of books ds has left behind today and can't imagine him being able to lug all of them around with him every day. This is definitely a rule that needs challenging. The pressure this must be creating on still developing bones and muscles doesn't bear thinking about. I'm sure that if this was employment related - elf and safety would have something to say about it!
  10. Here's one of ours trying to make a bid for freedom into the next door neighbours garden...
  11. We had mice in our loft too before Christmas. We are not fans of poison and not really knowing the scale of the problem, decided to get these traps: http://www.trapman.co.uk/mouse-traps.htm I rate these traps highly as they are humane, made of metal so the mice can't chew through, they can catch several mice at a time from both sides of the box and from our experience - very effective. Erradicated our problem very quickly.
  12. Tessa, sorry you never got to see this film in the end but thank you for the Bonbom recommendation, I have added it to my rental list and look forward to receiving it (maybe in another years time ) Cinnamon - I'll head over to facebook and try to be brave enough to add myself onto the Omleteer list I'm now going to pour myself a nice glass of vino and settle down to watch our 1st Lost series 3 dvd - they sent it in the end But then again, they had no choice as I made sure that was the only series left on my list
  13. I'm resurrecting this old thread as I love movie recommendations and as such have had this title 'waiting to be sent' with my online Dvd supplier for over a year! A few days ago, in frustration of not being sent the latest released LOST Dvd's over the past couple of months (have cable, so no sky for an age) , I decided to cancel everything off my list to ensure they sent them to me...but no, they sent this film that I have been waiting over a year for I've watched it this evening and although it took a while to get into it (I thought the first 'chapter' with Miss Ryder was V poorly acted) it was quite entertaining in a quirky sort of way. I was interested to find out if Tessa the Duchess got hold off the film in the end? and what was thought of it. p.s...does anyone have the lost dvds that they are willing to hire out for a week...I'm on my knees.

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