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  1. We introduced 3 new chickens into an eglu classic with WIR. We already had two bantams. Whenever our largest chicken Sylvia goes into lay Margot one of the bantams we had before, starts making a warning call and stands up tall. I am wondering how and why she is doing this with only Sylvia and how we can stop it. I am worried about the neighbors and if they will be hearing Margot's racket. Margot is top chook so it might be territory. We have taken out the back roosting bars and put some straw as extra laying space but Margot is still not happy! We put the roosting bars back at night. Any advice welcome. Thanks x
  2. I have just received a WIR to go with my eglu classic and the grass is thread bare. I am thinking of using wood chip in the eglu run and the WIR but i have used Hemcore before and I am not too sure if wood chip is okay to use. .Will it be able to get wet? .How convenient is it? .Is it better/worse than hemcore? Thanks.
  3. Thank you very much docsquid . It was very helpful. Where they POL chickens or younger? I got some advice to get 12 week old ones but, our bantams are quite big and I do not think the newbies will be able to stand up for themselves? with 2 meter run and a WIR. bonnie (buff sussex bantam) Margot (light sussex bantam) Top chook R.I.P snowie
  4. I agree with jackian that you should casually ask some of your neighbours if they can hear anything. My next door neighbours said they like to hear the noise of my bantams in the garden. My bantams sometimes wake me up at 7 o clock in the morning because they are eager to get into the garden. I sometimes wait and hope they stop or i go and let them out. I know that my Neighbours sleep at the frount of the house so if they did hear anything it would be quiet. Hope your chickens quieten down!
  5. Hello, I have been wondering the same thing. my light Sussex bantam has got black dirt around her vent. with mine I am going to worm them and hope that helps. My Sussex bantam did eat a very large earth worm last week and I am wondering if that had something to do with it. Hope worming will help your chicken get a less dirty vent.
  6. Aww poor bantam! Thank you for the advice whitewestie it is very helpful. My 2 bantams are quite large so i think they would be okay with chickens. i was wondering if there's a certain type of chicken that is more calm and friendly than others, but i am still pondering wether its a good idea. Thanks Bonnie the buff Sussex bantam Margo(t) the light Sussex bantam (top chook!) snowie R.I.P
  7. POL stands for point of lay. Sounds Great about Rescuing Battery hen. i would love to rescue some but i have not got enough room. Good luck on the idea of rescuing a battery hen.
  8. Hello, I would like to introduce 2 POL chickens. What are your opinions on doing this? will it be harder than introducing 2 more bantams? I have the Eglu classic with a walk in run. Thank you

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